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12 pocket experiences for your trip to Co To

Co To is a small island district in Quang Ninh, Co To island is about 25 km from the mainland, ranked in the top 10 most beautiful tourist islands in Vietnam. Co To tourism will be an ideal choice for ideal beach trips in the North. Co To tourism has become a tourist destination for many young people who love to experience, families who need an airy rest space after tiring working days. To have a better view for those who want to visit this beautiful island, Vinlove would like to provide some useful information when traveling to Co To, hope that these Co To travel experiences will be extremely useful. for your upcoming trip.

When should you go to Co To?

Co To is an island located in the sea, so the weather always changes unexpectedly if you do not have a specific plan, do not know the weather rules here. The most ideal time to travel to Co To is from March to October. This is the period of golden sunshine, clear blue sky, less rain, and storms than other times. However, there will still be sudden storms, so in order for your trip to be complete, you should monitor the forecast information about the days before you go.

If you want to swim, the most suitable time is around March-May, this time the weather has warmed up, you can swim.
From June to August, it is a bit unlucky, may encounter fluctuations that make the ship unable to go to the island or return to the mainland. If you go on this occasion, you should pay attention to the weather forecast.
Around the end of September – October, the weather gradually turns to autumn, the climate is quite cool, so if you go in this weather, it will be very suitable.

12 pocket experiences for your trip to Co To
Co To beach is romantic and peaceful

Luggage to Co To

Co To has quite a few waves, so it is very suitable for those who want to swim, so swimming goggles are an indispensable item, and for those of you who like to take pictures, this is also a pretty suitable spot to take beautiful photos with beautiful scenery. The colors are very fancy, so remember to bring your camera and backup battery. Identity cards are indispensable, for young people who like snacks, they should buy them in advance because the island is far from the mainland, so the cost will be more expensive.

No one can be sure that they will not have health problems during the process, especially when there are children accompanying them, so to ensure your health, remember to bring the necessary medicines to ensure the health of the whole family and the family. You should prepare a full range of medicines because there are few drugs on the island. It is quite important to prepare personal belongings before each trip, depending on the time of the trip, you can bring personal belongings just enough to avoid carrying a lot or lack of it, which will make it difficult to move. transfer. For women, skin is a very important thing, so personal items such as hats, sunscreens, sunglasses, umbrellas, and sunscreen are indispensable for women to protect their skin when Traveling because the weather in the island is quite hot, so it is easy to catch the sun.

Avoid carrying too much, it will make it difficult to move

Means to go to Co To

There are many buses going from Hanoi to Quang Ninh. You can take a bus to Cam Pha, Cua Ong from My Dinh with a ticket of about 100,000 VND – 120,000 VND. Then, you get off at Van Don junction, take a bus, taxi, motorbike taxi to get to the port. Or you can take a Limousine bus going directly from Hanoi to Cai Rong, this is a 16-seat car, will pick up customers every day in Kim Ma, the price is a bit more expensive than a 24-seat bus, ranging from 180,000 VND to 280,000 VND .

From Hanoi to Cai Rong: To get to Co To from Hanoi, you must first go to Cai Rong port, if you ride a motorbike, you can take the initiative in time and have more opportunities to be closer to each other. However, the road is quite far, so riding a motorbike is also quite dangerous. Not to mention, you will have to pay additional fees for loading the car on the ship, going to the port, and freight. You can also go by car, by car, the two of you will have more time to rest and chat with each other during your trip.High-speed train at Cai Rong – Van Don port: The boat docks in Co To district with ticket price: 250,000 VND/way. Train time from Van Don – Co To: From 6am to 16h30pm, run from Co To – Van Don: From 5:30am to 16:30pm. For assistance with booking tickets, you should contact the motel or hotel on the island directly. This will be more effective than when you book tickets yourself to avoid adverse situations.Wooden boat at Cai Rong Port has a ticket price: 95,000/time/pax. Train time runs from Van Don – Co To: 07 am from Monday to Saturday, run from Co To – Van Don: 07 am. Note: there is an extra trip at 13:00 on weekends.
High-speed boat at Cai Rong port

Means of transportation on Co To island

When traveling to Co To, you have many choices of means of transport to explore, if you are a sports person you can rent a bicycle, otherwise, you can use a motorbike, rent a car, or an electric scooter for your family. Environmental friendliness. The price of electric cars has a difference on weekends, holidays and Tet because the number of visitors is relatively large, on average, the price of a 7-seater tram is about 1.2 million VND/day package. If you want to rent a 16-seat car, the price increases by about 200,000 VND – 400,000 VND/day package. The price for renting a 16-seat car is about 1.2 million VND/day, a full package, motorbike rental is about 200,000 VND/day, and a double bike is 30,000 – 40,000 VND/hour.
Car rental:

  • Tran Lang: Address: Area 4, Co To Town. Phone: 0979 889 279
  • Hai Au: Address: Area 3, Co To Town. Phone: 0916 500 090
  • Trung Lien: Address: Area 4, Co To Town. Phone: 0987 956 903 – 0166 3388226
  • Quy Loc: Address: Dong Tien, Co To. Phone: 0943 033 381 – 0166 871 6414

Yankee tram:

  • Phuc Xuyen: Phone: 0203 3889999
  • An Tam: Phone: 0965 154 780
  • Four Gardens: Phone: 01635 858 570
Electric car rental service in Co To

Hotels, motels, homestays in Co To

Hotels, motels, homestays are some of the highlights in Co To tourism, it helps you have a perfect trip. Hotels in Co To: Hotels in Co To island are quite expensive because the quantity is not much, so the quality of service will be slightly higher than the other two types. If it is not necessary, you can consider choosing a motel or homestay. Hotels near the sea often have very high room rates, difficult to book.

  • Phuong Thuy Hotel. Phone: 0989628944 – 01678931796
  • Trung Vu Hotel. Phone: 0934234677
  • Thai Ha Hotel. Phone: 0976551688 – 0962981688
  • Hoang Anh Hotel. Phone: 0916229302
  • Hai Au Hotel. Phone: 033 3500090
  • Thanh Trung Hotel. Phone: 033 3889244

Hostels in Co To: The most popular on the island are motels, basically, motels will also provide minimum services, private rooms, bathrooms, and self-contained toilets. Room rates are also slightly lower than hotels.

  • Phuong Thao Hostel. Phone: (033)3 793888
  • Thai Hoang Hostel – Cai Rong Port. Phone: 033.3793383
  • Quang Minh Hostel Area 9, Cai Rong town. Phone: 033 793 793
  • Nhat Thang Hostel in Khu 9, Cai Rong town. Phone: 033 793 383
  • Viet Linh Hostel. Phone: 033.793898

Homestay in Co To: Along with the development of tourists, homestay services here are also increasingly interested by people because of low investment costs, ease to attract groups of young people who can live in large numbers. people and affordable prices. If you go in a large group, you can choose this form to save costs and can stay in the same place together.

  • Hong Van Homestay. Phone: 01638687298 – 0886108568. Fanpage:
  • Coto Eco Host. Phone: 0988071100
  • Coto Village. Phone: 0988071100. Website:
  • Thuy Thinh Coto. Phone: 01682726433. Fanpage:
  • Coco Eco Lodge. Phone: 0988071100
  • Coto Life. Phone: 098 872 26 88. Fanpage:
Hong Van Homestay.

What to play in Co To

Depending on the schedule, you can join the games here accordingly. In each game, participants will find excitement, joy, and excitement. Please consider before trying these games, for those of you who like adventure, Co To waterpark is the ideal place for you to express yourself.
Banana boat surfing:
 This is a thrilling sea sports game, the float is designed in the shape of a banana with 5-7 seats, you will be wearing a life jacket, sitting on a banana boat, with a cable attached to the canoe. The cano will surf the sea at a speed of 50 – 80 km/h, pulling your boat away in the excitement of all the tourists on the boat. It feels like you are surfing on the water.

Paragliding on the sea at Co To Con Island: You want to mingle with the wind, want to see the sea and islands from above, let’s join the paragliding game. As a new service that has been in operation since April 2015, it has really created a great attraction for adventurous tourists.

Kayaking: is a fairly new game, very few places have this type of game, so this new game will definitely create a lot of excitement for you.
 A game that combines parachute and canoe to pull tourists to a certain height.
Night squid
 fishing: This game is fun but will not be suitable for those of you who are seasick because sitting on the small boats of fishermen to the place of squid fishing must have taken all your strength already. If you like this game, you can contact the local fisherman to make a separate arrangement.
Camping, singing or BBQ:
 You can take the initiative to bring a tent, buy firewood for a fire, make a BBQ in a deserted beach area or find units that provide this service for your convenience.

Surfing banana boat in Co To Con

Places to visit when traveling to Co To island

Cau My rock beach: Located in the south of Co To island, 3km from the center. Cau My rocky beach has the most beautiful rock system on the island is a beautiful place to take photos of a lifetime and is very suitable for those who want a unique wedding photo album. In addition, it is also the place to receive the first sunlight of the day.
Uncle Ho’s monument:
 The only monument that Uncle Ho agreed to build after Uncle Ho’s visit to Co To in 1961. On festivals or weekends, this is the venue for cultural exchanges. services for both islanders and tourists.

The road of love: It is a romantic place for couples to walk together on the beach, also a place for entertainment and barbecue on the island.
Co To Church:
 As the first church built on Co To island, inaugurated in 2013, is gradually attracting tourists to visit.
Co To Lighthouse Station:
 Is one of more than 30 “night eyes” operating throughout Vietnam’s territorial waters. Located on an altitude of 101m, it was operated in 1961.
Fishing village and fishery logistics area:
 Here you can experience the actual fishing and seafood processing activities of the island such as squid, fish types. , shrimp, worms. You can fish by yourself, squid fishing, eat fresh seafood bought from fishermen.
Primary forest:
As a primeval forest with rich vegetation, there are many species of animals, birds and precious woods. The forest is like a green lung, bringing cool and fresh air.
Tran Island:
 As a village of Thanh Lan commune, the island still retains its wild look with white sand beaches, primeval forests with diverse and rich vegetation. The beaches on the island with a length of about 500m are ideal places to rest, swim, and interact with soldiers.

Co To Lighthouse

Beaches, beaches in Co To

In addition to tourist destinations, Co To is also famous for its diverse beaches and beaches.

Hong Van Beach: is one of the destinations that will make you feel calm, here the waves roll like a lake because there is Thanh Lan island blocking the wind, the soft sandy shores and clear blue sea here will making tourists not willing to leave their feet.
Van Chay Beach:
 This is one of the beautiful beaches that many tourists love to choose as a place to have fun, experience many exciting activities for the brilliant summer on the island.
Bac Van Beach:
It is a place with big waves, a beautiful casuarina road running along with it, an ideal place for tourists to swim, admire the beauty of heaven and earth that everyone must be surprised. In particular, when coming to Bac Van in the early morning, when the sun has not fully risen, the tide also recedes to reveal a wide, smooth sand beach that brings a shimmering scene full of pure beauty on the coast. waves lapping, fishing boats docked.
Hai Quan Beach:
 Is a beach with gentle, fine white sand, clear water, calm and gentle waves equivalent to Hong Van beach. The reason it is called Navy is that the beach is managed by a naval unit.
C67 beach:
 1km long, fine white sand, located next to the primeval forest, convenient for combined exploration and camping activities.

The charming beauty of Hong Van beach

What to eat in Co To

Traveling to Co To, you should enjoy the following famous dishes.
Sa worm:
 A mollusk that lives only on coastal sandy beaches at high tide, looks like an earthworm and is processed into a delicious and attractive dish. Fresh Sa Sung is often cooked with gourd, squash, all kinds of vegetables, tubers, fried bamboo shoots. Dried Sa Sung can be fried in oil until golden brown, dipped in sweet chili sauce. Tu come: Also known as the heliotrope snail, has an ivory white outer shell, two half-closed shells, protruding between the two shells is a long cylindrical tentacle, looking like an elephant’s trunk. The snout is people processed into a variety of dishes are varied, fascinating like snout grill, snout porridge, snout steaming, …
old: Also called crabs tickle period, meat tickled period only There are two claws, processed in many different ways such as: cooking vermicelli, steaming, roasting tamarind, charcoal grilling,…
Sea cucumber: Also known as sea cucumber or sea leech, sea cucumbers are caught and cleaned. , soak alum, let dry. People often soak alcohol, make medicine, and cook many dishes such as stir-fry with celery and carrots.
As a very delicious specialty, both cool and nutritious, jellyfish is crispy, cool, has a taste unlike any other seafood, often processed into soup, salad, hot pot, but the most popular is still jellyfish salad.
 Also called mantis shrimp, mantis shrimp meat is delicious, sweet, and full of sea flavor, far from the taste of black tiger shrimp, lobster, mantis shrimp, very sweet, grilled, steamed, roasted with tamarind, roasted with salt, all attractive.

Co To: Busy jellyfish season

What to buy as a gift when coming to Co To

Co To is not only blessed with beautiful and pristine natural landscapes, but also attracts visitors by its extremely rich and diverse seafood dishes. Traveling to Co To, buying seafood as a gift is always a concern of many tourists.
Co To squid:
 Only about 270,000 – 300,000 VND, you can buy a pound of fresh squid as a gift for family and friends. Squid here is quite famous for its unique taste compared to other seas. Many tourists choose it as a gift because this is a delicious specialty that can last for a long time but also has good health functions such as nourishing blood, nourishing liver and kidneys, etc.

Co To Sea Jellyfish: The most famous dish is jellyfish salad, which is delicious and good for the intestines. With about 50,000 VND, visitors can buy a pound of fresh jellyfish, which is not only the main ingredient for salads, but also has a good effect on the body. Because jellyfish are mollusks, more than 80% of the body is water, so it contains a lot of minerals and trace elements that are good for the body, helping to increase the body’s resistance. Crab is one of the seafood specialties. Precious products contain nutritional components such as calcium, iron, vitamins and minerals. This is a healthy food, so many tourists choose it as a gift when traveling to Co To the beach.

Nail snail: A popular seafood in Co To, not only helps the body cool but also provides a large source of calcium and minerals. Nail snails have firm meat, very strong taste, and fatty leopards are used as the main raw materials for dishes such as steamed ginger, fried, grilled, …

Grilled prices Hand: With fresh ingredients pulverized by hand make delicious taste characteristic very own, tourists come here often choose to buy rolls Rates hands as gifts relatives and friends for around 350,000.

When it comes to Co To, it’s impossible not to mention squid

Co To backpacking schedule

This schedule is calculated starting from Van Don.

Day 1: Van Don – Co To

In the morning, get out of Van Don wharf, go to Co To big, take a tram, car or walk back to the motel to store things, rest a bit, then get in the car to Bai Da Cau My, then return to the hotel to check-in and have lunch. it was about 12 o’clock.

Rest until 14:00, rent a motorbike to Co To Lighthouse, primeval Choi forest, then return to swim in Hong Van. In the evening, have dinner, wander the beach for snacks.

Day 2: Co To Island – Co To child

Around 8:30 – 8:30, move to Bac Van port to take a boat to Co To Con, swim, have fun and then have lunch there. After the lunch break, the boat will return to Bac Van port, take the car to go to Bai Van Chay, return to the hotel in the evening to rest, eat and then go out to the center of the island in the evening.

Day 3: Co To – Van Don

Get up early to have breakfast, go buy things as gifts if you want, then check out, then go to the port to return to the mainland.

Co To is like a paradise

Note when traveling to Co To

The attractions on the island all have their own beauty, it is a pity to miss one of those beautiful sights just because of lack of information or do not know the way so you need to prepare a map of Co To or you can ask, Ask the guesthouse owner to hand out a travel guide.

Ask the price, bargain, remember the name before using the service, be careful to avoid being hacked, when you encounter a situation of being hacked without a list of prices, please contact the culture and tourism department. schedule for support, processing.

Save the security and support phone numbers on the island to ask for help and protect your interests if a bad situation happens. The island government always protects and supports visitors when encountering any bad situation, do not hesitate to ask for help when needed.

Heed warnings, follow directions at attractions. At some attractions, there are some dangers, so pay attention, follow the instructions of the manager to avoid problems.

Do not throw garbage indiscriminately, protect the environment and resources on the island. Be civilized guests to avoid littering, cutting down trees, setting fires, which endanger the primeval forest.

Avoid indiscriminate discharge to protect Co To Island clean and beautiful

Through the above article, Vinlove hopes to help readers gain more experiences when traveling to Co To. Vinlove wishes you will have wonderful and meaningful trips, will experience interesting and unforgettable feelings in Co To.

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