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Flowering seasons without tourists

In November, chrysanthemums in Sa Pa, Hanoi, buckwheat in Ha Giang, and wild sunflowers in Da Lat were in full bloom but there were no visitors.

Buckwheat flowers bloom in Suoi Thau steppe, Xin Man district, Ha Giang province on October 27. This year, due to the impact of Covid-19, many tourists had to temporarily postpone the trip. Most of the people who visit the flower gardens are in Ha Giang province.

Mr. Giap Van Hai, who has been a travel agent for many years in Ha Giang, said that even though there are no tourists, the locality is still preparing for a new flower season. Service shops are ready to welcome guests, flower gardens are taken care of and planted to prepare for the festive season. Photo: Nguyen Viet Hoang

The buckwheat triangle is considered a symbol of Ha Giang tourism. From late October to early December is the time when this flower blooms most brilliantly, on the hills on the way to Lung Cu flagpole, along Pho Cao street, Sung La valley, villages like Lao Xa .. Every year, this is also the time when Ha Giang province organizes the buckwheat flower festival, attracting thousands of visitors.

The buckwheat triangle is pink, white, and purple when in full bloom covers a hilly area. Thu Ha (pictured), now living in Ha Giang city, shared that she always feels the natural beauty of her majestic homeland, especially in the buckwheat flower season. Every year she travels in the province 2-3 times and shared that this year there is a big difference because the flower gardens are blooming and there are no visitors. Photo: Nguyen Viet Hoang

From mid-October, the community flower garden in the center of Ta Phin village (Sa Pa town, Lao Cai) blooms with the pure white color of daisies. The chrysanthemum garden has about 50,000 roots on an area of ​​nearly 500 m2, planted by people to sell and create landscapes and welcome tourists. The price to visit the garden is 50,000 VND/person. Every day, the garden welcomes about 50-60 people to take pictures, most of them are local people or within Lao Cai province. Photo: Duong Quoc Hieu

The daisies in Sa Pa usually bloom about a month earlier than the daisies in Hanoi, due to the low temperature and typical climate of the land. Chrysanthemums are planted in rows, growing to the height of adults’ hips, when in full bloom form a beautiful white area with yellow spots.

Currently, in Sa Pa, resorts and restaurants have reopened. Visitors from the local green zone on the decentralized map to come here just need to make a medical declaration and self-monitor their health. Sapa enters the cold and rainy season, so visitors should wear warm clothes. Photo: Duong Quoc Hieu

In early November, chrysanthemums in Hanoi have not yet bloomed, but it is not difficult to see flowers along the streets. Walking in the cold weather, buying a bouquet of flowers, and drinking coffee on the street is an experience many locals and tourists love in autumn in Hanoi. Even so, the streets are still empty of tourists. Re-opening a number of tourism activities from October 14, so far Hanoi has welcomed about 5,000 visitors, down 99% compared to the same period in 2020. Photo: Khanh Tran

In Da Lat (Lam Dong), when the rains have subsided, it is also the time when wild sunflowers bloom. Almost everywhere you go, you can see this flower-like road to Don Duong, along the banks of Tuyen Lam lake or the road to Cau Dat tea hill. In the photo, flowers bloom at the former Cam Ly flying area, now a driving practice point. Every year, the road that usually attracts many tourists to take pictures to check in is now empty of passersby. Photo: My Huyen

Wild anemone is a wild flower that often occurs in the highlands. The best time to take pictures with flowers is 9-10 am or 15-17 pm. Photo: My Huyen

In the middle of the city, on Co Giang street, the rose fence of the old villa also began to bloom. In November, the fence will continue to bloom with a larger size, light pink color, for visitors to visit. Photo: Trinh Nguyen

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