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Itinerary 48 hours to discover Saigon


7 am: Start the morning with real Vietnamese bread and drink coffee at Notre Dame Cathedral. Sipping a cup of fragrant coffee while admiring the ancient church is an unforgettable experience in your journey.

8:00 am: Visit the city post office - one of the most beautiful post offices in the world recognized by the famous architectural magazine Architectural Digest. "The Central Post Office in Ho Chi Minh City's yellow exterior and green shutters have transformed the building into not just a post office but also a tourist destination. Alfred Foulhoux designed the structure in the late 1880s. Therefore, it contains many elements of renaissance, gothic and other French architectural styles," the magazine describes.

9 am: Walking around Nguyen Van Binh book street. Coming to the book street, you will be immersed in the colourful "book paradise", discovering all kinds of books from politics, society, literature, science to culture, foreign languages or many other genres. This street is also a familiar place to buy books for readers. You can find books many other places don't have, and the prices are extremely affordable.

10:30 am: Take a tour to visit the War Remnants Museum, where documents, images and artifacts about the heroic resistance war of the Vietnamese people are displayed as posters against the Vietnam War from many countries around the world.

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1 pm: At lunch, you can have a meal at a frugal, unique vegetarian restaurant with various dishes such as papaya salad, mushroom curry, banana flower, or mango sticky rice after a meal.
2 pm: In the afternoon, visitors should visit the Independence Palace, designed in the classical style of the 1960s, exuding the talent and ingenuity of architects and builders. It has more than 100 rooms decorated to suit each use, including a war monitoring room, communications bunker, meeting rooms, operating rooms, banquet rooms, etc., designed harmoniously and reasonably.

4:30 pm: Visitors can stop to enjoy chocolate at a shop on Calmette Street before entering the bustling evening in Saigon.
6:30 pm: Enjoy a cold beer at night to fully experience the first day in Ho Chi Minh City. The city has several famous draft beer factories that can satisfy every diner. A cup of draft beer with colleagues or friends can help relieve all stress in life.
8:00 pm: Try dinner with Pho - a traditional dish of Vietnam and considered one of the typical dishes for Vietnamese cuisine. The main ingredient of Pho is Pho cake and broth, along with thinly sliced beef or chicken. Pho was formally recognized in the Oxford English Dictionary (Shorter Oxford English Dictionary) in September 2007 and released on September 20 in the US and the UK. Pho is now a recognized proper noun in the world's most renowned English lexicon due to this occurrence.

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9 pm: End of a day in Saigon at Nguyen Hue pedestrian street. Nguyen Hue pedestrian street is 670 meters long and 64 meters wide, with contemporary, pristine granite paving the entire square area. Along the street are rows of green trees and 2 large fountains; below is an underground system including a monitoring centre, a control centre for water music, lighting and modern toilets. There are regular entertainment activities here, suitable for visitors to immerse themselves in the nightlife in Saigon.


9 am: Start your day with a cup of coconut milk coffee at Cong Coffee. This cafe is a great mix of old and new ideas. Cong gives consumers a nostalgic setting from the old subsidy time in Vietnam with lumpy tables and chairs and other furniture vintage ornaments to pique the imagination and produce various emotional experiences about Vietnam. Additionally, Cong offers a sizable and appealing drink selection. In particular, coconut coffee is one of the restaurant's most typical and outstanding dishes.

10 am: Visit Thien Hau temple, one of Saigon's oldest Chinese places of worship. This temple also becomes a spiritual place that greatly influences the life and culture of most city dwellers.

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1 pm: Unlike pancakes from other regions, banh xeo in Ho Chi Minh City is characterized by the West when it is made from rice flour and fried with a lot of oil, so the finished product is crispy, accompanied by pork, shrimp and bean sprouts, and served with lots of raw vegetables.

2 pm: Visit Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum. Ho Chi Minh Museum of Fine Arts is 3,514m2 wide and built with unique Art Deco architecture. This museum is also one of the unique and outstanding architectural styles, harmoniously combining the beauty of European and Asian art. Besides, this museum is also the first place in Saigon with the appearance of an elevator. Although this elevator is no longer in operation, it has great decorative value for the whole building. The museum has many valuable artefacts with up to 21,000 objects. Besides, there are also precious collections for visitors to visit and explore.

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3 pm: On the way back to the accommodation, visitors can stop by to admire the old French buildings in the city, such as Ben Thanh Market and the city theatre.

6 pm: End of the 48-hour tour, spend the night watching the street, walking around trying the cuisine and refreshing with draft beer, and listening to live music.

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