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Green tourism in the middle of Lai Chau (Vietnam) mountains

Sin Suoi Ho village of the Mong people is located in the middle of endless mountains and forests, with roads and signs pointing towards green tourism and especially strictly stating "children are not allowed to ask for money".

Sin Suoi Ho village is located in Sin Suoi Ho commune, Phong Tho district, about 30 km from Lai Chau city. The village is located at an altitude of nearly 1,500 m above sea level, at the foot of Son Bac May mountain. In 2015, Sin Suoi Ho was recognized as a community tourism village, an address that attracts visitors thanks to its airy, clean space and a new way of doing tourism.

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According to data from the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Lai Chau province, Sin Suoi Ho is considered one of the province's outstanding destinations. On average, in the two years after COVID-19, the village welcomed about 30,000 visitors from 15 countries, such as the US, Australia, and Canada.

Unlike many tourist areas where children stand to ask for money or take pictures for money, visitors are asked not to give money, including candy, to children. People believe that it spoils children and fails to maintain cultural traditions over time.

Sin Suoi Ho village, with mainly Mong ethnic people, gradually builds a civilized lifestyle such as not drinking alcohol, smoking, gambling and being addicted to drugs. The paths are clean and full of trees and flowers, helping visitors feel lost in a garden.

According to the head of Vang A Chinh village, to have a culture like today, he first had to start repairing his own house, then call on the people in the village to do the same and apply many hard and soft measures. He said that 20 years ago, the village was very poor; young people were drunk and addicted to drugs.

In the village, there are many signposts and garbage collection points with "cute" messages, helping to keep the village clean and tidy.
Taking advantage of the fresh, cool climate and unique cultural identity, people strongly develop community tourism. In Sin Suoi Ho, there are currently more than 20 homestay households. Each homestay has a welcome gate and a wooden sign with words plaited on rope or rattan with phone numbers, services, the homeowner's name, and environmental friendliness.

The market opens every Saturday morning. Along both sides of the road to the village and the market are thousands of Cymbidium orchids, a source of income for the villagers. In addition, people also grow many peach blossoms, roses and hawthorn flowers.

In addition to making motels for guests, people also serve restaurants, act as tour guides, perform arts, and sell brocade and Mong ethnic souvenirs.

Mr. Chinh added that after mobilizing households to homestay, those who cannot afford it will raise pigs and chickens and grow vegetables to provide food for tourists.

Surrounding the village are majestic mountains and terraced fields. From here, visitors can travel to climb peaks such as Bach Moc Luong Tu or Ta Lien, with quite relaxing routes. Here, you can also hunt clouds and golden rice season.

Dang Thuy Linh, Hanoi, came to the village in December 2023 and was surprised by the natural beauty here. Linh didn't have much time to trek, so she only took a short walk to the 300-year-old tree and the Heart waterfall (photo).

Heart Waterfall is located entirely in the old forest of Sin Suoi Ho commune, covered on all four sides by rocky mountains. The road to the waterfall has many old trees and vines, and the people in the village have arranged rocks to make it easier for visitors to walk. The distance from the village to the waterfall is about 800 m; there are two walking paths. Note that the high road is easier to go than the lower road.

Sin Suoi Ho village also has a scenic cafe, with the owner being a guy from the south who came to the village to travel and fell in love with an ethnic girl here. He stayed to live and opened this cafe.

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