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Top 13 Most beautiful cities in Europe

Travel is always what a lot of people love, in every tour will bring us new feelings of novelty and fun. In every country or region, there are interesting places, delicious dishes, or new fun areas. If you are a tourist lover, especially favorite tourist countries in Europe then surely will not be able to ignore the most beautiful cities in Europe that you are about to introduce to readers in the article below. The cities you are about to showcase are highly appreciated by international visitors and can be said to be the most beautiful cities in Europe. Let's see what the city is now!


Top 13 Most beautiful cities in Europe

Most picturesque cities in Europe-FLORENCE, Italy. (Photo: Internet)

The capital of Tuscany's dreamy land is always pleasing to anyone who is passionate about beauty. It is no coincidence that Florence has always been voted as the world's most viable destination. Not only is it a lively "history museum" that recreated a period of history, it is also a street food paradise, a Academy art exhibition and a refreshing living space. In addition to admiring artistic works, blend into the indigenous rhythm of life by creaking into every corner of the old quarter to find the ice cream that you are best in Florence. You will discover a lot of interesting things.

VIENNA, Austria

Most picturesque cities in Europe-VIENNA, AUSTRIA. (Photo: Internet)

Many people identify Vienna's capital of Austria as a perfect and "clean" version than Paris. Street coffee culture is very favorite. Ancient cafes along the streets of Moss are similar in style to Paris. But obviously everything here, from the rhythm of life to people is somewhat more elegant and soothing. It's lucky not to become too hitch and bustling, so that keeps what is most original of a typical European city.


The most beautiful city in Europe-AMSTERDAM, the NETHERLANDS. (Photo: Internet)

You know? Not Paris or Venice, the new Amsterdam is the city that has been the most tourists in Europe. There are rare cities in the world that attract both young people and old-time travelers. Because in Amsterdam, we not only find the peculiarities of the canal architecture, the Historical Museum, the rich snacks or a healthy lifestyle, civilization but also see the pleasures of young people. They are likely to love the atmosphere of canabis smell, it is also possible because the bookstore and utility stores are full of contemporary art. In general, Amsterdam is a dynamic, modern and eager city to learn and constantly change.


Most picturesque cities in Europe-MYKONOS, GREECE. (Photo: Internet)

Mentioning Greece Perhaps the first image you think of is the blue dome undulating on the white paint typical of the beautiful Santorini Island. But if you just have to learn about Santorini you missed an equally attractive part, which is Mykonos Island, the destination of the hotel is no less than the edge. Enjoy every moment here, from early morning to stargazing until dark. You will be so happy that you don't want to return.


Most beautiful cities in Europe-PARIS, FRANCE. (Photo: Internet)

Please allow to be again mentioned to Paris. By simply, with those devoted to Paris a love to extremist, Paris seemed to be the symbol of Europe. Here you can find what bold is most European. Paris has delicious food, there are cultural art spaces, there are number of churches and monumental museums, there is what is frivolous and lavish, with books, coffee. Try asking, what else do you need?

Florence, Italy

The most beautiful city in Europe-Florence, Italy. (Photo: Internet)

The city is more than 2,000 years old in the country of pasta, where it is not only famous because there are many ancient architectural masterpieces that it is also dubbed as the city of food outside the world. Coming to Florence, you can admire the beauty of the artistic works of a vibrant period of development of European cultures.

Budapest, Hungary

Most beautiful cities in Europe-Budapest, Hungary. (Photo: Internet)

The capital city of Hungary was donated by many American titles such as Paris East. The heart of Europe or the Queen of the Danube by its magnificent beauty. This beautiful city is divided into two parts by the beautiful Danube River.
The Buda city on the left of the Danube is built on a hill with many beautiful castles. The right bank is the Pest city built on the plains with ancient buildings of medieval times.

Salzburg, Austria

Most beautiful cities in Europe-Salzburg, Austria. (Photo: Internet)

Salzburg is being dubbed the small paradise of Austria because it is only one of the smallest provinces in the country, but attracts millions of tourists to visit each year. Salzburg has just brought a unique feature of an ancient European city, and has its own distinctive features filled with romantic views of the rich nature.

San Sebastian, Spain

The most beautiful city in Europe-San Sebastian, Spain. (Photo: Internet)

San Sebastian is the city stretching along the very beautiful coastline in Spain, where year-round sunshine is warm, the climate is cool with beautiful natural landscapes and poetic.
According to the experience of tourists with the opportunity to visit this beautiful land, you probably have to take 1 week to discover the entire scenery here. If you don't have time to travel, you can compete in the harmonious living space of the Mountain River, the Sea of the forest, and the beautiful old town here. However, what attracts them most of the city is food and beverage. Referring to San Sebastian, they only think of eating, eating and eating.

Siena, Italy

Most beautiful cities in Europe-Siena, Italy. (Photo: Internet)

According to the reviews of tourists who had occasion to visit or live and work for a long time in Italy, each city of pasta land here bring in itself a distinct beauty. Florence has a charming beauty, Rome is proud of Siena and is mysterious.
The tourists commented that the time seemed to stop drifting so that you could immerse yourself in the space as you set foot in Siena. Even for tourists who have been to Siena many times, there are always new and mysterious things to explore, from culture to food here.

Bruges, Belgium

Most beautiful cities in Europe-Bruges, Belgium. (Photo: Internet)

Located in the center of the "Heart of Europe", from Bruges guests can easily reach the neighboring countries by air or high speed rail. Tourists know of Bruges because it has delicious food, unique coffee culture and artistic architecture Nouveau is quite distinctive. If anyone has once booked here, surely you will be enchanted by the unique architecture of the city here.

Krakow, Poland

Most picturesque cities in Europe-Krakow, Poland. (Photo: Internet)

The ancient capital of Krakow was located on the banks of the Wisla River and was inhabited by the kings of the people, which were regarded as the spiritual capital by the history of more than 1,000 years.
Not only is the soul of visitors who are visiting by the cultural and historical highlights, Krakow is also loved by the chain of restaurants with special points, with great food and very reasonable prices.

Prague, Czech Republic

Most beautiful cities in Europe-Prague, Czech Republic. (Photo: Internet)

Prague, the Fairy City of the Czech Republic, it features historic architecture blending modern and antique and many UNESCO cultural works.
Prague is a tourist city that attracts numerous tourists to visit and is dubbed the "Golden City", or the most intact ancient city of Europe. Visitors will see the city appear with red tile roofs, tall blue-covered towers and charming bridges on the Vltava River.
Prague will be the most perfect destination for those who want to get into the fairy world to see the chariot, Mighty Castle, magnificent danger or beautiful white swan...

On this article are the most beautiful cities in Europe. Hopefully, this article will help you read more beautiful cities and if there is a chance please visit at least once. Thank you for taking the time to read the news, if you love this article, then click Share now to let people know about these most beautiful cities in Europe!
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