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Find about the once glorious victories at the Hai Phong Trang Kenh relic

Not a famous tourist destination, but Trang Kenh relic is the most impressive spiritual place in Hai Phong – where everyone can express gratitude to the heroes who have made great merits to the nation. .

Introduction to Trang Kenh relic

Trang Kenh relic complex is a landscape located between the Trang Kenh rocky mountain range and Gia river – the legendary Bach Dang Giang river junction of Minh Duc town, Thuy Nguyen district,about 20km from Hai Phong city center.North.

Find about the once glorious victories at the Hai Phong Trang Kenh relic
Welcome to the relic (Photo @ bingao89)

Going back to the time when the country was still invaded, this place is also a witness to many fierce wars against foreign invaders, typically the Bach Dang naval battle in 1288 directed by Tran Hung Dao. to destroy the invasion of the Nguyen – Mong army.

Moreover, with the creation of beautiful limestone, caves and rivers and a rich history and culture, in 1962 the Trang Kenh relic site was recognized by the state as a historical relic. national level culture and landscapes, attracting a lot of visitors each year.

The outstanding works at Trang Kenh relic

1. Trang Kenh Temple

This is the most impressive relic with 3 main temples to worship: Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan, King Le Dai Hanh and Duc Vuong Ngo Quyen.

Temple of King Le Dai Hanh

This is the temple that welcomes the first visitors when visiting the relics of Trang Kenh – Bach Dang . It was built in 2009 to commemorate the merit of King Le Dai Hanh and his generals who had made merits to defeat the Song army on Bach Dang river in 981.

The temple is designed in the typical Dinh letter and built with solid iron wood, so even though it goes through the fog and wind, it is always as shiny as new and as solid as a god. Inside the temple, there is a gilded bronze statue of the king in the middle, the two sides worship Queen Duong Van Nga and the palace of the mother, and around the temple, the officers and generals are worshiped.

Traditional temple (Photo by Fb Minh Vu)

Especially, when coming to this temple at Trang Kenh relic , visitors will admire the lush green souvenir trees cultivated by the leaders of the Party and State, as well as burning the aroma expressed. respect and gratitude to those who have contributed to preserving and defending the country.

Temple of the Holy Ghost Tran Quoc Tuan

Located in a prime central location, Hung Dao Vuong Temple built in 2008 is considered a beautiful and most valuable and meaningful work in Trang Kenh historic relic cluster . Because this is the land that he caused “shocking” echoes in the history of fighting against foreign invaders.

As soon as you step into the temple gate, visitors are impressed by the three monolithic stone triangles, designed according to the unique 3-story architecture with unique roof and 4 stone pillars like sky pillars that are finely sculpted “Giang san prospered when Bach Dang Thu” (ie Spirit of mountains and rivers converged in Bach Dang river).

The path to the inside of the main temple is shaded by ancient silhouettes of high-ranking dignitaries and adorned with beautifully trimmed blue bonsai trees, making everyone feel comfortable walking.

Beautiful memorial plants (Photo @ nhubinh2207)

Moreover, the main hall is also designed in the familiar Dinh letter style like many other temples in Trang Kenh relic and worships the great king and generals who have merit, but the highlight is that on the altar is also sculptured. The four words “Son Thuy Luu Duc” (the grace of virtue is handed down along the river and mountains), to pay homage to the eternal respect for the great merits that the Holy Father Tran Quoc Tuan has done for the people of Vietnam.

The temple is covered with moss (Photo @hannisuli)

Temple of the Emperor Ngo Quyen

This temple was finally built in 2010 to commemorate the great merits of King Ngo Quyen with the historic victory in 938 in the war against the South Han army and ushering in a new era for the country.

The first impression that the building gives visitors is the penthouse gate which is completely carved from monolithic blue stone and patterns, and the sentences about the king’s merit are exquisitely sculpted on the body of the pillar.

Massive entrance (Photo @ thaolinh.164)

Not stopping there, the image of two tall elephants made of laterite lying on either side of the door leading to the temple also makes everyone admire. Because it is not only meticulously sculpted but also uses materials from the native Duong Lam of Ngo Quyen, thereby seeing the thoughtfulness and dedication of the people who make the relic of Trang Kenh Hai Phong . how respectable it is.

Elephant fighting in front of the power (Photo @ hailong.1991)

In particular, there is also a miracle that once every 3,000 years, right on the copper bell, there is no soil or nutrients but can still make the flower named Uu Dam Ba La reproduce and develop very well. fresh. Therefore, if you miss this place, it will be your great regret during your trip.

2. Victory Square of Bach Dang

This is an immense river area in the Trang Kenh scenic complex , with statues of kings and generals standing on the bridge as if commanding the battle, and the riverbed is placed with segments. The wood is sharpened, sharp, pointed straight to the sky – how to defeat the famous foreign invaders on the river, making anyone come here and see with their own eyes the fierce war that heroic.

Bach Dang Square arouses nostalgia (Photo FB Nguyet Minh Doan)

3. Bach Dang Museum

This is the place to display important models and artifacts in the battles such as statues of three kings, bamboo poles, battle diagrams, records of Bach Dang battle … and especially pottery. archeology through many historical periods in Vietnam.

The statues of imposing kings (Photo @ dinhmanh.246)

It is known that these archaeological items dating back to more than 4,000 years, belong to the Dong Son, Phung, Nguyen cultures … but are extremely sophisticated, diverse and colorful, showing literary techniques. Our country’s prehistoric intelligence has reached a very top and admirable level.

4. Other works

Besides architectural works of historical significance, Trang Kenh cultural relic area also has many beautiful landscapes such as King Hung’s cave 18m high, 10m wide, sharp ceiling like church bells and streams. murmuring flowing all year round, or the majestic limestone mountains floating on the peaceful water surface like the miniature Ha Long Bay in the heart of Hai Phong … makes everyone surprised and fascinated.

A majestic, poetic scene (Photo by Fb Tuyet Nk Gi)

With a harmonious combination between unique architecture and romantic and romantic natural scenery, Trang Kenh relic in Hai Phong is a destination that you should visit at least once in your life.

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