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Top 7 Vietnamese Popular Alcohol Brands That You Can Not Miss

When you travel to Vietnam, beer and alcohol drinks are the things that you can not miss out. But what brands should you try? Let's check out the article below for 7 Vietnamese popular alcohol brands for you to learn.

It’s no secret that beer is beloved in Vietnam. However, the country’s slowly emerging wine and liquor markets are also producing new and noteworthy brands that are definitely deserving of a taste. Trying these Vietnamese alcohol brands might just lead to the discovery of your new favourite tipple – and even if that’s not the case, it will certainly be an experience.

1. 333 Premium Export Beer

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333 Premium Export Beer is a rice beer brewed in Vietnam. It is now made by Sabeco Brewery. 33 Beer was the original name of this Vietnamese beer, (pronounced "Ba Muoi Ba" in Vietnamese, which means "thirty-three”). It was well-known among American GIs during the war in Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s.

In 1975, when South Vietnam fell to the North Vietnamese, the communist government changed the name of the beer to "333 Premium Export Beer" in order to distance itself from its colonial origins. It was prepared as a rice beer.

33 Beer's name was derived from its original 33-centilitre (11.2 ounce) bottles from the early 1900s.

33 Beer originated in France using a German recipe and ingredients. It acquired the German label 33 at the turn of the century. Production later moved to Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) and it became one of the leading beers in Vietnam. It was popular among American GIs during the Vietnam War. 333 Premium Export Beer became available in the American market in 1994. It is also available in Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

2. Huda Beer

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Hue’s famed lager brand is actually a silver medalist several times over, having won numerous prizes at international beer competitions. Brewed and bottled in the ancient capital, Huda can be found mainly in Central Vietnam, where it is a local favourite and a source of great pride.

Huda is available as canned, bottled and draught beer.

Hue Brewery Ltd.'s headquarters are located at Nguyen Sinh Cung Street in the city of Huế, Thua Thien-Hue Province , on the Perfume River.

The company the owned the brand is acquired by Carlsberg Group.

3. Saigon Beer

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Vietnamese consumers are familiar with the brand: Saigon Beer (or Bia Saigon) of Saigon Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Corporation (Sabeco). In 2017, Saigon Beer has been over 142-year original history, 40-year brand building and development. Since that 142 milestone, the yellow beer bubbles flow has continuously kept up the future way, always made Vietnamese proud of their products.

The unique taste of Saigon Beer is the inspiring taste combined with the spirit of Saigonese’s generosity and the rich of the Southern land, making it an in dispensable part of everyday life. With 2 bottle of 610 ml Larue bottle and 330 ml bottle of beer in the first takeover period. Until now, Saigon beer has developed 8 type of products such as Saigon Lager 450 bottle, Saigon Export Beer bottle, Saigon Special bottle, Saigon Lager 355 bottle, 333 Premium, 333 beer can, Saigon Special can, Saigon Lager can.

Over 145 years of establishment and development, with many difficulties and challenges; up to now, although the market has appeared many famous beer brands in the world, Saigon Beer and Beer 333 are still Vietnam's leading beer market in Vietnam, on the way to conquer the markets such as Germany, the US, Japan, the Netherlands and so on.

At every time recalling Saigon Beer’s history, the first memorable image, the first thinking that are reminded was Saigon Beer - Nguyen Chi Thanh Factory. Going back in time, we will learn the reason why Saigon Beer - Nguyen Chi Thanh Factory was used to be considered as "the historic cradle of Saigon Beer Company".

4. Hanoi Beer

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HABECO - or Hanoi Beer Company - is a state-owned beer producer that is widely preferred in the North and Centre of Vietnam. Products of HABECO are popular due to its unique taste as well as a diverse range of products. HABECO is currently offering many kinds of beer, including:

Draft Beer: Also called Bia Hoi, this kind of beer is a famous product of HABECO for a long time. HABECO Bia Hoi is often cool, fresh and pure with a natural flavour. Draught beer of HABECO is being sold under three types: 50litre and 30litre keg (mostly for beer restaurants ) and 2litre keg (for individuals use). The price for these products are roundly 450,000 VND (22.5USD) for 50litre and 30litrs keg, while the price for 2litre keg is around 35,000 (1.75USD) per keg.

Bottled Beer: This is a recently released products of HABECO. It has higher sanitary condition than Bia Hoi but the fact that it is bottled might turn Bia Hoi fans off, for it is no longer fresh to taste. Bottled beers of HABECO are now packaged in two types of bottle: 450ml and 330ml with the prices fluctuating betwen 9,000 VND and 15,000 VND (0.45 to 0.75 USD) per bottle. If you buy a keg of 20 bottle, the price is much lower at roughly 195,000 to 220,000 VND (9.5 to 11 USD) per keg.

Canned beer: Canned beer of HABECO is getting popular, though Heineken still dominates the domestic market. This beer has the same quality as other products of HABECO, but it is more portable since it is light and easy to carry around. The price for each box of 24 canned beers is approximately 200,000 to 210,000 VND (10 to 11 USD) or 8,500 – 10,000 VND (0.44 – 0.49 USD) per retail can.

5. Dalat Wine (Vang Dalat)

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Like as most other Asian countries, wine is not the first drink that comes to mind when thinking about Vietnam. Nevertheless, Dalat city, with its cool central highland climate and strong French heritage, is an anomaly that producing artichokes, strawberries and most recently- wine.

Unlike its more sophisticated brethren in France, Northern California or South Africa, Vang Dalat ( Dalat red wine) uses table grapes from nearby Phan Rang – a Vietnam’s main grape-growing region. According to Nguyen Van Viet who has been with his wine company since 1999 explains that Vietnam has a limited history with wine. The French introduced an elite wine culture pre-1954, and during the past decade, because of the improvement in living standards, more people fond of traveling overseas and being exposed to foreign wines.

6. Vodka Hanoi

Top 7 Vietnamese Popular Alcohol Brands That You Can Not Miss

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Produced in – you guessed it – Hanoi, this local brand of vodka is one of the country’s most dependable. It’s not exactly a premium liquor, but Vodka Hanoi is a spirit of reasonable quality given its relatively low price. Although it won’t blind you, it still might give you the mother of all hangovers if you go overboard. A liquor as widely available and reasonably priced as this one will undoubtedly draw repeat customers in spite of the consequences, earning its place in the hearts of many.

7. Son Tinh Premium Rice Spirits

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Traditionally, Vietnamese rice wine has been homemade in small distilleries and, unlike the Korean and Japanese varieties, was not a player on the global liquor stage. Son Tinh Premium Spirits are on a mission to change this with their modern adaption of the traditional moonshine. The expat-owned company are determined to challenge perceived prejudices against Vietnamese brands and prove that the country produces high-quality products. Their delicious rice wine is available in a range of novel flavours that cleverly encapsulate Vietnamese culture – a real experience for the taste buds.

Sơn Tinh liquors are based on a distillate from sticky rice and consist of a clear distillate and 11 liqueurs made by maceration of Vietnamese traditional herbs, spices and fruits. The liquors are traditionally drunk straight in small glasses, however the brand has introduced more modern ways to drink it; on ice, as ingredients of a cocktail or as a mixed alcoholic drink.

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