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Happy New Year countryside with beautiful flower streets in Saigon

Not returning home to celebrate Tet, Saigon people still find traditional beauty in early spring at Menas Mall Saigon Airport.

Happy New Year countryside with beautiful flower streets in Saigon
On the day of Tet, Hung’s family decided to exchange and return the plane ticket to stay in Saigon. “My grandparents were sad to hear this, but they understood and encouraged my small family to have a happy New Year,” he said. On the way home, he passed Menas Mall Saigon Airport, seeing a beautifully decorated flower street, Hung decided to take his wife and two young children to take a commemorative photo. In the picture is Ms. Hoang Nguyet’s family visiting the flower street. “I saw spring at the door when I saw it. Just having the opportunity to watch the flowers with the whole family, while having the opportunity to shop and eat, I really like it,” she shared.
Amazing Tet Flower Street at Menas Mall Saigon Airport just opened in late January and will be open free of charge until the 6th of the New Year of the New Year. Here, the trade center located at the open door of the airport has recreated the picture of spring in the three regions through many familiar small scenes.
A representative of Menas Mall Saigon Airport said that this year, many people do not return to their hometown to celebrate Tet with their families because of epidemic prevention, livelihood, financial difficulties … Whatever the reason, for those who Staying in Saigon, miss your loved ones, and love the sacred traditional Tet atmosphere at home is a comfort in these days. Therefore, the re-enactment of the rural scenery at the flower street is something to help comfort the expatriate children.
To ensure epidemic prevention, flower sugar always checks the temperature of visitors.
Squash trusses, water wells, bamboo bridges, communal gates, straw mounds … are the beauty of the countryside that are forever in each person’s childhood. The familiar scenes present in the middle of the year-end Saigon town with a busy car flow have attracted many people to admire.
In particular, the hanging apricot tree full of good wishes for the new year becomes the highlight of the flower road. Each hanging rope is the hearts of visitors to family, relatives, friends … for a coming new year.
At the weekend, the young couple Hieu and Nga brought their two little friends to visit and take pictures at Amazing Tet flower street. “The flower street is most sparkling in the evening, when the lights start to light up, the flower clusters glow with a warm yellow color, making people excited, eager to welcome the coming New Year”, Ms. Nga shared.
Before returning home, Ngan’s group of friends also stopped by the flower street to keep beautiful photos. Choosing a bright yellow apricot corner on the straw mound to take pictures, Ngan felt that the investment path was very elaborate. Since coming to Saigon, rarely young people like Ngan have the opportunity to contemplate the beauty of the countryside. “Although staying in Saigon, seeing this scene is enough to make everyone feel happy and comforting,” Ngan said.
Not only is the country Tet holiday scene, the flower street at Menas Mall Saigon Airport also has the exhibition of One Ward Water Puppet. Here, the puppet stories are told through visual pictures. Many families enjoy learning and let children get acquainted with folk arts.
The action of the character map is also the highlight of the flower line. Many people come to ask for words Binh An, An Khang, An Lac … as a wish after a year of many turmoil.
Night falls is also the acoustic band performing spring songs for the visitors. The melodious love songs take the New Year theme as wishes to everyone.


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