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Must-try duck rice noodle soup in Soc Trang Province

A sweet broth combined with mild spicy black pepper is what makes the duck rice noodle soup with black pepper in Soc Trang Province delicious.

The secret to ensuring the duck meat does not have a strong odor is to cook it early. Before cooking, the duck is cleaned thoroughly with lemon and salt, then cut into pieces and finally marinated with ground pepper and other seasonings. The cook will stir-fry the meat with minced onions, garlic and coconut water and simmer it for about an hour until it is soft.

The broth is made out of bones and fresh coconut water to create sweetness.

The dipping sauce going with the dish is also important as it makes the flavor more intense. Usually, the dipping sauce is made from thinly sliced purple onions mixed with sweet and sour fish sauce and minced chili. Diners can ask for some lemon pepper salt if they do not fancy this dipping sauce. At some eateries, besides ground pepper, fresh green pepper is served to enhance the intensity of the dish.

The duck rice noodle soup with black pepper is served with fresh vegetables such as beansprouts, shredded water spinach and banana blossom, chives and basil.

Due to its delicious and unmistakable taste, several eateries and restaurants in Soc Trang sell the dish.

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