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Top 5 Hanoi Pho restaurants introduced by BestPrice Travel

Pho has become the most famous dish in Vietnam for most international tourists, but finding a good pho restaurant in Hanoi takes work because there are so many options. Here are the Top 5 Hanoi Pho restaurants introduced by the foreign website BestPrice Travel.

1. Pho Man Hanoi

Many locals say this is where you can enjoy the best Hanoi pho. Like many other popular noodle shops in Hanoi, Pho Man is a family business. The only difference is that until now, when the second generation of the family took over, Pho Man has become a symbol of a unique style of Hanoi.
The first reason pho here is special is that it has a salty taste that makes the dish unique and long-lasting, and people easily fall in love with this dish after trying it for the second or third time. Another reason is that the beef is here, and in more detail, the calf muscle (the best part of the beef's legs) or is "core" in Vietnamese. Many say they return to Pho Man because the beef here is the best in the city and is completely fresh, moist, and juicy, especially when cooked to medium.

Besides the salty taste, which not everyone tastes, the minus point of Pho Man is the high price, which is considered the highest among the most popular pho restaurants in Hanoi (a bowl of beef noodle soup and iced tea costs nearly 100,000 VND, or 4.5 USD). However, if you don't eat pho daily, paying a little extra for a great bowl of pho is worth it, right?
Address: No. 1 Gam Cau, Hoan Kiem District
Opening hours: 6 am - 1 pm
Price: From 55,000 VND

2. Pho Khoi Hoi

Hang Vai Street is only about 500 meters long; however, on this small street, there are 2 of the most famous pho shops in Hanoi and Pho Khoi Hoi is the top choice on the street which is very popular with locals and foreigners. 
Pho Khoi Hoi is open from early morning until late at night. The most special thing about the restaurant is that you have many choices for beef noodle soup here that are hard to find in other famous pho restaurants in Hanoi, such as beef steak, eyes, breasts, ribs, legs, calf, tubular bones or tendons. Featured here is pho with brisket with ribs, marrow, or you can mix them up.

A trick to having the best pho here is to eat pho at Khoi Hoi restaurant before 11 am because people believe the broth taste is perfect in the morning. However, you can't get up early in the morning. In that case, you can still come to the shop in the afternoon or evening to eat because the difference between morning and afternoon pho here is not too obvious, so not everyone can realize the difference.
Address: No. 50 Hang Vai, Hoan Kiem District
Opening hours: Around 6:00 am - 8:30 pm
Price: From 45,000 VND

3. Pho Lam Hanoi

Pho Lam is a completely Hanoi local noodle shop with old-fashioned pho noodles (thick and small) and a hot, light broth (no fat at all). Unlike Pho Khoi Hoi (only 10 meters from Pho Lam), which is open all day until evening, Pho Lam opens early and closes at 11 am (usually closes earlier). Because of the short and early opening time, Pho Lam is not popular with foreigners and tourists in Hanoi. However, most local customers are attracted by Pho Lam's signature Hanoi pho flavor.

Just like Pho Khoi Hoi, there is a tip to eat the best pho at Lam restaurant you should eat pho here before 9 am. This tip is due to the quality of the beef and broth here. Since Pho Lam is very crowded from opening around 6 am until sold out (usually at 10 am), the signature beef brisket, beef muscles and tendons can run out early; if you arrive late, the beef selection is limited. Besides, if that day is too busy, the restaurant may run out of the original broth that has been cooked since midnight, forcing them to replace the new broth without cooking for enough time, so the perfect quality of the broth may not be maintained. 
Despite having to wake up so early, a bowl of hot, rich pho at Lam restaurant, which gives you a perfect glimpse of the flavors of traditional Hanoi pho, is worth a try.
Address: 48 Hang Vai Street, Hoan Kiem District
Opening hours: Around 6 am - 11 am
Price: From 45,000 VND

4. Pho Bat Dan

Pho Bat Dan is also a familiar name to foreign tourists when mentioned in many online newspapers, blogs, vlogs, TV channels, TV shows, etc... as a typical suggestion for the best pho in Hanoi. Most visitors are satisfied with Pho Bat Dan, which causes long lines of people to queue outside the restaurant almost daily. However, regarding local flavors, Pho Bat Dan is a familiar topic of debate: Some Hanoians consider it delicious; Some say its taste is very ordinary, nothing impressive! Despite the controversy about the taste of Pho Bat Dan among locals, the long line of foreigners and locals outside the restaurant has remained, and there is no sign that it will be shortened. 

The characteristic of Pho Bat Dan is Pho with a medium rare piece of beef (rare noodle), in which raw beef is softened, placed on top of a bowl of pho and then cooked by pouring super hot broth to make the beef tender, juicy and never overcooked.
Address: No. 49 Bat Dan, Hoan Kiem District
Opening hours: 6 am - 10 am and 6 pm - 8:30 pm
Price: from 50,000 VND

5. Pho Thin Hanoi 

This is also a Hanoi pho restaurant that is very popular with tourists, but unlike Pho Gia Truyen Bat Dan, which has only one address on Bat Dan Street and has never been franchised, Pho Thin has franchised restaurants not only in Vietnam but also in some other countries such as Tokyo (Japan) and Melbourne (Australia).
The beef noodle soup in Pho Thin is not traditionally made. While traditional pho is usually a combination of rich, almost fat-free broth and perfectly cooked beef that creates the dish's most ethereal and gentle flavor, Pho Thin creates pho differently, impressed by the green color of green onions covering the surface of the bowl, the beef is stir-fried instead of simmering, and the broth is very fatty because the beef is stir-fried.

Some people familiar with the traditional elegant pho may need clarification on how Pho Thin's unusual cooking style has managed to attract so many people and make it one of the most popular dishes in the world. In fact, according to the comments of diners here, they stick with Pho Thin because of the huge amount of green onions in the bowl and the special greasy broth described as very salty and greasy; this dish makes them feel like eating meat with the fat bomb but will never get tired of it because the scallions there are enough to balance the flavor of pho.

Pho Thin is not cheap, but according to some diners, this price is quite reasonable compared to the quality of pho here and the amount of beef inside.
Address: No. 13 Lo Duc, Hai Ba Trung district
Opening hours: 5:30 am to 9 pm
Price: From 65,000 VND

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