05.01.2021, 11:43

More than 20 thousand visitors come to Moc Chau National Tourist Area during the New Year’s Day 2021

During the last 3 days of the Tet holiday in 2021, Moc Chau National Tourist Area (Son La province) has welcomed more than 20,000 visitors to visit and travel.

In the context of many areas and tourist spots that are deserted due to the heavy impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the number of visitors to Moc Chau National Tourist Area has maintained and somewhat increased compared to the previous year. 

Tourists transform themselves into a beautiful Mongolian girl. (Photo: A Chu)

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa, Vice Chairman of Moc Chau District People’s Committee, said that in order to make a difference, Moc Chau district has paid attention to developing tourism in association with preserving cultural values ​​of ethnic groups, such as focusing on building tourism. Mong community calendar in Ta So village (Chieng Hac commune); Thai community based tourism village in Doi village (Tan Lap commune) and Pa Phach village (Dong Sang commune) … In which, Pa Phach village will be invested and built to become a community based tourism village with 4 flower seasons features the Moc Chau plateau; promote organic agricultural production to develop agricultural tourism; to step by step build up, form typical spaces such as the way of crafting, culinary, folklore music; 1-day experience space in Mong village; Homestay space;

To restore the End Cha festival of the Thai people in Ban Ang, Dong Sang commune (Moc Chau).

Besides, Moc Chau continues to focus on building and forming agricultural tours, experiences, discoveries, communities …; inter-regional tourism routes and construction of tourist attractions, resorts, community ecotourism, field tourism associated with scenic spots, historical sites, special tourism products display, such as milk, tea, processed gift flowers, high quality vegetables, flowers … strive to soon develop Moc Chau National Tourist Area to its potential.

The “Spring Runway” is filled with white plum colors.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa said: “We also determined to promote specific festivals, such as the tea season, we have a” Highland Tea Festival “; for fruit, we have a very attractive” Fruit Festival Day “. or “Miss Cow Milk Contest” is also a very unique and unique feature of Moc Chau. In addition, we are also aiming to international sports tournaments associated with tourism, such as coordinating the organization of the Marathon In the first year, there were 1,900 athletes from 32 countries and territories participating; in the second year, we had 3,200 athletes from 43 countries participating. that in the coming time, Moc Chau will continue to promote its advantages in order to both promote the common cultural value and also contribute to tourism development “./.