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Vietnam's fruit exports to China and Laos increased sharply

The most frequently imported fruits from China and Laos are bananas, durians, and jackfruits

The most frequently imported fruits from China and Laos are bananas, durians, and jackfruits, with growth rates ranging from 30% to multiple times.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development's most recent report, the value of vegetables and fruits exported in the first four months was $1.39 billion, a 19.4% increase over the previous year. The export of fruits in April increased sharply by nearly two times.
With a market share of 58.7% and sales of 576.4 million USD in the first three months of the year—an increase of 27.4% over the same period in 2022—China now leads in consuming Vietnamese fruits and vegetables. Laos, Korea, and Japan also increased imports of Vietnamese fruits, in which vegetable and fruit exports to Laos increased the most, increasing by 2.8 times.
Durian, jackfruit, and banana have a sudden increase in export turnover. Vietnam's durian export revenue in the first quarter increased by more than 8.3 times over the same period last year, to 153.5 million USD. China accounted for 87% of the market share with a turnover of 133.6 million USD.
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According to partners' orders, farmers export thousands of tons durian to China monthly. Due to its high quality, compatibility with regional tastes, and more affordable pricing than Malaysian and Thai goods, Vietnamese durian is frequently bought in significant numbers.
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The quality of Vietnamese bananas is comparable to those from the Philippines in terms of price.
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Vietnamese fruits enhance their position in the international market

Mr. Dang Phuc Nguyen, General Secretary of the Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Association, said that Vietnam's fruit and vegetable exports are gaining more and more popularity, the quality is improving, and they continue to have favorable conditions in the second quarter. Dragon fruit, durian, and banana production are rising in China and other nations, but according to Nguyen, Vietnamese commodities still have a place in the world. Vietnamese fruit care procedures, in particular, provide superior quality to those used in other countries. Unlike other countries, which can only grow the main crop, Vietnamese fruit can also be grown all year round. Therefore, Vietnamese goods will not lose market share if they can take advantage of fruit cultivation when other countries cannot increase due to severe weather. According to Mr. Nguyen, this year's exports of fruits and vegetables to China would bring in roughly $2.5 billion.
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Ms. Ngo Tuong Vy, CEO of Chanh Thu Fruit Import Export Group Joint Stock Company, shared with Vietnamnet that, due to many products, she participates in deep processing and packaging to meet the standards required by partners. Hence, the company receives many orders. Businesses need help to provide adequate fruit items to importers. Not only exported to China, the US but also other markets.
Chanh Thu has processing plants in Dak Lak and Ben Tre. This enterprise continuously buys and processes to meet export orders. Ms. Vy emphasized that the development of fruits in the direction of processing helps control prices and increases the value of goods by 3 to 4 times compared to fresh goods. At the same time, increasing the storage time of fruits solve the situation of local redundancy when harvesting the main crop.
With positive signals from the export market, Ms. Vy expects the company to reach 150% of the plan in 2023.
Currently, there is a plentiful supply, which has led to a substantial decline in the price of local fruit. Durian decreased from the peak of 200,000 VND per kg to 55,000 VND. Hoa Loc mangoes are priced at 51,000 VND per kilogram in Tien Giang, down 22,700 VND from the previous month; Java rambutans cost 20,800 VND, down 2,800 VND; and green skin pomelo costs 23,400 VND, down 1,200 VND per kg.
Vietnamnet newspaper reported that Vietnam is in the harvest season of 2.6 million tons of fruit.
According to the Department of Crop Production (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), in the second quarter of 2023, the country's fruit output is estimated at over 2.6 million tons. Of which, about 460 thousand tons of bananas, 350 thousand tons of mango, 300,000 tons of durian, 250 thousand tons of dragon fruit, 330 thousand tons of lychee, 217 thousand tons of pineapple, 110 thousand tons of longan, 180 thousand tons of oranges...
The supply of fruit is very abundant, able to meet the needs of domestic consumption and export orders.

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