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Long Khanh Vineyard, an ideal weekend entertainment spot

Not only Ninh Thuan or Binh Thuan – sunny and windy areas, but now right next to Saigon at Suoi Let B street, Xuan Dinh, Xuan Loc ward, Long Khanh town, Dong Nai province also has a Long Khanh vineyard. Also known as Tu Quy vineyard has fruitful results, attracting many visitors to visit.

Today, the trend of tourism to discover fresh and new natural beauty is becoming more and more popular compared to the familiar form of resort tourism. 

Long Khanh Vineyard, an ideal weekend entertainment spot

If you used to see the pictures of checking in vineyards only in Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan …, today you do not have to go far to visit the vineyard. Only about 70 – 80km from Saigon, Long Khanh vineyard, Dong Nai is an ideal choice for young people on weekend fun.

With the ticket price to visit the garden is only 25,000 VND for adults (children are free) you can freely explore the vast space of the vineyard, breathe the air and freshness of the weather here and have shimmering virtual live pictures.

In addition to the vineyard space, there are also many places and beautiful photography models such as a wooden house, a sheep breeding area, a flower lagoon, … You can also explore more fruit gardens in Binh Loc, Bao. Quang … to enrich his trip  

With the fresh nature, a variety of rich fruits, and the likability and openness of the people of Dong Nai, you will surely have wonderful moments of fun and relaxation for each trip.

A romantic scene in Long Khanh vineyard

Like the famous vineyards in Ninh Thuan such as Ba Moi or Thai An, the vineyard in Long Khanh is also carefully planned on a 2m high trellis so that the grapes can benefit from the full sun and grow. the best. At the same time, the owner of the garden also designed straight and firm pillars and placed in rows, each clear way, to make pillars for the vines to climb, as well as to support the trusses. Thereby, it not only creates beautiful visual effects, but also allows visitors to easily go into taking photos without worrying about broken branches or stepping on the vine.

Grapes are arranged in a straight line (Photo Fb Ngoc Le)

And although the grapes in Long Khanh vineyard are not as many and diverse as the main grape supplying land for the whole country, Ninh Thuan, which is only fit in a beautiful small garden, do not be disappointed, because they are always available. very meticulous and attentive care, so always lush and fruitful, enough for visitors to visit as well as buy as gifts.

In particular, the grapes here are very large, shiny and succulent, when ripe will have a dark purple color, combined with the green color of the leaves and the bright yellow sunlight of the sun, will help you have a very good picture. It’s impressive, whether it’s at close range or in telephoto.

Live virtual all the time (Photo by Fb Siksik Trang)

If you want a more unique picture, you can pose on the road leading from the entrance to the garden, because it is stylized by the garden owner by bending into curved arches, looking very attractive.

The way to the garden reading (Photo by Fb Nguyen Ngoc Minh An)

In addition, to serve the photography needs of tourists, in the Long Khanh vineyard there are many beautiful country scenes such as the wooden bird’s nest house with a beautiful guitar, the bamboo groves. by the gentle stream, colorful flower dress … and especially the beautiful white sheep, super friendly, like wanting to bring Ninh Thuan to Dong Nai.

“So deep” by the guitar in the log house (Photo by FB Le Nguyen Kim Xuan)
Rustic structures (Photo by Fb Quyen Do)

Interesting experiences at Long Khanh vineyard

Coming to Tu Quy Long Khanh vineyard , visitors can not only unleash virtual live photos but also enjoy delicious and cool drinks such as milk tea, fruit tea, juice and tea, with delicious food… in the fresh, cool atmosphere in the peaceful countryside.

Drink tea and enjoy the scenery at the garden (Photo @ thuythy0702)

In addition, you can also combine to explore more famous fruit gardens in Long Khanh such as Binh Loc or Bao Quang … to make the trip more rich, interesting, as well as “filling” the stomach. my beloved.

Revealing that the day is beautiful, at night when colorful lights are lit, Long Khanh Dong Nai vineyard is equally shimmering and brilliant, so if you have a chance to visit this place, don’t. forget to stay and admire it

At night with lights (Photo Fb of Long Khanh Vineyard)

Ideal time to visit Long Khanh vineyard

Visiting the vineyard, we definitely want to see the wrong and shiny vine bosses. Therefore, the most ideal time to travel to Long Khanh vineyard is from April to the end of August, because this is the main season, the grapes are very sweet and succulent, and add the brilliant sunshine of the sun. Make your photos extremely impressive.

However, come early in the morning or late afternoon, because the sunny afternoon is quite harsh, affecting your health as well as making it difficult for you to create satisfactory poses.

Shooting in soft light is best (Photo courtesy of Hoang Kim Hiep Fb)

In addition, the period from the end of December to the beginning of March is also quite great, because the grapes are in the new season, the red color of the grapes that matches the green season of the tree looks extremely eye-catching. This is also the time of the Lunar New Year, the garden will be extremely fresh and brilliant.

How to move to Long Khanh vineyard

From Ho Chi Minh City, you follow the highway No. 1 (Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay) to Doc Mom Bong Con, or National Highway 1A in Xuan Thanh. At Con Ga Restaurant, turn left to Ho Thi Huong Street, then turn right at Tap Hoa Phuong onto Nguyen Trai Street, then turn right onto Suoi Re B street to reach Tu Quy vineyard in Long Khanh .

Some notes when visiting Long Khanh vineyard

Opening hours : from 8am to 9pm daily.

Admission fee : 

  • 15,000 VND / person / week.
  • VND 25,000 / person / day for Holidays and New Year. 
  • Free for children.
  • Free parking.

Behavior :

  • No picking fruits or breaking branches during the tour.
  • If you want to buy as a gift, you must come early because people only pick a certain number of grapes for sale during the day, so if you come late, they will run out of stock.

It can be said that Long Khanh vineyard is an extremely interesting ecotourism destination worth experiencing in Dong Nai. 

Photo: Internet