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Preserving Bạch Đằng relic site

Preserving Bạch Đằng relic site

Bạch Đằng Victory Historic Site. Photo

Bạch Đằng Victory Historic Site has been recognized as a special national relic. Along with the restoration and upgrading of the relic, Quảng Ninh is preparing a dossier for its nomination for the title of World Heritage site.

Bạch Đằng Victory Historic Site includes 11 relic sites located in Quảng Yen Town and Uong Bí. It has great value ​​in historical research and education. It is a monument of patriotic tradition, preserving national sovereignty.

Therefore, the conservation, upgrading and promotion of the relic has been focused on by Quảng Ninh, through the Project on Conservation and Promotion of the Value of the Bạch Đằng Victory Historical Site.

Phase 2 of the project focuses on a number of main items, including conservation and restoration of intangible cultural heritage; clearance; completing the technical infrastructure system; and constructing an underground display for the original relic site of Yen Giang Piled Yard and the monument of Bạch Đằng Victory. There will be an estimated total investment of more than VNĐ794 billion. VNS

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