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Section of the “mini apartment” to raise sea crabs in the middle of the street of the boy 9X

Each crab is raised separately in a plastic box, stacked in many layers, and numbered like a mini apartment to save space… The model helps 9X Ninh Binh boy big profit.

Section of the “mini apartment” to raise sea crabs in the middle of the street of the boy 9X

More than 2 years ago, Pham Van Duy (30 years old) invested in a sea crab farm in plastic boxes right in the middle of Ninh Binh city, surprising many people. Working as a public servant with a stable job, Duy suddenly invested money in a completely unfamiliar “side job”, making his relatives worried.

Pham Van Duy shared that he himself likes to eat sea crabs, so he often buys them. Also from here, we can see the high value of this 30-year-old guy tinkering with and finding out about existing ways of raising crabs in Vietnam. Knowing the model of raising crabs in a “mini apartment”-style plastic box, he was very curious.

After thorough research, Duy decided to buy 50 plastic boxes and invest in a system of tanks, water pumps, and water filters for experimental farming. Unexpectedly falling in love with the profession, seeing that there was a future for development, he boldly invested 300 million VND to buy nearly 600 plastic boxes, made a professional waste filter system, and officially entered the business path.

“Called “mini apartment” because each crab is raised separately in a plastic box, arranged in many compartments, stacked on top of each other, and numbered sequentially. This saves space, narrows the aquarium, and makes it easy. management, avoid cross-infection, and reduce loss because crabs can eat each other “- Mr. Duy said.

The entire water system for crab farming in the “mini apartment” is automated by Mr. Duy with a water pump through the control panel. Initially, seawater was ordered by Duy, then he prepared it himself.

“In the process of rearing, seawater is filtered and treated according to the circulatory system, so it is not expensive,” Duy revealed.

Currently, Mr. Duy’s farm is raising two types of crabs, namely nuggets and quartet crabs. Crab nuggets (2 skin crabs) are a type of sea crab that is about to molt (shell) to grow up. This type gives a much higher value than a normal crab.

The owner of the crab farm revealed that crabs eat 2 meals a day. Crabs are nocturnal species, so dinner is their main meal.

Just introduced to visit his “mini apartment” to raise crabs, the 9X guy just explained, crab meat is not a muscle structure, so whether they exercise more or less, their firmness is not affected.

Therefore, raising crabs in plastic containers does not affect the quality of meat. Delicious or not depends on the nutritional composition of the food as well as the quality of the living environment .

In the process of raising crabs in the “mini apartment” system, crabs live in an ideal thermal environment (28 degrees Celsius), eat fresh foods (such as clams, shrimp, snails, chopped mussels …) and after about 20 – 40 days, crabs start to harvest. The crab meat is firm, reaching a weight of about 4 fish/kg (for meat crabs).

All kinds of crab food are purchased by Mr. Duy from a place of guaranteed quality. This will help crabs have enough nutrition, and grow faster.

“Raising sea crabs in plastic containers is different from rearing crabs in the lagoon in that, when feeding crabs, in the lagoon it is mass feeding, saving time but wasting because of the excess food. must drop food into each box to feed the crabs with the right amount for each fish,” Duy said.

Before exporting the crabs for sale, Mr. Duy carefully checked the quality of the crabs by shining a light on the crab’s body. If the amount of meat is not guaranteed, the crabs will continue to be cared for and supplemented until they meet the requirements before being released to the market. The quality of crab meat, when raised in the box, is also guaranteed for freshness and cleanliness due to good control of water and food sources.

The young man of the ancient capital of Hoa Lu wishes that, in the future, the model of raising sea crabs in plastic boxes with his circulatory system will develop more and expand further to bring to the market quality products, satisfying the needs of customers. meet the needs of consumption, so that people can use products worth the money spent.

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