20.07.2021, 14:07

The most pervasive Hanoi paintings at the moment: A beautiful capital sobbing through the perspective of the people of Saigon

A Hanoi not everyone can see, appearing through the talent and love of a southern son.

Hanoi officially applied urgent measures to prevent Covid-19 from 0:00 July 19, after a long period of stopping on-site service of some business establishments, then opening for a few weeks, and then stopping again. …

Since the holiday of April 30 until now, perhaps the feeling of Hanoi people has changed a lot: Life is more at home, every day opening eyes is the number of cases coming, everywhere. Strict translation, wanting to roam freely and see the city is too luxurious.

One side is restrained and crazy, the other is hopeful and trusting – it is a conspicuous collision between social feelings and personal feelings of many people, but in the current situation, everyone understands the importance of self-discipline: Protecting yourself is also being responsible to society, to the government, to frontline doctors, to millions of other people… We all understand and agree.

But that does not mean that we have to give up the nostalgia of a wandering Hanoi in the old days. Therefore, in the present time, works, stories, photos, paintings… related to Hanoi’s nostalgic look have tremendous pervasive power. No matter how progressive the society is, artistic values ​​are always respected, especially the art of recreating a Hanoi in the non-epidemic days amidst the sprawling city.

The most pervasive Hanoi paintings at the moment: A beautiful capital sobbing through the perspective of the people of Saigon

Hanoi through paintings, so much love, Hanoi!

Also because of the spirit mentioned above, the painting series about Hanoi by painter Phong Hoang somewhat has a wider spread at this time. The set of paintings, collectively known as “Bit Love Sending Street”, was shared by the author himself in the Me Tranh group, so far has 3k likes and more than 600 shares. 28 photos are 28 street corners of Hanoi taken by the author from the end of 2017 until now.

Street corners are very Hanoi

Painter Phong Nha was born and raised in Saigon, on a trip to Hanoi in 2017 he “fallen in love” with the capital, claiming to be  “Love every street corner, every street, love a close-knit lifestyle.” , associated with old images that are still clearly preserved”.  In particular, he is fascinated with Ha Thanh architecture, buildings, villas on the old town…

Hanoi has 4 distinct seasons, and from 2017 until now, the author has regularly flown to Hanoi to fully feel the rotation of heaven and earth. The weather in the capital is really red, but between the seasons, there is always a beauty that makes people sob – at such times it is for the artist to be sublimated.

Sharing with us, painter Phong Hoang said the paintings were painted with watercolor on paper of Arches (France). “Because this is a type of drawing material in the style of a ‘dead goose pen’, it is very difficult to edit, so the drawing time is not long, fluctuates about 1 week, but the time to calculate and align to show will be longer, sometimes it takes a month to a few months before the pen is drawn.”

The name “Bit of Love for the Street” is partly the thought of the author Phong Hoang: To use the eyes of a southern son to sketch, preserve the love in each street corner and ask for the whole package. Sending affection to the capital: “Amid the complicated developments of the epidemic, I hope that the set of paintings will help spread a little positive energy to everyone, as well as hope that the translation will pass soon so that the familiar images will be over. This is back. Hope the whole country from the North to the South unites to overcome the pandemic!”.

Each individual painting in the series is an excellent harmony of color and light. No matter how many beautiful words are used for “A Little Love to the Street” by painter Phong Hoang, it is probably not as authentic and moving as the emotions that each person contemplates and realizes through each picture. Then here, invite you. Please let your fingers stop for a few seconds, your eyes will stop for a few minutes, your heart will stop for a few hours to enjoy the healing of a Hanoi in pictures:

Chau Long Street is full of sunshine

Summer stops on the street vendors

An old house in the section of Hang Voi – Yen Phu but has now been demolished

The night sky is full of stars over the Cathedral, illuminating the road after the rain

Why is Cua Bac Church so heavy?

The street associated with the name Bui Cong Trung sweet shop

Flower baskets become Hanoi’s autumn

Afternoon light on the old street

Ly Dao Thanh Street has an old house

Nguyen Thiep Street leans in the spring rain

The sun pours down the rain

Fire balcony

House number 9 Phan Huy Ich

Tomorrow I will go to Pham Su Manh

Remember the most beautiful street in Chan Cam

Bustling Nguyen Huu Huan Street

House 51 Tran Hung Dao day and night

O Quan Chuong bustling spring day

Hang Ma welcomes the whole Tet holiday

Hang Be Market – Cau Go rushes into the spring rain.

According to HOAI AN, PICTURE: ARTIST PHONG HOANG, DESIGN: THANH DAT/ Phap luật va bạn đọc