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List of taxi companies in Phu Quoc and notes needed in transportation

Are you looking for a taxi company in Phu Quoc to move when exploring the beautiful pearl island coming up? Please refer to the article below to “pocket” for yourself the most useful taxi rental experience in Phu Quoc.

Should travel by taxi when traveling to Phu Quoc ? 

Traveling to Phu Quoc, you have many different choices of transportation such as taxi, bus, motorbike. Which, taxi is one of the means chosen by many tourists when exploring pearl island. Here are the reasons why you should rent a taxi when coming to Phu Quoc:          

– Suitable when moving from Phu Quoc airport to hotel, especially passengers carrying a lot of luggage.  

– Suitable for large groups or families with elderly people, children. Although the price is higher than other means, but if you go with a large group of people, the price is quite cheap.  

– Travel by taxi is suitable for those who want to go to remote locations. 

– The ideal taxi ride for travelers wishing to rest after a long time sitting on the plane or while visiting a tiring day.

List of taxi companies in Phu Quoc and notes needed in transportation
Travel by taxi conveniently from the airport to the center

List of taxi companies in Phu Quoc

Here is a list of reputable taxi companies in Phu Quoc that you can refer to: 

1. Taxi Mai Linh

  • Phone: 0773.997.799 – 0773.97 97 97

Mai Linh is a taxi company with branches distributed throughout the country, which is highly appreciated for its service quality and price. Mai Linh taxi team is professionally evaluated and enthusiastic. Fast car call time and specific consultation. 

The 4-seater models include Vios, Kia Morning, Hyundai i10, Hyundai Verna. The price ranges from 10,000 VND to 14,800 VND depending on the number of kilometers traveled. The 7-seat car line includes Innova J and Innova G, with prices ranging from VND 11,000 – VND 17,000 / km depending on the number of km. 

Taxi Mai Linh Phu Quoc is chosen by many tourists

2. Taxi Hoang Long

  • Phone number: 0773. 988.988

What taxi companies does Phu Quoc have ? Although Hoang Long Taxi has just operated, many tourists choose to trust it. The team of drivers and operators are friendly with customers. Another plus point is the competitive fee in the market. In general, if you want to be cheap, you can choose taxi Hoang Long. 

Hoang Long Taxi also has cars from 4 to 7 seats, with new models and quality. Opening price ranges from 9,000 – 11,000 VND depending on the number of km that passengers want to move. 

Cheap Hoang Long Taxi

3. Taxi Vinasun Phu Quoc

  • Phone: 0297.

Taxi companies in Phu Quoc are next to Vinasun, which is the most famous taxi company in the Pearl Island. In the peak tourist season, Vinasun taxi always serves all kinds of cars for tourists. Service time 24/24. The 4-seater car has an opening price of VND 11,000 / km, the next km to km30 is VND 14,000 and over 31km is VND 11,200. For 7-seat car, the opening price is from VND 11,000 – VND 16,000 / km. 

Taxi Vinasun Phu Quoc is reputable and quality

4. Phu Quoc taxi company

  • Phone: 0773. 75 75 75

Phu Quoc taxi company is highly appreciated for its enthusiastic service style, new cars and reasonable prices. Another plus point of this taxi company is that it is fast and rarely runs out of cars, even at peak occasions. It is the style of service and the quality of service that makes the Phu Quoc taxi brand. Phu Quoc taxis are mainly Toyota innova cars with an opening price of 10,000 VND / km – 12,500 VND / km. 

Phu Quoc taxi company

5. Taxi Sasco in Phu Quoc 

  • Phone: 0773.995.599 – 0773.76 76 76

This taxi company in Phu Quoc specializes in serving passengers moving from the airport to the city center and vice versa. The airline operates 24/24 at the airport to pick up visitors to the center. The airline’s driver is very enthusiastic when helping passengers to put their luggage on the plane. Sasco Taxi only serves 7-seat Innova with opening price from 10,000 VND, under 30km is 12,000 VND and over 31 km is 9,000 VND.

Sasco Taxi in Phu Quoc 

Experience when traveling in Phu Quoc by taxi

After visiting the above taxi companies in Phu Quoc , you should also understand the following notes to avoid being “cut down”:

– The driver will pretend not to know the hotel’s address, to locate the wrong route and drive around. Therefore, if visitors are not observant, they will have to pay an unnecessary fee. 

– If you need to go from the hotel to the Phu Quoc night market , you will usually be asked for more money by the driver because the distance is very close. 

– Some drivers suggest restaurants and hotels for tourists to eat “commission” money. Therefore, you should pay attention to avoid this situation. 

– To avoid being “cut down”, you should learn about the path you want to move in advance. You can search by google maps to the restaurant or place you want to visit. This way you will easily detect if the driver deliberately runs the wrong way to calculate the extra km. If you find that the driver is not on the right road, you need to talk directly at that time to change to the nearest lane. 

– Know the information about the driver: It is best to take a photo of the driver’s name, phone number, switchboard and license plate … This way you can in case something is unfortunate happen and more peace of mind. 

– Stay calm when dealing with problems: If you find that the driver quotes a high price or has an impolite attitude, you need to be very calm. In this case, you can handle it by taking photos or recording and then sending it to the firm for further resolution.

Above is a list of taxi companies in Phu Quoc and the necessary experience , hopefully will help you get the most useful information for your trip. 

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