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The performance of ‘straw buffalo, straw cow’ in early spring

VINH PHUC – People in Dai Dong commune, Vinh Tuong district dressed up as farmers, blacksmiths, merchants, and masters… performing their stories, wishing for a new year of peace, rain and wind.

From 6 a.m. on the 4th day of the Lunar New Year, the people of Dong Ve and Bich Dai villages (Dai Dong commune, Vinh Tuong district) gather in the yard of the Bich Dai communal house to carry out a ceremony to process 16 buffaloes and cows braided with straw to Dong Ve temple. , recreating the game “Buffalo with straw”.

According to legend, Dinh Thien Tich (the general who had the merit of fighting off the An invaders during the 6th Hung Kings) brought his troops to Bich Dai village to slaughter buffaloes to celebrate. The talented general taught the people here how to farm, herd cattle, build houses, weave cloth…

Responding to the desire to “make the village more crowded and richer every day”, he arranged a procession of prayers, people wearing blue and red clothes carrying plows and braiding buffaloes with straw, men pretending to be women, women posing as women Men bring rice husks to spread throughout the field, symbolizing the festival of all people going down to the field.

The celebrant and the sacrificial officials perform the rituals of offering sacrifices to the village god.

Young girls are selected to participate in the dance of money in the sacrifice.

With the purpose of introducing farming as the main and long-standing occupation of the village, the buffalo straw show shows the aspirations of the people, asking for the patronage and blessing of the gods so that the trees and family will grow well. Livestock and poultry are constantly proliferating, and the crops are bountiful.

People dressed up as farmers, blacksmiths, merchants, and masters… participated in daily activities such as leading buffaloes to plow, throwing seedlings, fishing for frogs, fishing, hoeing, slapping water, and teaching. …

Not only performing buffaloes, cows and straws, the two villages of Bich Dai and Dong Ve also have the role of presenting the four peoples with the roles of farmers, carpenters, symbolizing four social classes: scholar, farmer, worker, etc. love.

Scenes of grandfathers and students. The festival brings the spring atmosphere of the Northern Delta such as fun, urgency, working and singing…

The villagers recreate the scene of sowing seeds and planting rice.

With the value and significance of history, culture and folk art, in 2022, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has recognized the traditional festival of Dai Dong commune as a national intangible cultural heritage. .

 ( According to vnexpress )

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