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Chasing Waterfalls in Thai Nguyen

Crossing the forest to Cua Tu stream, visitors are on a journey to conquer waterfalls with adventurous experiences.

Chasing Waterfalls in Thai Nguyen

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Cua Tu stream locates in Hoang Nong commune, Dai Tu district, about 45 km from the center of Thai Nguyen city. The stream flows from the high mountainous area of Tam Dao range into the Cong river in Thai Nguyen. Hidden in the forest, weaving through the cliffs, the Cua Tu stream consists of seven waterfalls and some cool lakes. Possessing unspoiled beauty and a cool atmosphere, the stream is a little-known trekking route chosen by adventure lovers in summer.

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Nguyen Van Tung, a local tour guide and homestay owner said that among the seven waterfalls, the first four are the most beautiful. To conquer all seven waterfalls, tourists have to walk for 10 km. Therefore, tourists should prepare good health to start the journey. Those who are not used to sports and workouts should only visit the first two to three waterfalls.

Meals in Dong Khuan village. (Photo: VN Express)

The trip starts from Dong Khuan village, Hoang Nong commune, and runs through a forest. Tourists do not need to buy tickets to enter the stream area but should hire local tour guides to avoid getting lost in the forest. Some local tourism services provide tours including homestays, meals, and tour guides.

After trekking for 1,5 km, tourists reach the stream, where they can hire a boat to continue the journey. At the end of the stream, they enter a stone cave, leading to the first waterfall.

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The second waterfall lies close to the first, running from a high cliff into a turquoise blue lake. Above the lake stands a 10-meter-high cliff, from which adventure lovers challenge themselves by jumping into the lake. Tourists are given life jackets to ensure safety.

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Continue walking for about one kilometer from the second waterfall, tourists reach the third waterfall. The fast-flowing stream creates a natural rock slide near the waterfall. The slide has a smooth surface, leading straight to the lake below. The third waterfall has flat and broad stones where tourists can rest and have snacks.

A homestay in Dong Khuan village. (Photo: VN Express)

After leaving the third waterfall, visitors arrive at the fourth, where they can swim at the largest lake and take photos.

Tourists often end their journey after the fourth waterfall, because those are the most beautiful. After finishing the trip, they return to Dong Khuan village, where they can hire homestays on the tea hills and experience the lifestyle of local people.

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In the village, visitors could meet people working in cooperatives, in charge of cooking and housekeeping. According to many visitors who have been to the village, residents are gentle and open-minded. Meals here mostly consist of roasted pork belly, shrimp, braised fish, fried bamboo shoots, beef, and homegrown vegetables.

Trinh Thao, a tourist from Thai Nguyen, said that the trip was memorable, even though his group had to spend half a day just walking through the forest. However, the pristine scene worths waiting for. The best time to visit the waterfalls is from May to October, but tourists should carefully check the weather forecast to avoid heavy rains, storms, cold weather, prepare extra clothes and bath towels to keep the body warm after swimming.

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