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Quickly gather Ninh Binh travel tips, what should I wear to shimmering pictures?

You are fascinated by the virtual live pictures that travel bloggers show off online, you are wondering what to wear in Ninh Binh to check in quality, please follow this article immediately!

Ninh Binh is famous for its beautiful mountain scenery and peaceful green river, extremely charming and poetic, so at any time of the year, it is also a land of great attraction for people. Travel followers and virtual life. And in order for the trip to be not only memorable but also “buy” countless pictures of “melancholy”, the clothes you should wear Ninh Binh is the most important thing that you definitely cannot ignore.

So, what should I wear to travel to Ninh Binh?

1. Comfortable outfit

You know, Ninh Binh is everywhere undulating and bumpy mountains, otherwise it is also a vast river, the climate is quite cool and pleasant, so dynamic outfits like jeans are mixed with T-shirts and sneakers is the perfect combination, allowing you to comfortably bounce around without fear of being entangled.

Super dynamic style shirt and jeans (Photo @magdalenaontour)

In particular, the same is a simple mix, but at each location, you should choose the right outfit, for example: sitting on a boat to Trang An, you can wear shorts, shorts combined with a T-shirt. short-sleeved to avoid entanglement, while going to Bai Dinh pagoda , you should wear long-sleeved shirts and pants to show respect for the sacred place.

Quickly gather Ninh Binh travel tips, what should I wear to shimmering pictures?
Comfortable and polite clothes (Photo @blurlthur)

So, for the team that just wants to see the scenery really, not taking too seriously the details but wondering what to wear in Ninh Binh , simple and comfortable clothes will be the best choice.

2. Ao Dai

Referring to Ninh Binh, we cannot help but mention the ancient Trang An scenic complex – which used to be Hoa Lu ancient capital – the first stone capital of the feudal state of Vietnam, so a traditional ao dai. Forgive the slim figure, the beauty of a Vietnamese girl will extremely “tone sur tone” with the background.

Wearing ao dai to take pictures in Ninh Binh is the zach number (Photo @mymylovesfitness)

Besides, this land also has a peaceful and charming homeland, so ao dai will be the most appropriate outfit to wear when traveling in Ninh Binh . Of course, you can bargain on innovative ao dai, not necessarily traditional ao dai, to facilitate movement without losing its charm and femininity.

3. Brocade (bohomian) dress

If you regularly follow the famous female travel bloggers in Vietnam as well as internationally, you will realize that most of the “thousand like” photos have a certain charm from unique bohomian-style outfits. They wear them, so if anyone is wondering what to wear in Ninh Binh, what would be the best suggestion is the lovely brocade dresses.

Unique brocade dress (Photo @chunganna_na)

There will be two popular types of brocade skirts chosen by young people: the seamless brocade skirt with wide sleeves and long skirt legs with a spread of the tail with unique brocade motifs. If you are afraid that your physique cannot “overpower” the cumbersome of the instant dress, you can mix the skirt with a low-shoulder shirt or a plain lace top, all of which give you a mysterious, wild and mysterious beauty. generous.

Mixing a style shirt with skirt is equally beautiful (Photo @ huyentrangg07)

In addition, you can also combine additional accessories to make the outfit more attractive, such as thin string sandals or a papyrus hat. Make sure that the brilliant brocade motifs will make you extremely stand out among the immense green color of Ninh Binh’s mountain country.

4. Colorful maxi

In addition to the brocade outfits with a little Aboriginal direction, the lovely maxi dresses seem to only suit the blue sea, white sand, and yellow sunlight, also suitable for the strange blue Ninh Binh country. That is why maxi is classified as an important costume group by many girls when visiting and living virtual in Ninh Binh .

However, because the background here is mainly blue or the old deep color of the ancient, the maxi with red, yellow, orange, pink, purple or white … will make you stand out more. In addition, you can also carry a paper fan so that the shaping does not get boring.

Super outstanding Maxi (Photo @princessindream_)

Note :  You can rent out boho or maxi outfits in the city you live in, because this service is very developed now, but if you are afraid of going for many days, the rent will be high or damage, tear in the process. For transportation, you can rent right away at shops near the tourist destination you visit in Ninh Binh for convenience. Of course, it is advisable to check the review or consult many stores first to get to the place where there are beautiful things with preferential prices.

5. Plain white dress

If you belong to a team that does not like colorful, then suggestions for traveling to Ninh Binh should wear pure white dresses with no motifs. If you are afraid that it is boring, then skillfully choose slightly stylized dresses such as: shoulder length, open arms, sexy bow or bare back … make sure you only have a long e.

A plain white dress that combines skillfully is also very enchanting (Photo @ haphuong_2902)

In particular, with somewhat sexy outfits, you should bring a thin woolen coat or shirt to wear outside after living bored, just in case it is cold, and you can go to temples and pagodas without fear of being outrageous or offensive.

6. Leaf cones

The conical hat is a familiar symbol of the Vietnamese countryside, so the use of the conical hat is also how we advertise to international friends that this S strip is beautiful and peaceful, worth a visit. once in your life. The unique point is that, despite its rustic and idyllic beauty, the conical hat not only combined with the “matching cards” is the delicate ao dai but all kinds of outfits: from brocade skirts, maxi dresses to jeans and t-shirt … are extremely “suitable”.

Leaf hats can be combined with all types of clothes (Photo @ngocenhh)

One more point for you to definitely choose a conical hat as a necessary accessory when traveling to Ninh Binh is that when you visit Tam Coc – Bich Dong or Trang An, you will have to sit by boat for quite a long time. 2 hours, at this time, the conical hat is not only for virtual life anymore but also helps you to protect your body from the sun.

Going to Trang An will not be without a conical hat (Photo @linmi_thuli)

Revealing that most tourist destinations in Ninh Binh sell hats, but when you buy, don’t forget to pay the price (bargain) because in tourist areas, the phenomenon of saying, “shouting high prices to heaven” will not it can’t be helped.

With the above sharing, surely the question “ What should I wear to travel in Ninh Binh? “It is no longer a worry of tourists!

Photo: Internet

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