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Lotus leaf conical hat - The traditional pure beauty of Hue

If the lotus is a typical image in national literature and art, the lotus leaf also has its own life. Lotus leaves not only go into poetry but also into culinary arts, Eastern medicine, and shaping.
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Due to his love of Hue's rich cultural traditions and curiosity, learning, and ingenuity, a young man in Hue created conical hats totally made of fresh lotus leaves. Since then, the lotus leaf hat has developed into a unique souvenir that isn't available anyplace else.
It took a lot of time to experiment with and study many types of conical hats - Nguyen Thanh Thao, a former student of the Department of visual graphics at Hue University of Arts – succeeded in creating the durability of the lotus leaf so that the leaf can become visible on the outermost layer of the Hue hat.
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Thao turns a regular lotus leaf into one suitable for conical stitching by putting it through the following steps: soaking it in javel water, drying it, and ironing it. The skillful hands of Doc So, Hue's traditional hat makers, add to the lotus leaf hat's elegant style and durability. After one more period of sun-drying, the lotus leaf hat was finished with a protecting gloss paint. The hat's body is covered in distinctive lines of lotus leaves, stimulating the wearer.
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After creation, it is possible to draw patterns to give the finished item an attractive appearance. Or, you may dye the leaves to get stunning hues. A completed conical hat must go through at least five distinct steps.
During the cultural exchange between Vietnam and Korea at XQ Hue Embroidery Art Museum, Nguyen Thanh Thao's lotus leaf hats are souvenirs with Hue identity for kimchi artists.
With a special lotus leaf hat, Nguyen Thanh Thao won the A prize in the Innovation Startup Contest in Thua Thien Hue Province 2018. This is a source of encouragement for the young man who has found a new direction in his own development of souvenir products for tourism.
Along with many specialties from lotus, souvenirs made of lotus leaves will contribute to honoring the values of Hue lotus and create a unique mark for tourism products of the ancient land.
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