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Binh Dinh’s pumpkin soup for soul

In the coastal martial province of Binh Dinh, diners can enjoy pumpkin soup with coconut milk, a traditional yet nutritious soup.

According to experts, pumpkin is good for health and the brain. The nutrients in the pumpkin help bone growth and protein synthesis, regulate the immune system and contribute to skin protection.

For a delicious and sweet pumpkin soup with coconut milk, the chef must choose an old coconut and break it to get the meat, which is grated. The coconut meat is squeezed two to three times to get coconut milk.

Next, the chef removes the inner part of the pumpkin, washes, dries and cuts it into small pieces. The coconut milk is put into a pot and cooked on low heat. The pumpkin is added to the pot and cooked for about five to seven minutes. The soup is seasoned with a little salt and a tablespoon of granulated sugar to retain its specific characteristic. The soup is placed in a bowl, and chopped cilantro is sprinkled evenly.

The milky white of the coconut milk mixed with the orange and yellow of the ripe pumpkin and the sweet and fatty taste create a charming dish unique to the Binh Dinh martial land.

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