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New year holiday with 25$

HANOI – picking strawberries, feeding sheep, racing F1 … experiences under 25$ you should try.

If you do not have time to go far, visitors can refer to the entertainment spots located around Hanoi later.

Vineyard, strawberry

Temporarily leaving the bustling city, visitors can plan a picnic in the suburbs. Some agricultural farms are ideal, especially for families with young children. It takes about 1 hour to drive, visitors can come here to do activities such as growing strawberries, visiting dairy cows, feeding rabbits, enjoying agricultural products directly …

This is both an opportunity for adults to recharge and create an environment for children to explore and understand nature. The mulberry main season starts from November to early April next year.

Address reference: Strawberry Farm Chimi Farm (Dong Anh) – open to welcome guests on weekdays from 6 am to 19 pm.

Admission tickets range from 30,000 VND to 50,000 VND, in addition visitors can buy fresh agricultural products as gifts. Photo: Chimi Farm

The floral steppe

This is a familiar check-in address on Tet. With dozens of species of colorful flowers such as triangles, jade, oats … visitors keep beautiful photos without going far. A number of steppe and landscape diversity throughout the 3 regions such as sheep fields, Hoi An ancient town, windmills …

An Ao Dai rental service, photo accessories and snacks are available. Admission fee is 70,000 VND per person, free for children. If taking a large group photo, there will be an additional charge with a professional photographer. Visitors should take advantage of arriving early for a beautiful photo or wait for the late afternoon to capture the sunset.

Address of reference: Long Bien flower steppe, Red River rock flower garden. Opening time from 7am to 7pm.

New year holiday with 25$
Check-in floral steppe. Photo: Hien Mai

F1 mini racing

Crossing curves, overcoming obstacles … are “suffocating” experiences that visitors will try at the go-kart racetrack. This is a mini F1 racing version that attracts young people over the past time. Those who love the speed or have never played this game can participate because the small car does not support, simple gameplay.

Buying tickets is about 250,000 – 350,000 VND, visitors will be guided how to control, wear protective gear and race for 30 minutes. Up to 8 players per turn, suitable for large groups. In addition, there are basketball games, billiards, billiards …

Visitors can also sign up for a photo service to save rolling moments. The racetrack serves from 9am to 9pm. Before departure, visitors should learn the route to avoid getting lost.

Reference address: Go-kart racetrack near Ngu Hiep market (Thanh Tri), Dam Tranh ecological area (Long Bien).

Photo: Go Kart Hanoi

Note: The above locations are mostly located far from the city center, with limited culinary services. Guests should buy ready-made food or prepare them at home to have the most complete trip.


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