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Ripe rice season in the highlands in the impression of tourists

The rice viewing trips gave Manh Tu many memorable experiences, not only taking pictures but also volunteering.

Ly Manh Tu (often called Trane Lee), born in 1989, currently lives and works for a travel agency in Hanoi. He is passionate about the journey to see the ripe rice season in the northern highlands from 2015 to the present. The last time Tu took pictures of the ripe rice season was in July 2021 in Bac Son valley, Lang Son.

“Life would be boring if you didn’t come to admire the ripe rice season and the masterpieces of the highland terraces,” Mr. Tu said as he talked about his recent trips, also expressing his wish that the epidemic would pass. eager to continue on new paths.

Arriving in Bac Son town, Mr. Tu was impressed with the clear blue water flowing through the valley dyed yellow in the color of ripe rice. The highlight of Bac Son valley, in addition to the mat of ripe rice, is also the traditional stilt houses of the Tay and Nung ethnic groups of 400 households in Quynh Son community cultural tourism village in Quynh Son commune. The village is located close to Bac Son town, has a uniform architecture, leaning against the limestone mountains, the door of the house faces south, creating a cool space, in harmony with nature.

In addition to taking photos from above, Mr. Tu also walked on the country road, immersed in the afternoon sun in the fields with the scent of ripe rice, at this time people stopped working in the fields and returned home.

Recalling the first time he went hunting for ripe rice, the Hanoi guy told about September 2015, the first time he rode a motorbike through the rice roads in Yen Bai, from Tu Le, Khau Pha, Che Cu Nha, La Pan Tan to Lao. Brushed, Bright. He was especially overwhelmed by the magnificent raspberry terraces at La Pan Tan. This raspberry hill is a symbol, a favorite destination of tourists when coming to Mu Cang Chai.

A peaceful house in the clouds on the side of Mu Cang Chai hill. The H’Mong people have transformed the mountainside into terraced fields hundreds of years ago and still use it for farming.

In the two months of August – September 2020, Tu set out to explore the ripe rice season in Cao Bang and Ha Giang. With a soul that loves nature, likes to discover new things, and shares the beautiful scenery of the country with everyone, gradually Tu fell in love with photography. The journey is always supported by his wife, accompanying him and bringing his passion into the business of tourism products and services.

In the picture is the Quy Son stream winding through the ripe golden rice fields and the limestone mountains that overlap like a watercolor painting on the border of Cao Bang.

Peaceful golden season in Cao Bang. The road connecting Trung Khanh town with Phong Nam commune is about 10 km long and is considered a place with many impressive golden sceneries for visitors.

Dawn on terraced fields about to ripen at Ban Phung, Hoang Su Phi , Ha Giang. Ban Phung and Ban Luoc in Ha Giang are home to the highest terraced fields in Vietnam. Hoang Su Phi is also the place where the rice ripens late in the country, usually, the rice ripening time is uneven but scattered from the end of September to the middle of October.

The road from Vinh Quang town to Ban Phung, Hoang Su Phi curves as soft as silk, but is craggy and dangerous with one side of the cliff, the other is a deep abyss that makes the drivers have to concentrate. But in return, visitors can zoom in to see the high terraced fields like “the stairs to the sky”.

In addition to the ripening rice road in Thong Nguyen – Nam Khoa – Ta Su Choong – Ban Phung in Hoang Su Phi, visitors can also watch rice at Suoi Thau steppe (photo), far from Coc Pai town, Xin Man district, Ha Noi. Giang nearly 5 km.

Suoi Thau is located at an altitude of about 1,100 m above sea level, still preserving the wild and majestic features of the immense mountains and rice fields of the indigenous people.

Children encountered on the road in Suoi Thau. In the process of tourism, in addition to watching the ripe rice season, Mr. Tu also focuses on charity trips with the desire to bring little joy to children in the highlands. One of the most memorable experiences was riding a motorbike through a muddy road after the rain to support meals for disadvantaged Hmong children in Suoi Thau and Chong Trai in Coc Pai town. Follow vnexpress

Photo: Ly Manh Tu

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