13.08.2022, 09:38

Excited, bursting with the moment of witnessing blue whales hunting in the sea of ​​De Gi

For the first time witnessing the sight of a giant blue whale swimming and hunting in the waters of De Gi (Phu Cat district, Binh Dinh), many tourists burst into emotions because of the extremely impressive sight. , wonderful.

A beautiful and magnificent scene in De Gi waters when blue whales appear and hunt in front of fishermen’s ships – Photo: HOANG DUC NGOC

On the morning of August 11, Mr. Dinh Thanh Tien, chairman of the People’s Committee of Cat Khanh commune, Phu Cat district, said that in recent days, giant blue whales have continuously appeared in the De Gi sea area to hunt before the excitement. , curious of many residents and visitors.

According to Mr. Tien, after appearing about half a month ago, two blue whales reappeared in the De Gi sea area and stayed in this area for many days.

A flock of seagulls surrounds the blue whale every time the whale opens its mouth to bite the bait – Photo: NGUYEN DUNG

According to Mr. Tommy Toan (a tour guide in De Gi, who has witnessed the appearance of blue whales many times with his own eyes), before August, there were many blue whales in the De Gi sea area, but now only 2 of them are very large.

Impressive moments make many tourists excited – Photo: NGUYEN DUNG

The sea of ​​giant blue whales appears 20 minutes by boat from De Gi port, this place is very wild and clean – Photo: NGUYEN DUNG

For the first time, blue whales appeared and stayed for many days in the De Gi sea area – Photo: HOANG DUC NGOC

2 blue whales appeared very close to the shore – Photo: HOANG DUC NGOC

The magnificent and rare sight makes visitors extremely excited – Photo: HOANG DUC NGOC

“They come here to hunt because there are quite a lot of small fish here, mostly herring, fish, anchovies … and above the gulls join in hunting. Currently there are 2. The big one is long and long. 17m, the little one is about 10m long,” Toan shared.

According to Toan, the sea area where blue whales appear is still wild and clean, about 20 minutes from De Gi estuary by boat.