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From the story of the 14-course wedding feast in Quang Ninh causing a stir: It turns out that wedding cuisine in Vietnam is so interesting

Each place has its own ways of entertaining and specialties, so the topic of “showing off” the wedding menu is being discussed extremely by the online community.

The last days of the year mean the wedding season is also bustling, so the images of many people attending or eating the wedding feast are everywhere. Not only important in the ceremony, but the tray of food to receive guests is always one of the things that are always taken care of when a wedding takes place. The wedding menus are also shared by netizens to let friends know about the grandeur of the groom’s and bride’s house trays that have been carefully prepared for distinguished guests to attend the party. Perhaps that’s why the topic of wedding trays has never been “hot” on social networking forums. And in it, there is no shortage of trays that make many people “stunned” because there are so many delicious and unique dishes that only in that locality can…

A tray of 14 dishes with rich flavors caused a stir on social networks

The family members keep pulling each other to the wedding party when the invitations keep changing hands. But eating at a restaurant is so familiar, so the occasion when the owner invites a wedding party at home, the excitement and excitement is increased partly because it is about to taste many strange and delicious dishes. After being satisfied with the beautiful wedding ceremony of the bride and groom, the guests will enter the party to receive the heart of the groom’s family.

The party part is also expected by many wedding guests.(Photo: Hoang Vo)

Along with that overwhelming wedding season, the post of a guy going to dinner in Quang Ninh was “gasp” by netizens because he was surprised when he showed off the 14-course food table. Even more attractive when these dishes are not ordinary dishes but all local specialties. Each dish was full, making everyone admire that only 10 people at the table could not eat all these “massive” dishes. Specifically, in this tray, there are 14 dishes including: boiled chicken, boiled shrimp, black sea cucumber soup, abalone soup, fried squid, fried worms, fried vermicelli, fried squid, cashew nut shellfish, steamed eel, stitched humiliation, jellyfish salad, sticky rice, fruit. Although dizzy with this menu, one dish that makes many people “chills” is fried worms, in Quang Ninh, sea worms, a very delicious specialty.

From the story of the 14-course wedding feast in Quang Ninh causing a stir: It turns out that wedding cuisine in Vietnam is so interesting

The post about the dinner tray in Quang Ninh excited the online community.(Photo cut from TikTok @quyetanh197)

A series of menus with up to 14-15 dishes make people dizzy, looking at seafood flooded the table, you know immediately the Quang Ninh tray!(Photo cut from TikTok @quyetanh197, @halongtrongbung, @rnnngbin1)

Immediately after posting the above tray, hundreds of netizens rushed to comment and did not forget to drop their hearts for the plate that was both beautiful, full and delicious. Most especially, some seafood dishes are just epic. The tray is too “super huge” like this, which also makes the poster joke that how much money is enough for today’s meal. Many comments left below the post also realized the “familiar eyes” of the tray because these people also went to eat the feast in Quang Ninh, which was equally spectacular.

Previously, another netizen also showed off the tray in Quang Ninh with all the expensive seafood.(Photo: Thu Giang, Thuy Duong Belle)

The richness of cuisine in weddings in provinces in Vietnam

Depending on the wedding customs of each region, the wedding tray in each place will have certain differences. The wedding day is a big day for everyone, so the wedding in a place that is not very well-off but also has to try to make it shimmering, the music even the wedding banquet must be full and beautifully decorated to make the attendees Attendees must also be “envious” of the couple. And the family has more conditions, it will be held at a restaurant, with a formal flower table, the food will not lack anything delicious and strange. However, all have one thing in common, so that the guests are most satisfied, delicious and happy from the time they attend the party until they leave.

Every house tray must be full on the wedding day (Photo cut from TikTok clip @halongtrongbung)

For some time, netizens showed interest in guessing the origin of the wedding menu, challenging each other to guess the province by just reading the name of the dish. Because many people realize that the difference between the wedding feasts of different places lies in the number of dishes and the main ingredients to cook the dinner.

As in the North, there will be full trays like a tray of rice on New Year’s Day, in many localities will “add” to the menu special dishes such as some places in Hai Duong will have raisins, Quang Ninh is a dish of worms. sea ​​or squid rolls, beef rolls in Nam Dinh or even stir-fried buffalo dishes in Thai Binh…

The menu is full of specialties in the North.(Photo: Internet)

In the Central region, which has a long and romantic coastline, it is indispensable for seafood dishes to be included in the wedding tray. Like a guy from the West to the Central region like Binh Dinh and Quang Ngai, when he eats a wedding, he is “out of his mind” with a table full of seafood such as steamed squid, grilled shrimp, .. Or rustic dishes of the provinces such as meat Boiled rice paper rolls, Nem Chua with guava leaves or even Banh Chung are also brought to a simple wedding table.

Going to a wedding party in the Central region is like a seafood party.(Photo cut from TikTok @danonglambep, @3TV Official)

There are also rustic dishes on the table.(Photo cut from TikTok @danonglambep)

In the South, especially in the Mekong Delta provinces, it is important that family members or neighbors cook together magnificent dishes. Just looking at the long line of dishes prepared to be delivered to guests also makes those watching also “swallow” because of craving. In particular, the Southern plate is rarely lacking in salads and soups for light appetizers and hot pot dishes to “firm the stomach” of diners.

The monumental food trays are typical of the Southern people (Photo cut from the clip Khoai Lang Thang)

The variety of dishes in each region’s wedding ceremony will make diners see clearly the culture of this place. When enjoying the dishes in the wedding ceremony of each place, no matter how different the dishes are, one thing you will always feel is the hospitality and warm welcome from the owner.

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