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The beauty of the trillion routes in Cat Ba Island

The coastal road to Cat Ba island winds along the foot of the mountain, creating many bends and slopes. This place is planted with flowers and built a hill of hope for guests to stop and check in.

The investment project to upgrade and expand road 356 to Cat Ba island (Cat Hai district, Hai Phong) was approved in 2007. After 14 years, this road is basically completed.

The road with one side is the blue sea and the other side is mountains and forests, with a length of about 20 km.

The route starts from Cai Vieng ferry to Cat Ba town. The road surface is 12 m wide, the sidewalk is 3 m wide.

The winding road following the foot of the mountain creates many bends and slopes like in the Northwest but softer and easier to walk.

From the end of 2019, Cat Hai District People’s Committee invested 64 billion VND to plant flowers along the two sides of the road to the island. Hundreds of pots are cast in concrete to pour soil to plant flowers and place them on the roadside.

This season, many bougainvillea trees have begun to flower.

One of the three hills of hope was also built along the route. At each Vong Canh hill, there are huts over 140 m2 wide.

The hut is designed in an octagonal shape of ironwood. The purpose of construction is for visitors to stop to admire the scenery, check-in, have more new experiences when coming to Cat Ba pearl island.

The entrance to the hut and around the Vong Canh hill is built with green stone railings. The campus is grassed and planted with ornamental plants.

A group of young people went on a trip to Cat Ba Island and stopped to rest and admire the scenery at Vong Canh hill.

The remaining two scenic hills are being completed by the construction unit.

The route runs through fields and residential areas in Xuan Dam commune, Cat Hai district. The locality expects the route to contribute to increasing traffic connections and promoting tourism development. Follow zingnews

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