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Ta Pa field in ripe rice season

AN GIANG – Through the lens of 9x Huynh Van Thai, the ripe rice season in Ta Pa, Tri Ton district appears as a peaceful picture.

In the last days of November, Huynh Van Thai has a photo-hunting trip to Ta Pa fields in the harvest season. Thai lives in Long Xuyen city works as a freelance photographer, often has trips to explore and photograph the landscape of his hometown An Giang. Thai is currently the administrator of the group “Wandering An Giang” with more than 312,000 members sharing check-in points and posting beautiful photos to promote An Giang tourism .

Panoramic picture of the ripe rice season on a new day, taken at 6 am on November 21, with fields connected at the foot of To mountain and Ta Pa hill. Tri Ton is known as “the mountainous district in the middle of the plain”, including 614 m high To mountain (also known as Phung Hoang Son), one of the seven mountains of the mysterious That Son range.

People work in Ta Pa field – one of the most famous tourist attractions of An Giang. Nui To commune has over 75% Khmer ethnic group, economic life is mainly based on agriculture, including rice cultivation. Poor households should harvest rice and thresh it manually, it is hard work but the working atmosphere is very enthusiastic.

Visitors who like the experience can climb mountains, camp on To mountain, and stand at the high point of Vo Hoi can observe the panoramic view of Ta Pa rice fields.

“There is nothing more interesting than walking in the early morning on a small road, passing through the fields to take pictures and experience the pace of life of the workers,” Thai said.

The end of November to the first week of December is the best time to see ripe rice in Ta Pa. However, Thai said, the scene of this year’s golden season is quieter and less crowded than previous years due to Covid-19.

The tall palm trees are planted alternately on the small path of the fields, bringing the typical beauty of Tri Ton land.

The farming practice of the local people is to focus on harvesting rice together in each area, from one field to another. Therefore, during the harvest season, the whole field will have different colors to create a unique “country painting” of Tri Ton.

At present, the plots of the Ta Pa field have begun to ripen, scattered with some harvested plots, while in some other plots the rice has just sucked in milk and interspersed with the dark brown color of the stubble.

One of the other highlights of Tri Ton is the Ta Pa pagoda located on Ta Pa hill. The temple with Khmer architecture, also known as Nui Pagoda, Chun Num (in the Khmer language), is one of the popular attractions of tourists. Follow vnexpress

Photo: Huynh Van Thai

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