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Check in the beautiful Tan Tru ‘areca king’ tree path in Long An

The beautiful Tan Tru ‘areca king’ tree path in Long An is known as the happy road, a check-in destination not to be missed if you have the opportunity to travel to Long An .

Tan Tru district in Long An province is not only known as a land with many historical sites such as Nguyen Huynh Duc mausoleum, Vam Nhut Tao historical site, Binh Ta relic site, Ton Thanh Pagoda,… Also famous for many beautiful natural attractions that have been checked in a lot recently is the road of many kings planted here called Tan Tru.

Check in the beautiful Tan Tru ‘areca king’ tree path in Long An
King’s bridge seen from above. Photo: vntrip

This was originally one of the country roads that were concreted in the countryside but extremely poetic because it was surrounded by green rice fields, on the sidelines planted flowers or beans. But the special feature is that the two sides of the road are planted with many tall areca trees, the shady buildings on both sides create a beautiful scene that captivates people. Have you ever visited or heard of Cau King Street in Tan Tru? If not, let’s check in this special country road with us.

Where is the beautiful Tan Trụ ‘areca king’ tree path located?

Address: King Areca Row, Tan Tru Street, Tan Tru Town, Long An Province.

Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to pass by Tan Tru town, Long An province will be no stranger to the road on both sides of the king’s palm tree located near the secondary school in the town of the same name.

About 300 king areca trees run along Ong Do Nghi street. Photo: baoxaydung

This road named after King Tan Tru is located far from the city. Ho Chi Minh City is about 50 km to the south, in Tan Tru district, Long An. This is a rural traffic route connecting the center of Tan Tru town with Tan Thanh cultural hamlet, Duc Tan commune, and Tan Tru district, Long An province. Tan Tru Street, also known as Ong Do Nghi Street, is extremely attractive not only because of the rows of areca kings planted in a straight line but also because of its extremely “poetic” location, passing through green rice fields. , full of vitality of a southwestern countryside.

The king areca trees are more than 15 years old. Photo: vntrip

Initially, this road was poured concrete by local people and then built around 2008. Later, gradually until 2013, the road surface was widened to 3m by local people and especially to Planting more than 300 king areca roots on both sides of the road to create a green landscape with fresh air, convenient for traffic and travel. Up to now, the road has been covered with shade and green as it is now.

Especially since the beauty of the two rows of areca trees on the roadside was discovered by the online community, this place has quickly become a check-in point that attracts many tourists to visit and take photos.

The beautiful royal road. Photo: baoxaydung

Long An’s happy path

Although it is only nearly 1km long, Tan Tru’s areca road is planted with more than 300 areca roots, each of which is as big as a hug. The road is not too wide but ensures the movement of local people, leading directly to Tan Thanh cultural hamlet, Duc Tan commune, Tan Tru district, Long An province. It can be said that this is the pride of the people here.

Attractive check-in location. Photo: Nguyen Quang

Many people believe that when walking in the shade of the king’s palm trees, watching the poetic scenery on both sides of the road with lush green rice fields, dragon fruit and cactus gardens separated in one color, showing a fresh and overflowing look. full of life that makes everyone feel happy and cheerful.

The place is known as the road to happiness. Photo: Nguyen Quang

Moreover, King’s palm road also attracts many couples in love to take wedding photos, so many young people have given it another name as “happy road” of Long An province. Located in the middle of a beautiful and airy landscape, and only about 40km south of Ho Chi Minh City, this unique row of areca kings in Tan Tru is considered the ideal check-in place for many tourists on short vacations or vacations. weekend.

Rows of areca king planted straight. Photo: dulichmientay

What’s so special about Tan Tru King’s areca road?

King Areca Road, also known as Ong Do Nghi Street, is only about 2km long, but it has a special highlight that there are about 30 straight-line king areca trees about 15 years old, more than 10m high, running from the beginning to the end of the road. That scene is also adorned by green rice fields and lush gardens.

The concrete road is more than 2km long with two straight rows of areca kings. Photos

Under the shade and lovely beauty of the tall trees, from time to time there is a cool breeze blowing, visitors love walking or cycling around this place.

Suitable for many photographic conepts. Photo: Anh Thu

You can choose to travel to the West and check in to the beautiful Tan Trụ ‘areca king’ tree path on any day of the year. But if you choose to go right before and after the Lunar New Year, you will enjoy the scent of ripe rice along the road and admire the scenery. The sea of ​​golden rice is beautiful. If you go on another occasion, rest assured because you will be able to see with your own eyes the rice fields when girls, growing up as fast as they can, green and smooth…

Go to school on king’s road. Photo: baoxaydung

Don’t forget to take lots of beautiful photos of yourself and your companions at one of the destinations of Long An tourism . Especially, this place is not too crowded, bearing the style of a peaceful garden with areca trees, rice fields, dragon fruit gardens, and along the country road. In the middle of this simple but lovely photo corner, you just need to stand in and have a beautiful photo right away.

Beautiful roadside setting. Anh Thu’s photo

Normally, it is very poetic, but when it is near Tet or important festivals, Tan Tru King’s bridge is also invested by people, adding decorative lights along the route. Then, during the day, it is so poetic and peaceful, at night, the king’s bridge is put on a new shirt, shimmering with colorful lights, becoming more attractive, making anyone pass by. must also stop to look.

Areca groves at night. Photo: Mientayquetoi

A small note for you when coming here to take pictures to check-in is to remember to be careful and observe carefully to stay safe because this is still a traffic road, intercommunal travel of people in the area, so there is always traffic. again. The rest of the road is quite long, so everyone is free to choose the angle of the photo as well as the location to take it.

If you are choosing Long An as your weekend getaway, you definitely don’t miss the opportunity to check in at the King’s bridge named Tan Tru to enjoy the beautiful scenery to “full” your eyes and breathe. The air in the western countryside is fresh. Wish you have an enjoyable and convenient trip to the West .

Photo: Internet

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