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10 destinations in Vietnam that are well-reviewed by foreigners

Hoi An (Quang Nam), Sa Pa (Lao Cai), and Hanoi are rated by many foreign tourists as the most beautiful tourist photography spots in Vietnam, according to data from Booking.com.

Booking recently announced the top 10 destinations in Vietnam that are highly appreciated by international guests for travel photography. Topping the list is Hoi An (Quang Nam) . With an ancient landscape, this is a destination that attracts a lot of foreign tourists to record beautiful images. The ancient brick roofs on the yellow walls of the old houses, the row of lanterns that light up the street corner are something that tourists will never forget when walking and watching the streets here. Hoi An brings many diverse perspectives to photographers around the world not only by nature but also by culture, people, and cuisine.

The second place belongs to the northern mountainous city in Lao Cai province. Sa Pa is a place that attracts foreign tourists who love to explore nature and majestic mountains. This quiet land is home to many highland tribes, bringing the different cultures of Vietnam to visitors. In particular, the green valleys with terraced fields and picturesque mountain scenes make every visitor want to spend a lot of time exploring and capturing the beauty through movies and photos.

The crowded and bustling capital of Hanoi leaves many impressions for foreign tourists to visit. The city also appears in the travel photos of many photographers around the world. Bustling neighborhoods of the land of thousands of years of civilization always make international tourists excited. Besides the ancient and elegant features of many architectural styles, local cuisine is something that no one can forget when having the opportunity to explore the city. Famous international chefs also have to admire the impressive dishes here such as bun cha, bread, fish cake, pho…

The 4th place on the list of destinations highly appreciated by international tourists for tourist photography is Ha Long city (Quang Ninh) . Ha Long Bay is one of the world-famous scenic spots, appearing in many check-in photos, photos taken by tourists and photographers from all over the world.

Before the Covid-19 epidemic, Ho Chi Minh City was a bustling destination for domestic and foreign tourists. This place attracts tourists who like to take pictures of bustling and bustling cities. The city when it was not “sick” used to have many entertainment activities, entertainment and dining places crowded with tourists to explore.

Da Lat (Lam Dong) with its peaceful and poetic beauty in the highlands, holds the 6th position in this list. The wide pine forests and rolling hills, cool weather will make visitors have a relaxing experience during their vacation.

Ninh Binh attracts foreign tourists to explore ancient and mysterious landscapes. You can enjoy Trang An, visit the ancient capital of Hoa Lu and walk around the contemplative pagodas here.

The livable city Da Nang fascinates domestic and foreign tourists with its enchanting beaches and harmonious and pleasant weather. The poetic beauty of the neighboring but equally bustling places in the city center is a factor that always attracts visitors to come back many times to enjoy their stay here.

All excursions and resorts of foreign tourists are often indispensable elements of discovery and adventure. Therefore, explorers choose Mui Ne (Binh Thuan) as a place for them to experience many unforgettable experiences in Vietnam, from sandy dunes with unique changing terrain to private beaches.

The dreamy, quiet beauty of Hue is marked in the hearts of foreign tourists not only by the works associated with Vietnamese history but also by the peaceful features of the landscape and people here. Coming to Hue Ancient Capital, everyone is gradually conquered by the poetic features of the Perfume River, Ngu Mountain and the architecture of Hue Citadel, Khiem Lang… Follow zingnews

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