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Mang Den market

Mang Den Market is a place to help visitors learn about the cultural identity of indigenous people and, at the same time, enjoy local specialties.

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Plum cherries bloom in Mang Den

Beauty of cherry blossoms in seas of clouds in Mang Den town

Located in the Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province, Mang Den is known as a plateau located in the Truong Son range with an altitude of over 1200m above sea level, in the North of the Central Highlands and far from the Kon Tum City is about 50km. Thanks to this impressive height, Mang Den is surrounded by a diverse primary flora system and a fresh, cool climate to create an ideal destination for tourists today.

Besides, Mang Den tourism is also a potential land for developing eco-tourism, relaxation and cultivating temperate agricultural crops. The diverse distribution system of rivers, lakes, and streams makes farming easier. With diverse climate and flora characteristics similar to the "city of flowers", this is likened to "Da Lat" in the heart of Kon Tum today.

Mang Den Market is a new activity organized by the Kon Plong district in conjunction with the Mang Den Tourism Association, starting from October 7 at the Pine Hill campus, Central Square of Kon Plong district. The market was established to create a space to display local architecture, culture and cuisine, attract tourists, and promote tourism and trade services of the province.

The market has more than 30 stalls from communes, towns, business organizations and individuals in the district. The stalls are rustically decorated with available items, mainly bamboo, wood, and brocade fabric, imbuing the identity of the local people.

Booths display and introduce typical products such as organic vegetables, grapefruit, oranges, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, medicinal herbs, medicinal products, traditional craft products and many other OCOP products for visitors to enjoy and buy.

Mang Den market takes place both day and night.

Many local specialties are sold, such as village rice, grilled chicken with bamboo-tube rice, grilled buffalo, grilled village pig, grilled yearling fish, grilled crab, croissants, wild bitter melon, bitter eggplant, wild bamboo shoots, chestnuts, and co nia nuts. The market also has medicinal herbs such as ginseng, Gynostemma pentaphyllum, Ganoderma lucidum mushroom, green lim mushroom, wild honey, bamboo shoots, and dong quai.
In the morning and afternoon, visitors can come here to enjoy the fresh air, learn about the architecture of communal houses, and observe and experience activities such as brocade weaving, croissants, and coffee.

Visitors can also admire the gong dance performance of the Mo Nam people - a branch of the Xo Dang ethnic group.

Local people wear traditional costumes, happily dance around the fire and sing.
Every Saturday night, there is a music exchange program from local singers and guest singers at the market.

Rustic dishes such as potatoes, grilled corn, and hot milk will help dispel the chill of Mang Den in November.

Do Do, a native working in tourism in Mang Den has come to the market many times to meet many people in a close, cozy atmosphere amid melodious music. Many indigenous people and local visitors also choose the market as their weekend destination.

Regarding fairs, people often think of the northern mountainous provinces. Organizing a market in Mang Den can be a highlight that makes tourists curious and come to experience Mang Den in particular, and the sunny and windy Central Highlands in general, Mr. Do said.

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