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Seven familiar night dishes in Saigon

Broken rice, noodle soup, sticky rice, duck, or snail porridge … are popular dishes, that meet the culinary needs of the night.

Depending on the job, interests, and ability, each diner can choose a suitable night dish. Some of the following dishes are considered popular and loved by many people.

Broken rice

Broken rice can be considered the most familiar dish in Saigon. Properly broken rice is cooked from soft (broken) rice, not pasty, and served with grilled ribs. The ribs are marinated according to their own recipe to prevent dryness, soft and rich in flavor, and covered with a layer of hearing. When eating, you pour onion fat on top, add fish sauce mixed with cucumber, sour food… A plate of broken rice at night costs about 25,000 – 40,000 VND.

Seven familiar night dishes in Saigon

Suggested address: Alley 95 Dinh Tien Hoang, Binh Thanh District; 218A Nguyen Trai, District 1; 75A Pham Van Hai, Tan Binh district; 73 Le Van Linh, District 4; 139 Ngo Tat To, Binh Thanh; 375 Cach Mang Thang 8, District 10…


This is a simple dish but contains the identity of local culinary culture. The ingredients for a delicious bowl of noodles include noodles (tough and soft), pork bones, pork thighs, minced shoulder, ribs, dried shrimp, grilled squid, quail eggs, white radish, onions, and green onions. .. for sweet broth bar. In addition, depending on each shop, there will be toppings such as fish, shrimp, squid, crab… to add attraction. A bowl of noodle soup costs about 20,000 – 50,000 VND.

Suggested address: 253 Au Co, Tan Binh; 737 August Revolution, Tan Binh; 109 Van Kiep, Binh Thanh; 68 Van Kiep, Binh Thanh; 62 Ton That Thiep, District 1; 99 De Tham, District 1; 62 Truong Dinh, District 1…

Noodle Soup

As one of the traditional dishes, pho is loved by many diners because it is easy to eat and full of quality. Main ingredients include noodle soup, beef and broth. If you like, you can order poached eggs. Adding some other indispensable spices for the dish to make the dish more attractive are herbs, cilantro, braised cilantro, cinnamon leaves, lemon, chili, crackers… Many shops in addition to selling beef pho also have chicken or shrimp. … Pho is served with chili sauce, black sauce, add a little hot chili and lemon to catch the taste. A bowl of pho costs 30,000 – 70,000 VND.

Suggested address: 142 Pham Van Hai, Tan Binh; 288 M1 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, District 3; 158D Pasteur, District 1; 339 Le Van Sy, Tan Binh; 25A Cuu Long, Tan Binh; 380A Nguyen Thi Thap, District 7…

Duck rice soup

Duck porridge is a special dish, suitable for dinner. This porridge is often cooked with roasted rice to give it a distinctive aroma. When eating, add bean sprouts, cilantro, pepper, and fried onions. Served with duck porridge is a cabbage salad that is both sour and sweet… dipped with spicy ginger fish sauce. A bowl of duck porridge with salad for one person usually costs about 60,000 VND.

Suggested address: 281/26/9 Le Van Sy, Tan Binh; 521 Truong Chinh, Tan Binh; 21A/23C Xom Chieu, District 4; 120 Binh Quoi, Thanh Da residence, Binh Thanh; 91 Tran Nao, District 2; 108 Binh Quoi, Binh Thanh…

Frog porridge

As a dish originating from Singapore, frog porridge was introduced to Vietnam and is popular with many Saigonese. Frogs are cooked for spices to penetrate into each fiber, turning yellow-brown, served with pureed white porridge. Frog meat is fresh, chewy, fragrant and spicy, with a rich sauce, a little green onion served with a bowl of steaming hot porridge, warm stomach. A portion of frog porridge costs 50,000 – 70,000 VND.

Suggested address: 71 Co Giang, Phu Nhuan; 315 Hai Ba Trung, District 1; 91 Hong Ha, Tan Binh; 23 Nguyen Huy Tu, District 1…

Sticky rice

Saigon at night has a lot of sticky rice stalls for diners. Those who like sweet dishes can buy sticky rice with peanuts, sticky rice, sticky rice with pandan leaves, and sticky rice with corn… The hot, sweet and fragrant sticky rice is added with a little grated coconut, granulated sugar, and peanuts, price from 7,000 VND to 10,000 VND per pack. You can also choose salty sticky rice, usually cooked from sticky rice served with char siu pork, dried shrimp, sausages, cotton balls, and chicken thighs… add fried onions, onion fat and rich sauce. The price of each portion of salty sticky rice ranges from 20,000 to 30,000 VND.

Suggested address: 31 Nguyen Huy Tu, District 1; 148 Nguyen Van Cu, District 1; 297 Hai Ba Trung, District 3; 577 Co Bac, District 1…

Types of snails

The dishes made from snails are especially loved by Saigon people. People from other places also often “miss” Saigon snails. Snails here are diverse from river to sea with many processing methods such as steaming, boiling, grilling… to please diners. In particular, because there are countless shops selling snails, each with about 10-20 different types, so you can choose what you like. The price of each dish ranges from 20,000 to 100,000 VND.

Suggested address: 51/24B Ho Thi Ky, District 10; 72 Duong Ba Trac, District 8; 859 Tran Xuan Soan, District 7; 381 Dien Bien Phu, Binh Thanh; Alley 25 Nguyen Binh Khiem, District 1; 383 Vinh Khanh, District 4; 235A Mai Xuan Thuong, District 6…

photo: Khanh Thien

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