22.01.2022, 14:24

Herbalife Vietnam Named Top 500 Largest Companies in Vietnam 2021

VNR500 companies have been ranked based on their revenue and other criteria including profits, growth rates, number of employees, and assets.

Herbalife Vietnam Named Top 500 Largest Companies in Vietnam 2021

Vu Van Thang, General Manager for Herbalife Vietnam and Cambodia, said, “The VNR500 recognition is encouraging news for all our independent members and employees given all the challenges we faced in 2021. To sustain our business momentum, we will continue to prioritise on the sustainabiliy agenda with customer satisfaction being one of our key focuses. As a nutrition company, we will continue our strong commitment to helping people live healthier lives in the new year through our science-back nutrition products, together with direct support from our members.”

Earlier, in November 2021, Herbalife Vietnam was named one of the top 10 Food Companies in Vietnam by VNR. The recognition is based on five key criteria, including diversified and familiar products, a wide distribution network, a high-profile company and well-established business embraced by the public, affordable prices, and high product quality and safety.

Herbalife Nutrition products contain ingredients from trusted sources and go through numerous quality checkpoints during the manufacturing process. When combined with eating the right foods and exercising regularly, Herbalife Nutrition products can help people live healthier lives.