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Visit the “paradise” market of Port land to enjoy no specialties, bring back enough fresh seafood, even more expensive prices are still popular just for this simple reason.

Co Dao Market located at Tran Nhat Duat Street, Cau Dat, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong has long been a “holy land” of not only locals but also tourists because it is the most complete gathering place of specialties ditch of the people of Port land.

Visit the “paradise” market of Port land to enjoy no specialties, bring back enough fresh seafood, even more expensive prices are still popular just for this simple reason.

Coming to Hai Phong, you will get “light tips” by many people, so go to Co Dao market. The reason for the menu is simple because this is the market that gathers almost the most complete specialties of the land of Hai Phong Port.

The market is not too large, but the shops are located close together, selling all kinds of dishes from salty, vegetarian to sweet, and dessert.

According to an old lady who sells old tea at Co Dao market, from the time the French colonized this area was the residence of a great father. Because many people brought vegetables and fruits to sell, a small market was gradually formed, called Co Dao market by word of mouth. Since then, the market has continued to operate and maintained more and more bustle.

” In the past, there were only people who sold snacks such as corn cakes, banana cakes, tapioca cakes, boiled potatoes, black bean tea, … But in the last decade, the market has exploded with many new dishes, many items for sale. In the morning, the market will sell fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish meat. The food shops will also start to open gradually and then meet until about 7:00 pm will close , “the old lady added.

Go to a place to eat without missing any Hai Phong specialties

The crab noodle shop at the beginning of Co Dao market is famous for its deliciousness because it is always crowded.

Just park your car and take a few steps at the beginning of Co Dao market, you will immediately see a row of crab cakes that are always crowded. I heard that this is the best restaurant in the market. ” Mud crabs will be more expensive than normal crabs but more expensive to chop them into pieces. A bowl of crab cakes is usually 50,000 VND, a combination of 80,000 VND. Eat more boiled crab and crab shell, it will add 100-200,000 VND depending on your preference ” , the shop owner was agile to quote customers when asked.

A bowl of broken crab cakes is usually 50,000 VND, for a combination of 80,000 VND. Eat more boiled crab and crab shell, then add 100-200,000 VND depending on your preference.

Crab Banh Mi is a delicious specialty of Hai Phong. And if you go to Co Dao market without enjoying this dish is also a mistake. In addition to the crab cakes, you can also enjoy many other specialties such as crab spring rolls, shrimp rolls with wine sauce, fried rolls, tank prices, salads, cakes, pickled coconut tea, …

Accordingly, crab spring rolls cost 50,000 VND / unit with a full filling wrapped in a square as large as adult hands. And the shrimp dish with wine dots suddenly costs 15,000 VND / 2 pcs. Each person eats about 6 dishes and is full, only about 45,000 VND. You can also enjoy the price of the stir-fry tank for 30,000 VND / bowl. The price of chicken leg salad is 35,000 VND / serving or the famous delicious pickled coconut tea in Hai Phong is only 12,000 VND / cup.

You can freely choose cakes from only 5,000 VND / piece.

Tea will cost from 12-25,000 VND / cup depending on your taste.

There are many other specialties here that only visit Hai Phong and only visit Co Dao market is complete.

Many tourists visiting Co Dao market also have to nod and praise when they are only here to enjoy the taste of this famous dish.

However, the owners of the shops here also commented that the price of the food at Co Dao market will be slightly higher than elsewhere. ” But because it was better, no one complained or haggled .”

Free to choose to buy seafood swimming

Talking about Co Dao market without mentioning the fresh seafood of the Port area is really flawed. At Co Dao market, you can see a variety of types of squid, surface fish, and fish swimming.

The seafood stalls here are arranged very close together with large boxes or tanks to hold seafood. There are even many stalls selling squid that are also lined up on large canvas, with enough sizes for you to choose.

Seafood is sold in a fresh foam tank.

The seafood stalls at the market are quite close together, sitting in a large area for the convenience of shoppers.

The price of seafood at Co Dao market is not too cheap, but not too expensive. As a large surface costs 325,000 VND / kg, Giang Bien fish costs 485,000 VND / kg, Red grouper has 485,000 VND / kg, Lang fish: 465,000 VND / kg, 2-piece scallop: 285,000 VND / kg, Crab types are priced from 300-700,000 VND / kg, squid ranges from 180 – 850,000 VND / kg (depending on size).

The price of seafood at Co Dao market is not too high, but not too low.

However, when buying seafood in Ha Long in general and buying at Co Dao market in particular, most of them will be unavoidable in cases of being cut off on the selling price. According to the owners of the fruit shops here said, if you want to buy fresh seafood at affordable prices, you need to remember to ask the price before buying. If you are not in a hurry, you can walk a few stalls to find out which price is most appropriate.

Being able to bargain with the seller because it is normal for the merchants to differ in value by a few dong. Your job is to bargain very skillfully to “please the seller, satisfy the buyer”.

In particular, the types of seafood in Co Dao market will also be divided into categories 1, 2, 3, … Each type will have a price difference of several tens of thousands. So depending on the conditions as well as the needs, you can consider asking and buying the item with the selling price that best suits your needs.

You can bargain so that it is clever to “please the seller, satisfy the buyer”.