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TOP 15 most beautiful picnic camping places near Saigon, can stay overnight

If you wonder if there are any beautiful campsites in Saigon suitable for traveling, then immediately refer to the list of ideal camping sites near Saigon for the weekend below. There are many places to camp overnight, please refer to each section.

Just like Hanoi , in Saigon, there are many different camping sites near the center for visitors to choose for the most convenience in moving and commuting. Let’s explore these interesting camping spots with Vinlove right now.[/b]

TOP 15 most beautiful picnic camping places near Saigon, can stay overnight

[b]Camping sites near Saigon

Camping tour in Buu Long

  • Address: KP4, Huynh Van Nghe, Buu Long Ward, City. Bien Hoa Dong Nai
  • Ticket price: tent rental price 150,000 VND / A-frame tent, overnight camping 150,000 VND / person (the more crowded, the cheaper the price)
  • Can camp overnight

Another eco-tourism area near Saigon for you to explore is Buu Long. This place is known as a miniature Ha Long with very beautiful and attractive natural scenery. In particular, this resort is very suitable for organizing overnight camping trips near Saigon.

Photo: Buu Long tourist area

This place owns a spacious space with immense green nature to help you mingle and receive the freshest atmosphere. Not only is it a picnic spot in Ho Chi Minh City, but there are also many interesting games for you to explore!

Cao Minh eco-tourism area

  • Address: Hamlet 2, Vinh Tan Commune, Vinh Cuu, Dong Na
  • Reference price: day camping: 35,000 VND/person – overnight 70,000 VND/person
  • Can camp overnight

Camping near Saigon will not be able to miss a beautiful place like the Cao Minh tourist area. This place has ideal natural scenery that is very suitable for you to explore and experience more.

Photo: Internet

For you, Cao Minh is also an overnight camping site near Saigon with an extremely low cost. Besides bringing tents, there are also hotels for you to rest. Although not as luxurious and classy as Saigon hotels and resorts, in Cao Minh you will feel the peace and quiet.

Photo: Internet

Activities such as river swimming or fishing will make you feel excited because it helps you enjoy a more complete vacation. A tourist who has been to these campsites near Saigon commented: “Cao Minh tourist area has a lot of interesting things for you to experience. You can camp, hold a barbecue, make a campfire very comfortably…”

Especially with the green grass here, it will help the natural scenery here become greener and more beautiful. The rows of shady trees will help you get the most ideal space to rest without having to worry about the chaos of daily life.

Camping at Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh

  • Address: Thanh Tan commune, Tay Ninh city, Tay Ninh province
  • Reference price: adults 16,000 VND – children 8,000 VND
  • Can camp overnight

If you are a fan of backpacking, then immediately add Ba Den Mountain to the list of places near this camp near Saigon! This place is known as the highest mountain in the South, so many people often call it the roof of the Southeast!

Photo: Internet

To conquer the top of Ba Den mountain, you can choose to travel by road or by cable car. The experience of going by road is a bit time-consuming and labor-intensive, but it will definitely be interesting! The feeling when standing on the mountain to see the whole landscape of Tay Ninh’s insight is truly amazing.

Photo: Internet

However, according to many people’s experience, the most fun is definitely when you have to try the feeling of camping overnight here. Don’t forget to prepare some food to organize a barbecue party with your friends at an altitude of 900m. If you are looking for a day out in Saigon, come here!

Chua Chan Mountain Dong Nai

  • Address: Xuan Loc district, Dong Nai province
  • Reference price: cable car ticket price 180,000 VND/adult – 90,000 VND/child
  • Can camp overnight

After going down to the sea, you have to go up the mountain, right? One more suggestion of camping sites near Saigon for you to explore is Chua Chan mountain. This place is about 110km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, so you can visit by motorbike or bus.

Ảnh: pat_tanguyen

Chua Chan Mountain has an altitude of 800m, second only to the majestic Ba Den mountain. Because it is not as developed as Ba Den Mountain, Chua Chan Mountain still retains its wild beauty. You can come here by motorbike, then park your car below and start the journey to conquer by road.

Photo: pthanh235

After conquering the top of the mountain, in front of your eyes is a beautiful scene created by billowing white clouds that erase an entire sky.

Photo: Internet

Coming here, you will be free to organize small barbecue parties on the top of the mountain, all your friends gather together to talk. If you have time, camping overnight here is also very interesting! Don’t hesitate to come to this picnic area near Saigon!

The BCR – camping site in district 9

  • Address: No. 191 Tam Da Street, Truong Thanh Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Reference price: entrance ticket 30,000 VND/adult – 20,000 VND/child
  • Suitable for day camping

Campground in District 9 BCR will be an interesting place for you to bring the whole family to explore and experience. There are many outdoor activities for you to participate in. You will enjoy the cool, clear green atmosphere and live and feel how beautiful nature is when you have the opportunity to come here to experience it?


According to the BCR tourist site in District 9 Review, here you will be immersed in the clear blue water of the swimming pool or with your friends to participate in extremely attractive games. This is also an ideal picnic spot in Ho Chi Minh City for those groups of friends or families!

Vung Tau Freshwater Pass

  • Address: located on 44A street, Dat Do district, Ba Ria Vung Tau province
  • Reference price: free
  • Can camp overnight

Referring to camping sites near Ho Chi Minh City, it is impossible not to mention Fresh Water Pass. This is the ideal destination for you to plan on this hot summer day. This place is not too far from Saigon. Therefore, commuting and moving here is not too difficult and takes a lot of time.

The freshwater pass is located in a very convenient location for travel. Because this place is located right between Long Dien and Dat Do districts. Therefore, if going from Vung Tau is only about 25km. In particular, this overnight camping site near Ho Chi Minh City is also very close to Long Hai beach. Therefore, you can cool off and have fun in the sea during this camping trip.

Photo: Internet

Not only is it a camping spot, but Nuoc Ngot Pass is also one of the favorite backpacking destinations near Saigon that many people love to travel to. The winding pass roads bring you a lot of new experiences. To be able to conquer this road you need to have solid driving skills.

When choosing one of these camping sites near Saigon to rest, you will enjoy the cool, clear green atmosphere. Especially watching the sea and enjoying the feeling of peace and tranquility here.

A small note for you, when camping you should also buy yourself a sleeping bag that will both bring you a good night’s sleep and keep you warm. Vinlove is also a place to sell sleeping bags that are popular with everyone

Hodota Resort Campground

  • Address: Binh Chau, Ham Tan district, Ba Ria Vung Tau province
  • Reference price: (see price list listed below)
  • Can camp overnight

If the heat of the city makes you feel tired, coming to Hodota Resort is a beach near Saigon ideal for you to explore. This place also has many ideal virtual living views for you to take pictures and keep good memories for yourself during this camping trip near Saigon.

Photo: Internet

There are green pine forests, wooden houses, fishing lakes and even star deer camps for you to explore. Therefore, this trip will help you have many interesting activities to participate in.

Photo: Internet

Especially, when choosing Hodota Resort as one of the camping sites near Saigon to go, you will feel how great the nightlife here is? You will be looking at a starry sky in a dreamy, quiet natural setting.

See the price list for the following services:

Camping at Suoi Mo Park

  • Address: Hamlet 6, Tra Co Commune, Tan Phu, Dong Nai
  • Reference price: entrance ticket Weekdays
    : 80,000 VND/adult – 50,000 VND/child
    Weekend: 100,000 VND/adult – 60,000 VND/child
  • Suitable for day camping

Among the ideal camping places in Saigon , Suoi Mo Park will always be on this list. Because this place possesses an extremely convenient location for you to explore and see nature. In particular, this camping site near Saigon is very suitable for companies, schools or agencies to carry out trips, picnics, and camping trips.


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There are clear and cool lakes here. The water here is so clear that you can even see schools of fish jumping around. Therefore, you should come here to camp to feel the silence and peace. To wake up early in the morning, you will be greeted with the first-morning sunlight of a new day.

If you are wondering which of the camping sites in Ho Chi Minh City should choose, Suoi Mo Park will be the right choice for you to bring your whole family on vacation and sightseeing.

Zenna Pool Camp

  • Address: Phuoc Tinh, Long Dien, Ba Ria Vung Tau
  • Reference price: camping fee 40,000 VND/day; 60,000d/2 days, tent rental 100,000d/piece
  • Can camp overnight

Only about 2 and a half hours from Saigon, you can stop at one of the most beautiful camping sites in Saigon – Zenna Pool Camp. It is located on the beach in Phuoc Thinh town, just a few kilometers from Long Hai.

Photo: Internet

Although located on the beach, Zenna has many shady areas, very suitable for camping tents. If you do not bring a tent, you can also rent a tent here. The rental tents come in all sizes: from 2 people to 10 people and are very clean!


There is a seafood restaurant and beach bar at this overnight camp in Saigon. Indeed, there is nothing more wonderful than when you can both camp and swim in the cool sea. Compared to the campsites near Vung Tau, Zenna is very close to the Long Hai market. Therefore, you can go to the market to buy seafood, food and cook it yourself.

Photo: Internet

Especially, in the evening, you can have fun with your friends and relatives. Especially organizing a campfire next to the beach and dancing and singing with everyone will bring you a lot of interesting things. Therefore, choosing this overnight camping site in Ho Chi Minh City will be very suitable for you to choose as a venue for collective fun activities.

If you want to swim in the sea, you only need a few steps to go to the beach to cool off and play. Therefore, this is one of the camping sites near Saigon that is popular with many tourists.

Tan Lap floating village

  • Address: National Highway 62, Hamlet 3, Tan Lap Commune, Moc Hoa District, Long An
  • Reference price: entrance ticket 60,000 VND/person
  • Suitable for day camping

If you are still hesitating about which place to go, please refer to Tan Lap floating village right away! According to many people’s articles on the Tan Lap Review floating village, the best time for you to come here is the floating season.


Before stopping at camp, take time to enjoy the scenery of the Melaleuca forest on a lovely boat. Besides, exploring by road is also very interesting! Here fresh nature plus fresh and cool air will be very suitable for you to have a trip with lots of fun and new experiences.

In particular, the scenery at this campground near Ho Chi Minh City is extremely beautiful. Make sure to come here and you will have a beautiful virtual live album to bring back! Don’t forget to refer to Tan Lap floating village reviews for a more complete trip!

To make camping activities more interesting and special in the summer, you should bring a compact summer sleeping bag for overnight use!

Ho Coc Campground

  • Address: Highway 55, Binh Chau, Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria – Vung Tau
  • Reference price: free
  • Can camp overnight

Among the camping sites near Saigon, Ho Coc will be a perfect suggestion for your vacation trip with your family. There are many interesting activities for you to explore here.

Photo: Internet

There are many experience games for you to participate in such as windsurfing, exploring the rapids or riding a motorbike. Therefore, when you come to this camping site in Saigon, you will never be sad.


If you are planning to go camping in the near future, organizing a BBQ party will definitely be a perfect choice. Check out these easy and delicious baked goods right away!

Experience camping at Tri An Lake

  • Address: Vinh Cuu district of Dong Nai province
  • Reference price: free
  • Can camp overnight

Besides the eco-tourism areas in Ho Chi Minh City, camping at Tri An lake will definitely be a great experience that you should try. Tri An Lake is located about 70km from Ho Chi Minh City, you can reach this camping site near Saigon by motorbike.

Photo: Internet

Camping here will help you enjoy the airy, cool atmosphere and at night you will be able to see the bright stars in the sky. Especially, walking at night here will be very interesting. For those who love swimming in the lake, you can enjoy coming here to experience and cool off.

Vung Tau Paradise Campground

  • Address: No. 01 Thuy Van, Nguyen An Ninh Ward, Vung Tau City
  • Reference ticket price: 35,000 VND/person – tent rental is about 250,000 VND/tent
  • Can camp overnight

Located in Vung Tau city, Vung Tau Paradise is one of the Vung Tau camping destinations that many tourists choose for their vacation. This place has a living space completely separate from the noise and bustle of the outside. Especially, if you camp here, you will be served by the best services.


Activities such as picnic, camping, campfire organized here will bring you a lot of interesting things. The cost for the trip here is also very cheap, only about 35k / person. If renting a tent, the price will fluctuate in the range of 250k for a tent for 10-15 users. If you want to camp overnight in Vung Tau, come here!

What to prepare for camping?

To have the most complete and enjoyable camping trip, you will need to prepare yourself with the necessary items. If you still don’t know what to pack for camping, you can pack the following items!

Items to bring:

  • Camp
  • Picnic tank
  • Picnic mats
  • Folding table
  • Travel folding chair
  • Cooking utensils (dishes, pots, pans, griddle trays…)
  • BBQ grill
  • Fuel (charcoal, alcohol, fire tools)
  • Insect spray and first aid kit
  • Tools for water purification
  • Sleeping bag (sleeping bag lining)
  • Travel backpack
  • Food, snacks and drinks
  • Light or flashlight
  • Toiletries: toilet paper, multi-purpose bag , personal wipes, hand sanitizer
  • Umbrellas (umbrellas), raincoats
  • Clothing (pajamas, coats, etc.)
  • Sports shoes (or climbing shoes )
  • Hat
  • Glasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Garbage bag
  • Anti-mosquito bracelet

Additional items that can be prepared:

  • Compass
  • Camera
  • Beach pants + swimwear
  • Beach sandals
  • Swimsuits
  • Multi-purpose towel
  • Lotion
  • Multi-tool
  • Heat storage box
  • Sleep blindfolded

In addition to the items I suggested above, to make your camping trip more perfect and complete, please refer to other camping items!

* Ticket prices in the article are for reference only. Ticket prices will change from time to time *

Above is a summary of the most popular camping sites near Saigon. Hopefully, the above suggestions will help you no longer have to wonder where to go near Saigon!

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