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Herbalife Vietnam supports Glory of Vietnam Sports event

The event recognized Vietnam’s elite athletes, para-athletes and coaches in 2021, following a voting campaign conducted by journalists nationwide. Ten athletes, five coaches, five para-athletes and three para-coaches received awards for their excellent performances in 2021.

“We are proud to join hands with the Vietnam Sports Administration to organise the event to recognise outstanding Vietnamese athletes and coaches,” said Mr. Vu Van Thang, General Manager for Herbalife Vietnam and Cambodia. “As a strong supporter of Vietnamese athletes, as well as Vietnam’s national football teams, we are so happy to witness the great results our athletes and football players have brought the country in the recent years. We would also like to congratulate the athletes, para-athletes and coaches who received an Excellence Award 2021. You and your teams have not only made great contributions to taking Vietnam sports to new heights, but have also been a strong inspiration for the community to adopt more active lifestyles to stay healthier.”

The event also included the Olympic Running Day to encourage people from all corners of the country to do physical exercise and play sports. The Olympic Running Day for Public Health is an annual activity aimed at raising public awareness of the role, importance and value of exercise and sports in protecting and improving public health, boosting quality of life, and establishing healthy lifestyles and a healthy society.

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