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The girl “asked” for VND 4 billion to help the poor

HCMC – In 10 months, Nguyen Do Truc Phuong, 27 years old in District 1, called on the community to help more than 50 difficult circumstances, with the amount of more than 4 billion VND.

At noon of April 22, Truc Phuong found the collapsing and hot apartment of Mr. Dinh Ngoc Nga near Kinh Thanh Da bridge, Binh Thanh district. The small 75-year-old man took heavy steps that led the girl upstairs with a rickety staircase that could collapse at any moment. The room only had a raincoat on the floor and a hammock for sleeping. Mr. Nga held a small board with the words “Lottery” to help heat up. This is also a “business sign”, placed next to his seat on the bridge every night.

“Two days ago, a stranger sent me a text message, with a picture of Mr. Nga cowering in a raincoat, sitting on the bridge, holding a stack of lottery tickets to invite guests on the road”, Truc Phuong Phuong like the purpose of his visit to his inn.

Looking at that picture, the 27-year-old girl thought, at the age like him, but still having to make a living, it would be impossible to trust anyone, if he could help, the rest of his life would be less difficult. So Phuong decided to find a way. That afternoon, she posted a news on her personal page with more than 130,000 followers, calling on the community for help. Immediately, the money poured in from everywhere, a few hours later reached more than 100 million. Seeing that it was enough, she announced to close her account and would come and give it to him the next day.

The girl “asked” for VND 4 billion to help the poor
Truc Phuong chats with Mr. Nga in the new apartment. Photo: Character provided.

Nguyen Do Truc Phuong graduated in business administration from a university in Australia. In 2019, she returned to Vietnam, managing a family hotel in District 1. Quite busy with her business, but this girl often noticed and silently helped difficult circumstances, sometimes complaining call friends and relatives to join hands. “However, I can only call for a few million each time. Sometimes I don’t see enough, I often put my own money,” Phuong said.

Last August, Truc Phuong suddenly became a reluctant celebrity after a post calling for help with a man riding a motorbike taxi to find a charity bread cupboard. After one night, for the first time, she received VND 38 million from dozens of people who did not know. The next day, Phuong met the man and took her to buy a new motorbike to make her living more convenient. Her work was quickly shared by the online community. Since then, every day, the girl has received dozens of messages from strangers, asking for help in a certain situation. In this way, for nearly a year, strangers have transferred more than 4 billion VND to Phuong to help people in difficult circumstances.

Ms. Mai Tran, 38 years old, one of the sponsors who often sent money to Truc Phuong shared: “She received her donation tonight, tomorrow morning she will meet people immediately to support. See Phuong do and update on the page. Personally, I know how my money has been spent, how happy people are helping them, so everyone believes in them “.

Truc Phuong on a trip to give gifts to people in Long An, April 2021. Photo: Character provided.

Every time she decides to help, in any case, Phuong takes the time to come to their place to ask stories and learn about their family background. Depending on the circumstances, there are cases where she only “asks” for 20 million, but there are times when the amount of sponsors transferred to more than 200 million.

The girl does not give the entire amount raised, but often asks them what their dreams are. Some people wish for a motorbike to make a living, some people wish for a chair, but there are also people who only wish for a new pair of slippers. After that, she goes with them to buy dream items before handing over the remaining money or setting up a savings book.

Phuong said that for nearly a year, she helped dozens of people, but she was most impressed with the story of Mr. Vu Van Son, who sold a deaf and mute lottery ticket and refused to receive 70 million from the community. “Uncle Son held out the money and held out to the street, implying that he saved himself to help the more difficult people. I really respect him. I realize that in life, sometimes having to know enough, my heart will feel safe. the.

Never regretted doing this unpaid job, but when she became a celebrity, many times she encountered problems. There are times when she could not reply to the message in time, the announcer scolded and blamed her “seeing death but not saving”. Someone sent text messages to attack Phuong’s good deeds.

Every time she met something like that, Phuong often confided in her mother. For nearly a month, she decided to stop this work because she did not want to suffer from the pressure and the voice, but her mother advised: “Don’t stop because some people say bad words, that cannot help. more people are in need “.

“If everyone considers volunteering as a responsibility that Phuong has to do, then not. I do this with my heart and do it in my power and within the time possible,” Phuong explained to everyone.

Thanks to careful investigation of the situation of those who intend to help, Phuong stopped giving nearly 100 million VND to the line to guide beggars. “That time, I was going to give an old woman to hold a begging child, and someone sent a text message warning that this might be a trick to take care of, using children to hit the compassion of people,” Phuong said. She asked a friend to observe this old woman many times, discovering that someone else often came to carry milk boxes, the rice was given away to other places “dispersed”. “So I decided to save that money for more reliable circumstances,” the girl said.

“At my age, many friends are focusing on building a career. I am more fortunate because I have a family hotel, so I will continue this if everyone believes in”, Phuong affirmed.

Phuong visited the situation of a man driving a traditional motorbike taxi in Thu Duc in May 2021. Photo: Character provided.

Half a month after giving the donation money from the community, one afternoon, Phuong suddenly visited Mr. Dinh Ngoc Nga’s new apartment. The old man was sleeping soundly on a new mattress, next to a small chair with neatly arranged items and a pair of ping-pong rackets that were his mementos. Phuong felt relieved.

“Thank you, Phuong and the community for helping me out. Today I drive a new motorbike to the lottery place. At night, I sleep well without fear of heat, it is raining and not afraid to stop,” Mr. Nga said. , mouth smirk. Follow vnexpress

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