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Travel experience Tuyen Quang from A to Z guidebook

Are you a travel enthusiast but don’t have too much time for each trip? Do you want to find tourist places near Hanoi that have many interesting things to explore? So what are you waiting for without coming to a wild and poetic Tuyen Quang; sometimes peaceful and quiet? Quickly pocket the most detailed Tuyen Quang travel experience so as not to miss any beautiful scenery!

About Tuyen Quang

Travel experience Tuyen Quang from A to Z guidebook

Located in the center of the northern mountainous region, Tuyen Quang is not only a famous place for charming landscapes but also a revolutionary cradle of the nation. Besides, this is also a cultural exchange place of the Northwest mountainous ethnic groups, with many valuable heritages, cultural values, and spiritual values ​​preserved and developed up to now. With the above factors, Tuyen Quang tourism promises to bring visitors many attractive experiences to look forward to.

Which season should I travel to Tuyen Quang?

The climate in Tuyen Quang is divided into two distinct seasons, the rainy and dry seasons are relatively harmonious, so visitors can come here at any time. But best, you should avoid the November and December of the lunar calendar because Tuyen Quang is now filled with frost with cold, cutting flesh.

The best time to come to Tuyen is the Mid-Autumn Festival and around October and November. Coming to Tuyen Quang on the full moon of August, visitors will be immersed in the largest Mid-Autumn Festival in the country with many activities. exciting, attractive.

Tuyen Quang bustles with lanterns every Mid-Autumn Festival (Photo: ST)

Transportation to Tuyen Quang

Tuyen Quang is 165km from Hanoi city, not too far away for short trips. Starting from Hanoi, there are two main means of transportation to Tuyen: motorbike and passenger car.

Passenger car: You can take the bus to Tuyen Quang at the My Dinh bus station or Giap Bat bus station, especially if you want to go fast, you should choose the vehicle with the sign “going by highway”. Some quality car manufacturers worth your reference such as Bao Yen, Quyet Huong, Hong Thinh … with prices about 100,000 VND / ticket.

Motorbike: If you want to conquer the roads to Tuyen Quang by yourself, you can choose to move on your own by motorbike. Taking the My Dinh bus station as a landmark, the route will be: My Dinh – Thang Long Bridge – Phuc Yen – Viet Tri – Doan Hung – Tuyen Quang. Note, remember to drive carefully so that you do not get ticketed by the traffic police.

Hotels – Motels in Tuyen Quang

Tuyen Quang has many attractive hotels with reasonable prices for you to choose from. Especially, Royal Place Hotel is one of the top hotels most popular with tourists. Staying here, you not only enjoy perfect service but also admire the majestic mountain scenery from the balcony windows.

Tourist places in Tuyen Quang

Tan Trao relic

Tan Trao relic area located in the southeastern province of Tuyen Quang is the provisional capital of the Viet Bac war zone, which is associated with many important historical events. For history enthusiasts, this is one of the destinations that promises many interesting things for you.

Tan Trao Dinh – The relic in Tuyen Quang (Photo: ST)

The relic complex has many historical places to explore and explore: Tan Trao communal house, Hong Thai; Bong cave, Na Lua shack, safe cellar area, Kim Quan …

Da Tan Trao Tree (Photo: ST)

Na Hang tourist area

Na Hang tourist area is located about 105km from Tuyen Quang city, this is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Tuyen Quang. There are many majestic scenes here that attract tourists, but Na Hang Lake and Mo waterfall are still the most popular destinations.

Na Hang Lake is one of the places to leave the most aftertaste in the heart of visitors in their journey to discover Tuyen Quang. Those who have been here are fascinated by the romantic romantic scenery with a little mystery.

Peaceful and romantic Na Hang Lake (Photo: ST)

Khuoi Nhi Waterfall with a unique name cannot help curious visitors. This is one of the most loved waterfalls in Vietnam. The cascading waterfall suddenly poured down, making white foam fly full of the sky, creating a magical scene so beautiful. Coming here, you can not only bathe in fresh and cool water, but also have the opportunity to enjoy a unique massage service from a flock of small fish.

Fish massage at Khuoi Nhi Waterfall – Tuyen Quang (Photo: ST)

In addition, visitors can also visit some other places in the Na Hang tourist area such as: Song Long Cave, Mo Waterfall, Tat Ke Nature Reserve – Ban Bung.

Ban Ba ​​Waterfall

The waterfall is located at Phieng Khe mountain, Trung Ha commune, Chiem Hoa district, Tuyen Quang, about 80km from the city center. Ban Ba ​​waterfall has a total length of up to 3km, is made up of 3 main waterfalls, respectively: Tat Cu – Tat Cao – Tat Gio.

Between each waterfall layer, there are small pools of water to regulate the flow speed (Photo: ST)

With charming scenery, Ban Ba ​​waterfall is also chosen by many couples as a wedding photography location (Photo: ST)

Tien Cave

Tien cave complex is located in Thong Nhat village, Yen Phu commune, Ham Yen, nearly 60km from Tuyen Quang town, where it is known as Phong Nha of the Northeast. The cave has three doors, located 300m from the foot of the mountain, the winding and complicated path, but when admiring the scenery in the cave, all fatigue will disappear. The cave has a very large area with a capacity of up to thousands of people. The highlight in Tien cave that makes visitors only interested are the stalactites with unique shapes created by nature over the years.

The magnificent and fanciful scene inside Tien Cave in Tuyen Quang (Photo: ST)

My Lam mineral spring

The mineral spring located in Phu Lam, Yen Son district, 13km from Tuyen Quang town is considered one of the best mineral water mines in Indochina. The mineral springs here are always maintained at over 40 degrees Celsius to help regulate the blood to give visitors the best relaxing experience. There are many services for tourists to choose from: hot spring bath, hot spring bath, mud bath, Dao tobacco bath …

Coming to My Lam mineral spring, visitors can relax at the same time and watch the natural scenery

(Photo: ST)

Spiritual tourist destination

Ha Temple is also known as Hiep Thuan Temple, located at 53 Ly Nam De Street, Tan Quang Ward, Tuyen Quang. This is the origin of the formation of the temple Vom, temple Ỷ La.

Ha Temple (Photo: ST)

An Vinh pagoda, also known as An Vinh Thien Tu, is located at group 7, Hung Thanh commune, Tuyen Quang. According to the artifact, the pagoda was built in the reign of King Le Du Tong (ie 1720). Currently, the pagoda still preserves a lot of historical artifacts: the concurrent bell of Thieu Tri, the inauguration of King Nguyen Quang Toan and a number of diaphragms, the parallel sentence containing cultural and artistic values.

Huong Nghiem Pagoda, also known as Hang Pagoda, is located at the foot of the mountain in Phuc Tho village, An Khang commune, Yen Son district, Tuyen Quang. The pagoda is located in a natural stone cave consisting of many drooping stalactites with unique shapes, special, ancient stalactites with the shape of an old tree, creating an interesting beauty, attracting many visitors.

Hang Pagoda – Tuyen Quang (Photo: ST)

In addition, when traveling to Tuyen Quang you can also visit a number of other temples and pagodas such as Thuong temple, Ỷ La temple, Canh Xanh temple, Cam temple, Mo Than temple, Kiep Bac temple, Bao Ninh Sung pagoda. Phuc, Phuc Lam pagoda …

Tuyen Quang specialties

As a province in the mountains and forests of the Northeast, the dishes here carry bold flavors of misty land. Here are some of the most famous specialties in Tuyen Quang that you should try when you have the opportunity:

Ham Yen Sanhed Orange (Photo: ST)

Grilled black pork (Photo: ST)

Lo river goby salad (Photo: ST)

Some specialties suitable for you to buy as gifts: Na Hang corn wine, Xuan Van seedless persimmon, Chiem Hoa gai cake, Soi Lam sticky corn, ant egg sticky rice cake.