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Suggestions for resorts and tourism in Dong Nai

DONG NAI – Families can have fun at Water Park – The Amazing Bay and relax at Wonder Island – Amazing Island Resort on New Year’s Eve.

Ky Dieu Bay and Wonder Island belong to Son Tien eco-tourism city, with a total area of ​​up to 380 hectares, in Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai. The model of combining water leisure tourism and resort according to international standards has been sought by many tourists in recent times.

At The Amazing Bay water park, visitors have the opportunity to participate in games imported from Proslide, Canada. This park can accommodate up to 30,000 guests, and is a comfortable space to play and relax for all visitors.

Suggestions for resorts and tourism in Dong Nai
The Amazing Bay – The Amazing Bay has loads of games suitable for all ages. Photo: The Amazing Bay

Coming here, visitors will relieve stress in the cool water, enjoy moments of refreshing fun at the continuous game areas.

If you are a lover of the sea but are afraid to go far, you can experience the 4 m high waves at “Paradise Beach”. This place is recreated as a real beach with more than 10,000 tons of white sand. Visitors can both surf the waves and enjoy electronic music at the center of the white sand beach, with an outdoor LED screen larger than 2,000 inches.

Enjoying electronic music and surfing at “Paradise Beach” is an unforgettable experience for visitors. Photo: The Amazing Bay

Coming to The Amazing Bay, visitors will participate in water games, suitable for many ages. If you have small children, the whole family can experience the feeling of relaxation and fun with “Miracle River”.

If you love thrills, you can experience the “chubby mammoth” slide system, or discover the mystery of ancient Persia with two slides “Magic Storm” and “Carpet”. fly magic”, or enjoy surfing with your family at “Breathtaking Waves”.

In particular, at the water park, visitors can enjoy dishes from many countries around the world, prepared by experienced chefs, with reasonable prices. In addition, the park also integrates shopping malls with full brands, from high-end to popular, serving all the needs of visitors.

With many facilities brought to visitors, this place has set 5 impressive records including: “The largest water park in Vietnam”, “The largest artificial sea in Vietnam”, “The highest artificial wave in Vietnam”. Vietnam”, “The longest magical river in Vietnam” and “Vietnam’s largest outdoor Led screen”.

Meanwhile, with a ground area of ​​1.5 hectares and a water surface area of ​​1.9 hectares, Amazing Island Resort owns a fresh space and high-class services. This resort scores points thanks to its architecture with the quintessential beauty of nature, ready to bring visitors interesting experiences.

Guests can enjoy a relaxing stay in a peaceful space at Amazing Island Resort. Photo: Amazing Island Resort

Representatives of these two destinations shared, if you are looking for a place near Ho Chi Minh City, meeting all the criteria for high-class resorts, having fun and having reasonable costs, then Miraculous Bay – The Amazing Bay and The Amazing Bay. Amazing Island Resort is an interesting suggestion for visitors on this New Year’s Eve.

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