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A "miniature Da Lat" in the Northwest region is suitable for the New Year holiday: Less than 200km from Hanoi

Less than 200km from Hanoi, visitors can find a place with forests, mountains, and fresh air, considered "miniature Da Lat".

The upcoming New Year holiday is connected to the weekend; the break will last at least 2-3 days. That's why, instead of having fun in the inner city, many families, groups of friends or couples have planned a short trip to another suburban location early.

Besides the familiar names, recently, there is a place in the northern mountains, less than 200km from the capital, Hanoi, that is also of interest to many tourists. Many tourists commented that this destination is like a "miniature Da Lat" of the Northwest region. This place has fresh, pleasant air. There is also a magical natural landscape of mountains, forests, and clouds that are not inferior to Ta Xua. The place being mentioned is Pu Nhi hill, located in Pu Nhi village, Phieng Ban commune, Bac Yen town, Son La province.


According to the instructions on the map, if departing from the capital, Hanoi, visitors will need to travel a distance of 186km along Highway 32, which is more than 4 hours. If starting from Bac Yen town, the distance will be about 5km, going toward Bac Yen - Hanoi.

The travel distance is also relatively beautiful and easy to travel so that visitors can choose transportation such as car, motorbike or bus. However, when approaching the destination, there will be a mainly steep road, and visitors need to pay more attention to safety.

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The wild hill used to be a cattle pasture.

According to visitors who have come to Pu Nhi Hill, they were told by indigenous people that the hill was previously a place for free cattle grazing. At the same time, it is also a place to organize games during festivals and a dating place for couples in the village every spring.

When images of the wild, open and fresh scenery of Pu Nhi Hill began to be shared and widely known on social networks, tourist groups, especially young people, began to visit. Here, you can organize self-sufficient camping during the day or even overnight camping.

In recent years, Pu Nhi Hill has begun to attract more tourists. Therefore, additional accommodation rooms have been built as small glass huts under green pine trees to serve the overnight stay needs of tourists, especially families with young children. Pu Nhi Hill has also been methodically built into the Pu Nhi Farm model. Visitors here must spend 15,000 VND/person for an entrance ticket. If you rent a room/tent overnight, the cost is only 100,000 VND/per person.


Da Lat is miniature in the Northwest region.

As mentioned above, Pu Nhi Hill is a combination of the beauty of Da Lat and Ta Xua. Reaching the top of the hill, the fresh, airy air and a large area of grass and trees will make visitors feel extremely refreshed. Another factor that makes visitors associate Pu Nhi Hill with Da Lat is the large pine trees scattered throughout the hill. Besides, early morning visitors can fully experience cloud hunting on clear days in their glass room, tent or camp.

Occasionally, there are still herds of native cattle passing through the hills. The image of cattle leisurely grazing and tourists sitting next to tents and camps with half-lit fires is very similar to a scene in a movie about nomadic life.

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Tourist Nguyen Quynh Trang Chu from Da Lat commented: "This is truly like a miniature Da Lat in the Northwest. Here there are rows of swaying pine trees, long grass slopes, and glass huts with a direct view." down the valley. And there may be a sea of clouds as beautiful as Ta Xua."

Visitors to Pu Nhi Hill can be completely assured of accommodation and meals. After choosing the form of accommodation to rent a room, rent a tent or prepare their own, visitors can balance the form of food, depending on their conditions and preferences. It's also very easy to bring your food and drinks. For groups of tourists who do not want to prepare themselves, they can always book with the homestay host. Here, they will serve some specialties of the Northwest forests, such as bamboo-tube rice, underarm pork, and grilled fish...

As a destination with convenient access and full services, Pu Nhi Hill is suitable for all tourists, from groups of friends to families to couples. The ideal time for a trip to "miniature Da Lat" in the Northwest is 1-2 days. For tourists who have more time and want to enjoy slowing down and immersing themselves in nature and fresh air, the trip can even be extended to 3 days.

However, choose Pu Nhi Hill as a destination for your upcoming vacation, particularly for winter days in general. Visitors should be careful to bring enough warm clothes because night falls with dew and heat when the sun goes down. The temperature will drop and be quite cold with strong winds.

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