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Where to place the worshiping tray for Ong Cong and Ong Tao in the house?

Ong Tao is the God of the Kitchen, so many people wonder if, on December 23, we need to place a tray to worship Ong Cong and Ong Tao in the kitchen or on the altar.

December 23, or the day on which Mr. Cong, Mr. Tao returns to worship heaven, opens a series of rituals during the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, which lasts from December 23 to the full moon of January.

According to traditional customs, Tao Quan is the ruler of each family’s kitchen. Tao Quan consists of 2 men and 1 woman, representing the 3-legged tripod in the cozy kitchen of the ancient Vietnamese.

According to the ancients, the family’s peace, happiness or not is mainly in the kitchen because that is the place to keep the fire. Tao Quan is the one who knows all the big and small, good and bad things in the owner’s house.

Every year, on the 23rd of December, Tao Quan rides a car to Thien Dinh to report to the Jade Emperor all the good and bad things in the year for each house. At the same time, the owner expressed his wish for a happy new year. Therefore, every family prepares a full meal to see off the Tao to worship God.

Where to place the worshiping tray for Ong Cong and Ong Tao in the house?

Where in the house do you place the worshiping tray for Mr. Cong and Mr. Tao?

Where to place the worshiping tray of Mr. Cong and Mr. Tao?

According to the concept of some people, Mr. Cong is the god of earth and should be worshiped on the main altar in the house; Mr. Tao is the god in charge of the kitchen, so the worshiping ceremony should be conducted in the kitchen.

According to cultural research experts, according to folklore tradition, the altar of Ong Tao is placed in the kitchen, specifically next to or above the kitchen, because this is the god who governs the kitchen in each family. Worshiping the kitchen god is the desire to keep the kitchen red, and the family warm and harmonious.

In the past, the altar of worshiping the Tao Quan was usually placed in the kitchen, where there was an altar to worship the Tao Quan. However, in today’s modern house, the kitchen design is not convenient to place an altar, not many families have a separate altar for Mr. Therefore, where to place the worshiping tray for Mr. Cong, Mr.Tao depends on the actual situation and concept of each family.

In fact, there is no document that clearly stipulates where to place the worshiping tray for Mr. Cong, Mr. Tao because there are many different conceptions surrounding this issue. However, according to the opinion of the majority of Vietnamese people, worshiping is always a solemn request, so the worshiping ceremony of Mr. Cong Mr.Tao should also be performed in a solemn place.

Some families have their own altar for Mr. Tao, which will make the ceremony more dignified. If a family does not have a separate altar to worship Mr. Cong Mr.Tao, the worshiping ceremony should be performed at the altar to worship gods or ancestors, not in the kitchen.

Although there are a lot of different concepts around where to worship Mr. Cong Mr.Tao, whether performing this worshiping ceremony in the kitchen or at a private altar, or at an altar to the gods, the homeowner also needs to show his success. his mind.

Ceremony to worship Mr. Cong Mr.Tao.

The offerings to the Tao Quan include:

Two hats with dragon wings for the Tao, one hat without wings for the Tao.

However, in each region, the offerings are also different. In the North, it is common to offer live carp and drop them in a pot of water with the implication that “the fish turns into a dragon” – the fish will turn into a Dragon and bring him back to heaven.

In the Central region, people offer a paper horse with a full saddle and bridle.

In the South, it is simpler, just offering hats, shirts and paper hats is enough.

In addition to these main offerings, families often make a salty ceremony or a vegetarian offering to see off the Tao Quan. Salty ceremony with sticky rice, chicken, mushroom dishes, bamboo shoots… Vegetarian ceremony with betel nut, flowers, fruits, gold paper, silver foil…

However, from the Buddhist point of view, offerings should be pure, avoid killing a lot of life, so the vegetarian offering will be better.

After presenting the ceremony, burning incense and making vows, wait for the incense to fade, then light another week of incense, then give thanks, turn votive papers and release carp into ponds, lakes, rivers, streams… to carry Mr. Tao to God.

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