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The mystery of the 100-year-old ancient church at the foot of Chu Dang Ya volcano

At the foot of Chu Dang Ya volcano (Chu Pah district, Gia Lai) there are traces of an ancient church more than 100 years old. Experiencing many changes, the relic still retains its unique architecture.

The hundred-year-old ancient church at the foot of the volcano

Based on the remains, the church is a unique combination of French Gothic architecture with the typical stilt house architecture of the Central Highlands. After more than 100 years of history, war, rain, and sun, the church building is not intact.

Visitors coming here can imagine a beautiful cathedral from the past through a part of the bell tower, the front of the church, and a tower is still intact, quite solid.

The mystery of the 100-year-old ancient church at the foot of Chu Dang Ya volcano
Over time and the destruction of war, the old church has been damaged a lot.
The tower part is still quite solid, helping visitors to imagine somewhat of an ancient cathedral. 
According to a cultural official in Chu Dang Ya commune, the bricks to build the church were built by parishioners in the area hundreds of years ago from Binh Dinh province. 
Many people around the area still come here to offer flowers and pray.
H’Bau ancient church is hidden at the foot of Chu Dang Ya volcano.
Although it has faded, it is still possible to read the traces of characters showing the year of construction as the year of the Rooster.
Under the bell tower, there is still a statue of Jesus. People often come to clean, offer fresh flowers and plant ornamental plants around the church grounds.
Ruins of the ancient church are seen from above.
Moss clings to the church tinged with time.
Many tourists often visit this ancient church during their trip to Chu Dang Ya volcano. Follow Dan trí

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