24.11.2022, 21:37

What can Siri do for You? Find Out!

 Apple is known for offering top-tier products to millions of loyal customers and fans all around the globe. Moreover, the tech giant ensures that the users of all their devices have a seamless and exceptional user experience, which is why it offers a plethora of top-tier features and functionalities. One of the most prominent ones is Siri, the personal AI-based assistant available on all Macs, iPads, and iPhones. As per Online Sciences, there are numerous advantages of using Siri. For starters, it facilitates individuals to open any app or utility with the help of voice commands. Besides this, the personal assistant integrates with HomeKit-enabled items and accessories to perform numerous activities such as turning on lights, adjusting the temperature, sending money, etc.

Even though millions of Apple device users utilize the smart personal assistant for numerous basic tasks, the majority of them do not know all about the Ai-based technology’s capabilities. Besides performing basic tasks like opening an app or calling a contact after receiving the right voice command, Siri can easily perform much more complex tasks. However, users need to set it up first to use the utility. This article will shed light on how users can set up Siri to get started and list some of the most prominent tasks Apple’s assistant can perform for users. Let us dive right into it:

How to Set Up Siri:

iPhone, iPad, and Mac users must set up Siri before they can use it. Here is a brief look at how users of different Apple devices can set up the powerful voice assistant and enjoy its benefits:


iOS - The setup process for Siri is similar for all iPhone models. Hence, users of any iPhone model can easily set up Siri and use it after following a few simple steps. For instance, if you are wondering how to activate Siri on iPhone 12, iPhone 13, or any iPhone model, all you need to do is open the Settings app, navigate to the Siri & Search option, enable the given options as per your requirements, press on “Continue,” and finish the setup process by inputting your voice and saying certain phrases.


macOS - To set up Siri on Mac, open the Apple menu, click on System Settings, open the Siri & Spotlight sidebar, and turn on “Ask Siri” by clicking on the “Enable” option.


iPadOS - To set up Siri on iPad, open the Settings app, tap on the “Siri & Search” option, and activate Siri by turning on the "Press Top Button for Siri."


  • Translate English Into Other Languages


One of the most popular features of Apple’s personal assistant is that it can seamlessly translate anything said in the English language into multiple other languages. This top-tier capability of Siri comes in handy when users are traveling abroad. All you need to do to translate any English sentence or phrase into another language is invoke Siri and say, “How do you say (the word, phrase, or sentence you wish to translate) in (the language into which you wish the words to be translated into).


  • Send Text Messages to Any Contact


Sending a text message is not a complicated task on Apple devices. All the user needs to do is navigate to the native Messages app, open the conversation with the contact they wish to send a message to, type it, and hit the arrow key to get the job. However, there are instances when users are stuck in situations where they cannot take out their iPhone, iPad, or Mac to send a message, i.e., while driving or eating. However, with the help of Siri, users can send messages to any contact without touching their device. All they need to do is call out Siri and say, “Send text to (name of the contact) saying (the message content). This trick is used by tons of Apple device users to send messages instantly to contacts during urgent situations or emergencies.


  • Listen to a Bedtime Story


Users who are habituated to listening to exciting stories before sleeping can use their Mac, iPad, or iPhone to listen to bedtime stories and fall asleep quicker. All the user needs to do to hear a bedtime story from Siri is call out to it and say, “Tell me a bedtime story please.” Once Siri registers the command, it will automatically start dictating an interesting bedtime story that users can listen to while trying to sleep.


  • Save the Location of the Spot Where Your Car is Parked


If you are tired of forgetting where you parked your vehicle, you can use Siri to remember its precise location. All you have to do is access Siri by calling it and saying, “Remember where I parked my car.” Doing so will make it save the location of the parking spot.


Use Siri to perform the aforementioned tricks to get the most out of your Apple device.