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Which season is the best season for Con Dao tourism and where to go?

Previously, Con Dao was once known as a hell on earth, where witnessing so much compassion, suffering, and sacrifices of revolutionary soldiers, today it becomes a tourist attraction, with numerous scenic spots, as well as impressive historical destinations. So, which season is the most beautiful and the most interesting when traveling to Con Dao? If you are interested, do not miss the information below.

Learn weather and climate in Con Dao

It is known that Con Dao is an island district in Ba Ria – Vung Tau, this place belongs to the sub-equatorial – oceanic climate, so it is hot and humid all year round. Weather in Con Dao is divided into two distinct seasons, namely the rainy season (lasting from May to November) and the dry season (lasting from December to April next year). The climate here is hot, but not too harsh, but the average temperature ranges from 25 to 27 degrees C. Along with that, Con Dao is surrounded by the sea, so the sea breeze blows cold air in. This place is always cool and comfortable. So which season is Con Dao tourism beautiful?  In general, every time in Con Dao has its own interesting experiences and activities, so you can come here anytime.

Which season is the best season for Con Dao tourism and where to go?
Romantic natural space at Con Dao beach

Which season is the best season for Con Dao tourism?

As mentioned above, in Con Dao is divided into two distinct seasons of the year, that is the rainy season and the dry season. Depending on your preferences and free time, you can schedule to explore Con Dao.

The weather in Con Dao is cool, ideal for organizing tours

Rainy season in Con Dao

In  the times should travel to Con Dao , the rainy season is most interested by tourists. Because of this time with warm sunshine, fresh air, comfortable temperature is only about 26 degrees C, so it is very suitable for sea tours, water activities, … Although the rainy season in Con Dao It starts from May to November, but the most ideal travel period is from March to September. At this time, the waves are quiet, the sea is calm and especially less rain than other months, so favorable conditions are given. beneficial for visitors to visit. And that is also the answer to which  Con Dao tourism season is the most beautiful?

What to play in Con Dao tourism in the rainy season?  At this time, you can make a schedule to explore the deserted islands, experience scuba diving, hunting, and sightseeing yachts. Even more amazing, from March to September is also the season when sea turtles lay eggs. If you are lucky, exploring the desert islands, you can also see firsthand sea turtles lay eggs on the shore is very interesting.

Visit the deserted islands in Con Dao to have a chance to see sea turtles lay eggs

Note : The rainy season is also  the peak tourist season in Con Dao , so if you want to schedule to explore Con Dao on major holidays like September 2, April 30, May 1, … Best buy tickets, book early, to avoid ticket outages.

Dry season in Con Dao

Not too hot tourist season, but many tourists also explore Con Dao during this time. The dry season here starts from December to April next year, the weather is dry and less rainy, but it is known as the ‘monsoon season’ because of frequent heavy waves and rough seas. Therefore, when you travel during the dry season, pay close attention to the weather forecast, to ensure a smooth travel itinerary.

Visiting Hang Duong cemetery

So which  season is the best season for Con Dao tourism and where to go?  For the dry season, you can visit Con Dao from October to February next year. At this time, the waves are calm, suitable for cruises to explore the beauty of Dam Tram and hot springs. Or if you go in December, you can consider spiritual tourist spots in Con Dao such as Mo Co Sau, Phi Yen, Hang Duong cemetery, …. In addition, do not forget to take your time To visit a place that used to be called a hell on earth, that is Con Dao prison.

Suggest popular tourist spots in Con Dao

Besides the topic of  Con Dao tourism, which season is the most beautiful  , you should also know the famous destinations here such as:

– Dam Trau beach: The place associated with the legend of Mr. Cau and Trau. When you come here, you will be immersed in nature to watch the blue sea, white sand, yellow sunshine and participate in wonderful activities under the sea.

– Suoi Hot Beach: Also a favorite tourist destination in Con Dao , the location is quite close to Dam Trau, so it is very convenient for exploring 2 tourist destinations at the same time. Especially, this place possesses wild and rustic beauty, is the ideal stopover for those who love nature.

Hot spring experience in Con Dao

– Hon Bay Co: Traveling to Con Dao without visiting Hon Bay Co is also an extremely big shortcoming. It is known that this place owns the largest number of sea turtles in Con Dao in particular and Vietnam in general. When you arrive at Bay Be Island, you will be immersed in the emerald green beaches, learn about the breeding process of sea turtles is quite interesting. There are also flooded forests with many interesting experiences waiting for you.

– Con Dao prison: A place known as a hell on earth, witnessing so much pain and the loss of patriotic soldiers. Coming to Con Dao prison, you learn about the history, witness firsthand the prisons with tortures suffered by the soldiers in ancient times.

The Prison of Con Dao – The place used to be a hell on earth

–  Temple Mount A : Or also known as the Van Son Tu, is the sacred temple in Con Dao . With a position on the top of a high mountain, when you come here, besides the experience of offering incense offerings to Buddha, you can also see the natural beauty from the top of the mountain.

Above is useful information about  Con Dao weather, hope to help you know which season of Con Dao tourism is most beautiful and where to go  . If you have any questions, do not forget to leave a comment below the article for more specific advice by Vinlove. Have a nice trip to Con Dao!

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