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Raising South American dragons, earning hundreds of millions per year

Owning a South American dragon farm with more than 50 children, every year, Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Dat (44 years old, living in Ward 5, Vinh Long City, Vinh Long) earns over 200 million VND.

South American dragons (scientific name is Iguana) usually live in the tropical regions of Central and South America, most often in the Caribbean. Despite his rough and fierce appearance, his temperament is very gentle, intelligent, and eye-catching colors, so he is loved by pet lovers.

A male South American dragon with the most ‘huge’ size in Mr. Dat’s camp

Mr. Dat had a stable job with a decent income at a pharmaceutical company, but when he heard about the South American dragon, he fell in love with it and decided to quit his job and open a farm from 2020. ‘The family has opened a restaurant. coffee, so I bought a pair of South American dragons to keep as pets. After that, they spawned 38 eggs, I researched on the internet and then let them incubate. Unexpectedly, the hatching rate reached 100%, selling for a lot of money. Since then, I decided to quit my job at the company and go home to open a farm to sell breeding stock,” said Mr. Dat.

The face is rough, it looks fierce but the South American dragon is gentle

According to Mr. Dat, South American dragons are reptiles, so they have good resistance to diseases. Food sources are also easy to find, mainly water spinach leaves, squash, carrots, bananas, jackfruit … with digestive enzymes and nutrients to keep them healthy. “The food I cut by machine into small pieces, then mixed into a plate with added yeast and nutrients to feed. If you eat pumpkin, the dragon will grow up quickly, and carrots will help you color,” Dat revealed.

South American Hypo dragon with beautiful colors, millions of dollars each

This pet barn is very simple and does not take up much space. Farmers only need to design iron cages and nets with the size corresponding to the length of the dragon. For breeding females, each cage can house 3-5 animals. Only males have the characteristic of possessing ‘territory’, so they cannot be raised together, but each has to keep a separate cage.

Sharing the secret of raising dragons to grow quickly and to have beautiful colors, Mr. Dat said that he must ensure 3 factors: temperature , environment , and food source. South American dragons are raised for nearly 2 years and then reproduce. The breeding season falls in early October, and lasts until December. Depending on the size and condition, they can lay 20 – 70 eggs, the hatching rate is over 80 – 90%. “The incubation period is about 5.5 months before hatching. During the time when the baby dragons are 2 weeks old, they need to bathe them in bright sunlight every day to get used to the temperature and develop their bones and digestive system,” Dat revealed.

South American dragon with beautiful color mutation

Currently, Mr. Dat breeds and sells popular lines such as Hypo, Abino, Green, Red… In, the Green and Red lines are sold in the most quantity because of the player’s budget. The price of a baby dragon about 1 week old is from 500,000 to more than 2.5 million VND/one (depending on the type). Thanks to the sale of seeds, Mr. Dat earns over 200 million VND per year.

South American dragons only eat plants such as vegetables and tubers

Not only providing South American dragons, but Mr. Dat also owns dragons of large age and size with prices ranging from several million to more than 20 million VND each.

 (According to Thanh Nien)

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