16.10.2022, 08:07

Ho Chi Minh City hotel has the most beautiful lobby in the world

Reverie Saigon was honored in the category of Hotel with the most beautiful lobby in the world.

The Traveler website of the Sydney Morning Herald, Australia, has just announced The best of the best: the World’s top hotel award in mid-October. The event celebrates accommodations around the world and offers readers suggestions for choosing the perfect getaway. The results are based on votes from travel experts – who are described by Traveler as “having thousands of nights of sleep at hotels around the world to evaluate”.

Reverie Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City was honored in the category of Hotel with the most beautiful lobby in the world. Reverie Saigon’s lobby with chandeliers from Murano glass, inlaid with Bolivian marble, is described as “splendid, ostentatious but eye-catching”.

Ho Chi Minh City hotel has the most beautiful lobby in the world
The lobby of the Reverie Saigon hotel is considered a bit ostentatious, but gorgeous and attractive. Photo: Hotel

Peninsula, Hong Kong wins Best Hotel Experience in Shuttle Service. Guests will be picked up from the airport by a Rolls Royce. “With so many glances and turns as you glide along the streets, you’ll find that the experience is giving you a regal feeling,” writes Traveler .

The hotel received the most attentive reception, the most impressive being the next category to be awarded. The winner was Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa, Fiji. “You will be greeted by two hotel staff with muscular bodies, sweet voices, and porcelain flowers behind your ears. Then you will be greeted by three other staff with grass skirts, carrying sticks like warriors. local guide to check in”.

Villas with pools in Bensley Collection, Siem Reap, Cambodia helped this property win the Best Hotel Room category. Separated behind high walls, each villa in the resort is beautifully decorated with curved walls, as soft as the folds of monks’ robes. They also have indoor and outdoor bathrooms, private swimming pools and spacious terraces.

L’Oscar, London, England is home to the best beds . “Away from this place, the thing you miss most is probably the beds, where the cushions, blankets and pillows are made from soft feathers. Their value can be up to $ 5,000 a set.”

Marriott Mena House located in Cairo, Egypt has the best view. Wake up in this place, you just need to pull the curtains, step out to the balcony and right in front of you now is the Pyramid – one of the seven wonders of the world.

Troisgros, France is the best hotel restaurant in the world, with three prestigious Michelin stars. The restaurant has been in business for more than 50 years.

Oberoi Amarvilas in Agra, India is the hotel that provides the most impeccable service. Guests are served a four-course candlelit dinner by well-dressed butlers. What makes Oberoi Amarvilas so appreciated is that the romantic dinner will be served on the private balcony of the living room, with direct views of the famous Taj Mahal. With all these factors, the service at Oberoi Amarvilas becomes legendary in the eyes of visitors.

 (According to Traveler )