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Cycling, SUP boating and memorable Hoa Binh travel experiences

Not only possessing a unique culture with many famous destinations to explore, Hoa Binh tourism experiences such as cycling, boating, trekking, exploring the mountains,… are also offered to tourists. many interesting things and unforgettable impressions.

Memorable Hoa Binh travel experiences

1. Cycling to explore nature

At first, it may not sound like anything new or special, but this is an activity that any tourist wants to experience once when coming to Hoa Binh. Possessing a wild and peaceful natural setting. The weather here is relatively cool all year round, so you can come and roam with a bicycle at any time. 

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The pass roads possess impressive beauty, the roads crossing the fields are so poetic that during the last SEA Games 31, this place was chosen to organize a bicycle racing competition with many attractive contents. Popular routes or places in cycling trips to discover Hoa Binh include: 

– Mai Chau Valley : a place to discover a vivid picture of people’s lives, beauty of cultural practices, vast fields, rustic stilt houses, …

– Xóm May: On both sides of the road are terraced fields, rolling hills, and a calm blue stream.

– Hoa Binh hydroelectric dam : an attractive destination with extremely impressive landscape.

– Thung Nai : discover the beauty of rocky islands, dense green forests at “Ha Long Bay in the mountains” in Hoa Binh. 

– Lung Van : conquer dangerous roads in places with beautiful natural scenery, hunt clouds, experience the lives of indigenous people and learn the unique culture of Muong.

Cycling, SUP boating and memorable Hoa Binh travel experiences
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2. Experience sailing SUP

SUP stands for “Stand up paddle boarding” also known as stand up paddle boarding. SUP boating is not only an interesting Hoa Binh travel experience but also a way for you to enjoy the natural scenery here in the most intimate and unique way. No need to be fussy, just put on a life jacket, board and paddle and you can participate in this extremely chill sport.

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For those who have been involved, this is not only a way of entertainment but also brings extremely interesting experiences. Because from the hotel or where you stay to the SUP boating location, you have to travel a long distance. On the journey there, you have to kayak to or cross the winding roads, green forests, and poetic scenery. The beautiful scenery will surely make you fall in love.

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The Mai Chau tourist places you can go to participate in this sport are:Dragon Eye Lake, Ba Khan Bay, Ngoi Hoa Bay and Paradise Cape. These are places that still retain a lot of wild, impressive beauty with the charming scenery of mountains and water with the same message. Not only can you come to surf on the water, mingle with nature, but also help you get “virtual live” photos to post on social networks to show off to your friends.

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Do not just cross the pass roads to participate in boating activities. If you want to have a more relaxing and not boring trip, then you can organize a camping trip right at your destination. After swimming under the cool water, there is nothing more attractive than blowing rice, grilling chicken, holding a party under the cool atmosphere.

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3. Paragliding at Doi Bu

For those who love adventure, paragliding is one of the travel experiences in Hoa Binh that is worth trying. Impressive not less than paragliding in Mu Cang Chai, Nha Trang or Da Nang,… Doi Bu is also an ideal place to experience thrills, hover in the sky and admire the mountain scenery. impressively from an altitude of 1,500m.

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The ideal time to fly paragliding at Bu Hoa Binh Hill is around October and November every year. At that time, the weather is cool and windy enough to participate in this outdoor activity. Besides, the fields of white reed grass cover the hill from one side to the other, creating a romantic scene, come and check in for especially impressive photo sets.

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According to the experience of Hoa Binh handbook, because the way up to Doi Bu has to go through quite dangerous steep slopes, rainy days are easy to slip, so when moving you have to be very careful. You can choose a shuttle service to ensure your safety. And camping overnight on the mountain to watch the sunrise or sunset is also a good suggestion that you can consider along with the paragliding journey.

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4. Trekking to explore mountains and forests

Coming to Hoa Binh without enjoying the experience of trekking to explore the mountains is a mistake. Cross the dangerous roads, wade through streams, forests, … to see firsthand the majestic natural scenery. 

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In addition, on the journey to experience Hoa Binh tourism and trekking through places such as: Kia – Pa Co cave , Mai Chau valley, Cun Pheo, Xam Khoe,… you can also spend the night at the house of local people. direction. Let’s light a warm campfire together and enjoy delicious rustic dishes.

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The best time to participate in trekking is from October to April next year. At that time, the weather was cool and dry, so trekking was not too difficult. Two times are often evaluated as the most impressive: the autumn of golden rice on the terraced fields and the close of Tet when peach and plum flowers bloom all over the beautiful hillside like a fairyland.

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5. Camping in the middle of the mountains

Amidst the wild and majestic Northwest mountains, overnight camping is an opportunity for you to see new moments of nature in Hoa Binh that can’t be found anywhere else. The feeling of waking up in a distant place in the morning is the sound of birds chirping, the sound of streams flowing. When you open the door, the whole nature rushes in before your eyes.

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There are many ideal places to camp in Hoa Binh from rivers and lakes to mountains and forests. Typically, such as: Thung Nai, Na Bank of Boi River, Mu waterfall, Ba Khan, Dong Chanh lake, Bui beach,… In addition to setting up tents and making campfires, organizing a fun barbecue party with friends, you can also have fun with friends. cool bathing, swimming combined with kayaking, SUP boating,… very fun. 

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Hoa Binh travel experiences, whether new or not too strange for you, will certainly bring many memorable memories. Choose your favorite activities to pack your bags and explore in your own way and with new perspectives. 

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