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Deciphering questions about sex for the first time – Life health

Wednesday, March 16, 2022 21:00 PM (GMT+7)

As an adult, you may start thinking about having sex for the first time. You may be wondering what it’s like for the first time, are you in pain, how to handle any anxiety that may come with it?

1. Experiences when having sex for the first time

When a man has sex for the first time, it’s usually painless. During sex, you may breathe heavily and sweat, and your skin may become flushed. These changes are due to the physical nature of sex.

When a woman has sex for the first time, the vagina can be a little sore. You may also experience bleeding, but not always. If bleeding occurs, it’s usually because your hymen was torn during sex. During sex, your vulva may also swell due to the increased blood volume. After sex, your body will return to normal, just like after exercise.

Most women are born with the hymen, which is the lining of the vagina that can stretch or tear with movement, first sex, or other activities. During the first time you have sex, your hymen may stretch and you may bleed if it tears. However, bleeding does not always occur during first sex. Many people accidentally tear their hymen before they have sex without knowing it – when playing sports or using tampons, for example.

Deciphering questions about sex for the first time – Life health

Having sex for the first time can be far from what you imagine. (illustration)

When you and your partner are learning how to have sex for the first time, you might think it will be as magical as is often depicted in movies. However, your first time may not be as smooth or as ideal as you thought it would be.

For many people, their first time is an awkward and somewhat frustrating affair. In such cases, it is very difficult to achieve orgasm. This is completely normal. In fact, having sex without orgasm can also be a way for you and your partner to spend time getting to know and bond more.

2. How to overcome stress for the best first time

When you have sex for the first time, you may feel nervous. There are many things you can do to deal with this anxiety. If you’re concerned about bleeding, use a dark towel or cloth to stop the stain.


Having sex for the first time can be painful if you’re not comfortable and excited. Much of the anxiety surrounding having sex for the first time focuses on whether it hurts. If you are relaxed, comfortable and loose your body, there won’t be any pain. What you may feel is a bit of discomfort as the experience is new to you.


If you feel pain, it’s more likely due to friction. Friction during penetrative sex occurs when there is not enough vaginal lubricant. So both of you need to make time for foreplay and try not to see penetrative sex as the primary goal. If your partner focuses on foreplay, it can help reduce feelings of anxiety. Foreplay involves a lot of kissing and touching, which can help you feel more comfortable with your body as well as that of your partner.

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