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Interesting experiences when traveling to Sapa in July

Escaping the city’s smog, doing a trip to Sapa in July with cool weather, watching the cool green terraces, enjoying peach plums in the fruiting season… is one of the experiences you must try this summer. . See more:  Sapa tourism

Interesting experiences when traveling to Sapa in July

Sapa weather in July is very cool, the average temperature of the day is only 20 – 21 degrees Celsius, you will feel 4 seasons in 1 day. This is the ideal time to discover interesting destinations, experience the food and culture of the people.

Green terraced fields

Traveling to Sapa in July, you will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful villages with green terraced fields such as Ta Van village or Ta Phin village. In Sapa, there is a rice crop of 6 months, people sow seeds around early May, in July the rice turns green, adorning the natural scenery here. This dreamy scene gives you a feeling of freshness, comfort, enjoying the fresh and cool air.

Interesting experiences when traveling to Sapa in July

Check-in the white waterfalls

Silver Waterfall and Love Waterfall are two famous large waterfalls in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district. The large waterfalls at this time are white, you will be able to see the super-strong waterfall, making the scene more majestic and poetic than ever. Silver Waterfall with an altitude of 1800m, the waterfall is upstream of Muong Hoa stream, blowing white foam-like clouds floating above. Or Love Waterfall blends with the beauty of the primeval forest, surrounded by thousands of mossy old bamboo trees.

The plum-peach season is in full bloom

July is the time for peaches, Sapa plums are ripening like Tam Hoa plums, after plums … ripe red berries, delicious and sweet. You can visit the peach and plum gardens of the people here and enjoy this famous Sapa specialty. In addition, you can also buy them as gifts for your friends and relatives.

Join the highland fair

One of the outstanding cultural features of the people in the Northwest mountains is the traditional market. Here the atmosphere is usually very bustling and fun, people wear splendid and colorful costumes. Sapa fairs are held regularly, so traveling to Sapa any month of the year you can participate in these markets. You can come here to take pictures or learn about the culture of the people of Sapa in particular and the people of the Northwest in general.

Enjoy special food in Sapa

Not only has the pleasant weather, majestic natural scenery, but also Sapa tourism, visitors are also impressed with delicious – unique – strange specialties. Come to Sapa in July, don’t forget to enjoy Thang Co hot pot, armpit pig, stream fish, kitchen buffalo meat, salmon… or enjoy hot grilled skewers at church street, sip a little corn wine in the evening with your friends.