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The ideal honeymoon locations in the country for newlyweds

Something that probably many couples want the most after having a wedding. Here are the ideal places for couples to choose as a romantic and meaningful honeymoon places.

After many days of busy preparing for the wedding, perhaps the honeymoon is what many couples are eagerly looking forward to. With the concept, a sweet, salty honeymoon will lead to a happy and fulfilling married life.

And choosing a honeymoon destination is not easy because it depends on the budget and preferences of each couple. However, below are the ideal “honeymoon” locations in the country for newlyweds to refer to.

Sa Pa

The ideal honeymoon locations in the country for newlyweds

Photo: @simplecouple68.

With cool weather conditions, Sa Pa is now a place chosen by many couples to enjoy their honeymoon. In addition to the weather, the natural scenery here also makes many people love both majestic and poetic.

Photo: @chatcha_vw, @simplecouple68.

Choosing Sapa as a honeymoon destination, you can enjoy a fresh atmosphere, and experience the old French villas, and famous romantic and poetic places. Coming to Sapa, visitors can rent a motorbike to enjoy the passes together and use this vehicle to explore most of the places. In addition, Sapa cuisine, night market is also something you cannot ignore.

Da Lat

One of the must-see places on the above list. Dubbed the “city of love”, Da Lat is a place where many couples hang out during dating or honeymoon. With cool fresh air, the climate with 4 seasons of the day is extremely comfortable and pleasant. Along with that, this is also the time of wildflowers blooming all over the roads.

Photo: @ddanh99_, @hanhchipp.

Photo: Nguyen Khac Hien

In Da Lat, standing at any corner can capture ecstatic moments. You can enjoy the scenery together at Cau Dat, Trai Mat, walk around Tuyen Lam Lake, check-in places, cafes or enjoy the rich cuisine of this place. In Da Lat, you have many different forms of accommodation such as homestays or resorts. In addition, the cost of going to Da Lat is not too high, suitable for young couples who like to explore and check-in.

Photo: @kikiphung, Hoa Hihi.

Nha Trang

As a famous coastal tourist destination, Nha Trang is known as the “green pearl” of Vietnam because of its many beautiful and clear beaches. Nha Trang today still retains a lot of wild beauty, so it is suitable for couples to come here to relax. In addition to beautiful beaches, this place owns many islands such as Hon Mun Island, Ninh Van Bay, and Hon Tam Island…

Photo: Ngoc Anh, Hang Nghe, Thu Hong, @lluubinh90.

It is also for this reason that Nha Trang is invested in developing many high-class hotel and resort systems to serve tourists. The reasonable time to go honeymoon in Nha Trang is October, November.

Phu Quoc

No longer a strange place, Phu Quoc has become super hot in recent years, attracting many people, especially couples, chosen as both a wedding and honeymoon destination. Possessing a wonderful natural setting, it is a place to watch the sunset. Besides, this place also has a series of extremely attractive places and activities to help couples have many unforgettable memories.

Photo: Nguyen Thao.

In Phu Quoc, there are also many extremely luxurious resorts to make your honeymoon memorable such as Vinpearl Resort & Golf Phu Quoc, Novotel Phu Quoc Resort, M Village Phu Quoc, The Shells Resort & Resort & Spa. Spa Phu Quoc, Radisson Blu Resort Phu Quoc, Sunset Beach Resort & Spa…

Photo: Ngan Bella, Hang Tran, Hanh Hanh.

Da Nang – Hoi An

If a couple likes to be gentle, not too busy, then Da Nang – Hoi An is the ideal destination. Both provinces and cities have extremely famous tourist destinations with many beautiful landscapes, attractive attractions, rich cultural and historical values, diverse and rich cuisine, and many dishes. famously delicious…

Photo: Chinh Nguyen, Xanh Ngoc

Moving the two provinces is also very easy, you can go by bus or train because it is only about 100 km apart, taking more than 2 hours. If Da Nang gives couples extremely vibrant and modern experiences, Hoi An brings a sense of antiquity and nostalgia…

Photo: Chinh Nguyen.

In addition to domestic locations, because international tourism has reopened, couples can enjoy their honeymoon abroad such as Thailand, Korea, Singapore… or further in other countries. Europe country. Thus, depending on the budget and preferences of the couple can choose a suitable location.

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